SEC Whistleblower Program Helps Investors

The Great Recession proved to be a very costly event that led to a severe economic downturn. As a result, the Congress acted in order to take preventative measures against this event. They passed a new law known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. With this new law, the financial industry would be more heavily regulated. Along with this added regulation, the new law also developed a new program known as the SEC Whistleblower program. This will allow anyone to report wrongdoing that takes place in the finance industry. It will also allow individuals to seek litigation for lost money and get representation from a qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer.


When looking to seek litigation through the SEC whistleblower program, it will be important to use the services of a top firm such as Labaton Sucharow. This firm has established itself as the premier law firm when it comes to litigating against predatory financial companies. The firm is run by longtime attorney Jordan Thomas who has helped build Labaton Sucharow into a highly effective law firm that gets results. He was once part of the Securities and Exchange Commission and therefore has a lot of expertise when it comes to the securities laws. When getting representation from this firm, clients will be able to have an SEC whistleblower attorney assigned to them throughout the whole case.


Labaton Sucharow offers services to clients that are highly effective in terms of getting favorable results in securities law cases. Clients will get legal representation from one of the assigned attorneys. As well as general legal representation, clients will also get assistance from forensic accountants, financial analysts and also general investigators. With all of the contributions made by these professionals, clients will be in great position to get a positive result in a given securities litigation case. Each of these professionals will work to examine documents, interview people and also put together reports for the lawyers to use when filing a case.


Once a client looks to receive assistance from Labaton Sucharow, they will be assigned an attorney. They will be offered an initial consultation to tell the lawyer exactly how they were victimized by unethical activity committed by financial companies and professionals. The lawyer will then gather the necessary information and file documents to both the defendant and the court. Depending on the response, the case will either be settled or go to court. If a client wins the case, they will receive compensation as well as have their identity protected.