Securus Technologies To Acquire GovPayNet As Plan To Improve Scope Of Services Offered

Securus Technologies, a leading prison communications provider in America recently came forward to announce their acquisition of GovPayNet. The acquisition was part of a bigger plan for Securus Technologies to be able to provide a broader range of services to the people inside the incarceration facilities that they are operational in. The acquisition was announced in the first week of January and is going to go into full effect as soon as all the formalities have been filled out.



GovPayNet is a company that offers payment solutions which are mainly used by government authorities and organizations. The organization aims to streamline the process of credit and debit card payments, making it easier for both the person paying and the person receiving the payment. The government mainly dealt with fines and violations that people had to pay for to the government. The company has in the past, offered their services to over thirty-five different organizations, most of which have been governmental agencies.



The model of services that this company follows will be able to benefit Securus greatly. It will allow them to have a more streamlined form of debit and credit card payments so that the customers who want to opt for their services can do so quickly and without any restraints. Because GovPayNet is already so well versed in the field and with what they do, Securus Technologies will have no worries fitting them into their current model of operations.



Securus Technologies is currently operational in hundreds of prisons across the country and Canada and offers a range of voice and video calling amenities to inmates who want to keep in touch with their friends and families. The company believes in continually upgrading and improving so that they can always offer the very best of communication services to inmates who depend on them.