Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Talk to Their Families During Holidays

During the holiday season there are a number of inmates that are looking to talk to their family members. Fortunately for a number of these inmates, they can reunite with their families without having to deal with the hassle of visits. Securus Technologies has put together a solution that allows family members of inmates to contact them and talk to them live via video camera. This option has proven to be among the most efficient ways for the family members of inmates to communicate. It provides them with a low cost communication method that saves them a lot of time.


The way this works is an inmate makes a call and the family member goes on the computer to receive the call. An inmate will then be able to talk to the family member live through a video webcam. As a result, this will allow the two parties to see each other onscreen and communicate in a more personalized manner. Inmates will have the opportunity to see their family members living their daily lives at home. At the same time, the family members will be able to see the inmate talk to them from their correctional facility. Taking advantage of this option has helped both inmates and their families stay in touch and see each other during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies is a major telecommunications company based in Texas. The company specializes in providing correctional facilities with equipment and services to allow inmates to communicate. With Securus Technologies, a number of correctional facilities have been able to use the latest technology in the telecommunications industry. As a result, both inmates and correctional staff will have the means to more efficiently meet their communication needs. Securus Technologies offers phone services, voicemail and email services to its customers. Therefore, inmates and staff will have plenty of options to use when looking to make and receive contacts on a regular basis.


With Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to provide a number of communication solutions to inmates. One of the most common options is telephone services. Inmates will be able to contact their family and friends by making calls and receiving them in a more timely manner. As well as offering phone service, Securus Technologies also offers voicemail which will allow people to leave messages via telephone. With instant mail, inmates and staff can get messages from a computer which eliminates the hassle of receiving letters. There is also video visitation which is a new service that allows inmates to see their contacts while talking on the phone.