Rick Smith: Making Securus Technologies a Top Name in the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith had been the President and Chief Executive of Securus Technologies from 2008 and was elevated to the position of Chairman in 2009. Securus is a tech firm with an extensive array of products and services that are widely used by the corrections industry across America. Besides, the company has a domestic call center which handles 600% more volumes than its competitors. The company has highly trained field technicians on its staff and is the developer of the world’s largest VOIP platform for the corrections industry.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. Under the leadership of Richard ‘Rick’ Smith, the company provides a wide range of services to over one million inmates as well as thousands of law enforcement, public safety, and law enforcement agencies all over North America. With Smith at the helm, Securus Technologies has stayed steadfast in its commitment toward supplying the corrections and law enforcement community with the best solutions for communications, investigation, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, emergency response, incident management and public information.The company leads the way in the adoption and development of advanced technology solutions tailored at resolving the many challenges that accompany rising crime levels. Towards this end, Rick Smith has moved the firm from the status of merely providing technology for monitoring inmates’ communication to a company that offers a broader range of software content and government services.

Rick’s Education And Early Career

Rick’s résumé is impressive; his educational background is extensive, including an Associate’s Degree earned from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, where he also went on to attain a Master’s in the same field. He also earned an MBA from the New York university’s Simon School.Between 1972 and 1998, Rick Smith worked at Global Crossing, holding various positions in the firm, including Controller and CIO. Later, he served as the President of Frontier Information Technologies and as the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. Rick also served as Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom and was the company’s president in 2003. Later he served as the CEO, leading the company through a successful IPO in 2005, finally leaving the company for Securus in 2007.

How Rick Has Made Securus An Industry Leader

Most industry observers consider Rick Smith to be the right choice to lead Securus thanks to his focus, drive, and experience. These personal attributes have helped him drive the firm forward, making it the undisputed leader in its industry. His work in finance, information technology, telecommunications, operations and business development has provided him with an impressive track record and endowed him with a unique skill-set.