Richard Price Offers Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair and his company Wealth Solutions offers his advisory services to high net worth individuals who are helped to achieve their investment goals. Blair specializes in estate tax and estate planning as well as financial planning, and asset protection. His clients are able to discover the best options and opportunities in securities and insurance. He currently manages assets valued at more than $55 million.

Blair recently compiled a list of items to consider whenever considering renting your house using the popular Airbnb rental services. He is an expert on insurance, and his advice is worth considering. Chief among his recommendations is the potential damage which may be caused by reckless house guests. These kinds of renters can cause damage to the home and to other properties and even to other persons. He goes on to stress that the insurance coverage offered by Airbnb is a secondary type of insurance and often does not cover the homeowner’s insurance claims. When the homeowner realizes the liability risks involved along with the insurance issues, a less rosy picture of renting by Airbnb is painted.

Blair’s wisdom extends beyond issues of insurance and rental properties. He is certified and registered as an investment advisor, annuity and funds specialist, and a professional dealing with retirement income.

Blair created his company, Wealth Solutions, in 1994. He has a profound commitment to educating his clients in the realm of financial investing. Blair considers each client as part of a team effort and together they will explore the multitude of choices available to achieve financial success expertly tailored to fit each individual client. Just as he has pointed out the dangers involved in renting your private home, he will expertly advise you as you seek financial success in a complex business filled with its own language, and in some people’s minds an undecipherable language, created to keep investors, even sophisticated investors, in the dark. With his commitment to educating his clients, you can be assured you will not be one of the many uninformed who are stumbling around the dimly light and mysterious world of investing. Richard Blair will make everything clear to you and replace the darkness with the light of reason.


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