Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries Sets A Leadership Pace

Nabors Industries was established in 1968. Currently headed by a main office in Hamilton, Bermuda, the company has excelled in providing some of the best services across the oil sector and drilling sector. From performing well geothermal to drilling and natural gas operations to providing rigs as well as offshore services for oil industries, Nabors is a top notch company that prides itself in excellent service delivery. Nabors thrives on providing support services for offshore as well as onshore oil drilling operations. With a fleet of approximately 29 marine vessels geared towards offshore operations, Nabors continues to expand its service delivery capabilities by pleasing clients.


Perhaps one of the driving forces in this company lie in its ability to offer top drilling drives coupled with drilling systems as well as top notch equipment for data collection. Additional services include the provision of pipe handling equipment as well as drilling software. It is projected as of 2006, Nabors Industries was the land holder of approximately 610 meters in addition to advanced servicing rigs in America. In Canada alone, the company owned 190 rigs.


For a company to register such significant performance there must be brains behind it. That is where Tony Petrello comes in as a leader. Petrello was appointed as the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries because he has vast leadership experience. Known as an individual who fits into challenging work environments, Petrello has become a household name in business. Although he is not a famous politician who crafts speeches in political arenas, Petrello has won the hearts of many entrepreneurs who look forward to advancing career by joining the corporate world. As one of the most significant figures in America, Petrello represents a number that participates in shaping the economy of the world.

Early Career

As a lead executive in Nabors, Petrello’s success may pose as an easy journey. However, this is not factual. Petrello’s journey can be defined as Rome was not built in a single day. From humble beginnings, he paved a strong career path for excellence. As a leader who was not born from a well to do family, Petrello invested in building a career out of the basic education he received. Growing up in an Italian neighborhood, Petrello experienced firsthand societal demands to achieve the best in life. Petrello has been instrumental at Nabors Industries. He is in charge of critical decision making and operations. His roles extend beyond board meetings and management. To him, clients come first. He therefore, incorporates his team to work towards excellent production.

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