Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Fighting Injustice in the World

On October 18, 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two were arrested for making public the grand jury proceeding.

Lacey and Larkin are residents of Phoenix Arizona. Both journalists are talented in producing content and writing about issues affecting the community. One of the stories that they featured was Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is a tough sheriff and was behind various arrests of different people who believed were illegal immigrants.

Joe Arpaio was targeting the Hispanic Community. Through these actions, Arpaio made headlines and caught the attention of Lacey and Larkin. The two journalists published an article that highlighted the activities of Joe Arpaio. This is what led to their arrest. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

After their arrest, the two were jailed. Due to insufficient evidence, Lacey and Larkin were released after forty-eight hours and given a $3.75 million settlement. The two exceptional journalists used the settlement to found the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that supports the minority groups in the United States of America. The fund fights against racial discrimination. Racial discrimination has been present in the United States in since the 18th century.

Despite the huge strides that have been taken to fight it, racial discrimination is still present in the society. Lacey and Larkin’s fund has been safeguarding the interests of all the minority communities.

Lacey and Larkin motivation to form their organization was to ensure that wrongful imprisonment of people does not happen again.

Other organizations

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund works with other organizations in a bid to end discrimination of immigrants and other minority groups. One of those organizations is the Justice for Immigrants and Families Projects.

The projects are geared to promote access to justice for these groups. The organization represents the immigrants during the case proceeding by providing them with legal representation. They also provide self-help studies to the groups. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Another significant organization is the American Immigration Council. This is a Non-profit organization in the United States. The organization works to shape the immigrant history and how the American citizens feel about the immigrants. They have achieved this through education and exchange programs. The organization also teaches citizens about the immigrant’s history and their contribution to the American economy and culture.

‘Justice that Works’ organization measures the success and the impact that Justice has on people’s lives. They ensure that all persons receive the justice they deserve.

Lacey and Larkin have also partnered with the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona of Arizona. The organization, founded in 1959 has challenged the unconstitutional laws that exist in Arizona targeting minorities.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Empowering Practitioners to Enable Patients Sleep Better

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, a practice consulting company that focuses on sleep apnea providing consulting, training and medical appliances.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel attended New York University College of Dentistry and Rutgers University. He started his dental career in 1999 running his practice, Old Bridge Dental. His commitment to helping patients enabled him to gain insightful experience into sleep disorders. He delved into the world of sleep apnea to understand his patients better and improve service delivery. He then provided advisory services to physicians on the advantages of using sleep labs.


He then advanced on to lecture dentists and physicians on best practices to serve sleep patients. He launched Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to provide consultation, training and numerous medical aids to treat sleep disorders. Through comprehensive research and years of experience, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an in-depth understanding of sleep apnea.


It is critical for practitioners to recognize potential patients early and enable them to secure the treatment options that work for them. Excess weight and aging exacerbate the risk factors for exposure to sleep apnea. People who have a history of smoking or suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are also considered to be at increased risk.


He also has a strong marketing background. He believes in teamwork and collaboration to improve the quality of patient care. Dr. Avi Weisfogel employs innovative marketing strategies to grow Dental Sleep Masters. Besides consultation, Dental Sleep Masters provides a shared platform for dentists and other medical stakeholders to exchange ideas and experiences to find the best therapy options for the relatively undiscovered disorder.


Dental Sleep Masters is an excellent choice for practitioners looking for advisory on the establishment and management of sleep labs. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is vocal about creating awareness about sleep disorders. He has given numerous media interviews and published articles on the topic online. He shares his experiences and highlights his philanthropic efforts through social media channels. He also supports Operation Smile, a program dedicated to restoring smiles on children suffering from cleft palates.


David Giertz on Social Security


David Giertz has been a leader in the progressive financial industry for over thirty years. During this time, he has been able to build a strong reputation and steer positive growth. With his vast experience across financial companies and currently holding a position at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, David Giertz has growing concerns about social security. In an interview with Veronica Dagher, Wall Street’s writer for the Wealth Advisor Column, he addressed social security with regards to retirement. He observed that most financial advisors did not play an active role in talking to their clients about social security mostly because it is a complex subject.

Research by Nationwide Financial

He referred to the survey by Nationwide Financial that indicated the scarcity of information provided by financial advisors to their clients regarding social security. He also noted that it is highly likely that clients would let go of their financial advisors if they were not being advised on social security matters on David Giertz says that despite the complexity of the Social Security Handbook, (it contains 2, 700 rules), social security gets its importance from the fact that it accounts for up to two-fifths of an individual’s income. Financial advisers need to speak to clients about social security because starting too early puts them at a risk of losing up to $300,000 over their lifetimes.

Importance of Addressing Social Security

David Giertz believes a new educative approach by financial advisors can help in dispelling the misconceptions and misunderstandings associated with social security. Taking the front seat in addressing these issues will, therefore, be an important step towards ensuring that clients make the most of their benefits on According to the survey, up to a third of those who have retired were getting benefits less than what they had anticipated and this can be accounted for by the lack of information. He believes retirement plans should take measures, therefore, to ensure maximum social security benefits at

Export order Your Version Proofreading Submission Lingerie Provider, Honey Birdette Rolls Out Exciting New Business Expansion Detail

The Australian based lingerie and intimates retail company, Honey Birdette recently released public statements regarding a truly impressive roll out plan for the companies expansion in the coming year. Firstly, the company states that they fully plan on moving into the United Kingdoms in a big way with a new building project. The building project will increase the number of brick and mortar, Honey Birdette boutique stores in the United Kingdom from three (their current number of boutiques) to a grand total of 40! The company states that they will be expecting this change to take place by 2018. The primary areas within the United Kingdoms include, Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool.

As stated in the article, “Honey Birdette: What To Buy Your Girl That Will Make Her Purr”, the brand will also be angling for a stronger grasp on a bigger market share in the United States of America starting with the release of a new website after they witness a huge demand from the Atlantic lingerie consumer sector which showed a jump in sales by 374 %. But unlike the companies original website the United States based website will feature enchanced features aimed specifically at new consumers with a whole host of powerful incentives and purchasing rewards like free deliveries for any product or products that total $ 50 US dollars or more.

The Honey Birdette, as seen on Instagram, brand was created in 2006 by the independent Australian business woman, Eloise Monahan and is a premium, private enterprise that is funded by the meat and retail investor BBRC. Their garments typically range in price from £ 35.00 up to £ 60.00.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.

Zurich Startup Co-Founder Mike Baur Does it His Way

Mike Baur is the co-founder and the managing partner of the company Zurich, which is a Swiss startup company. Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur who began his career by investing some spare money in some startup companies before committing to helping start the company Zurich himself. Baur decided after some time that he was done just investing in startup businesses, but he wanted to be an actual part of one. This was when Baur quit his job of 20 years as a banker after helping with clients like UBS and Clariden Leu.


After quitting the banking business at age 39, Baur started Zurich along with Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer co-founding this Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is not the first person to change their career to do something like this, but at the same time, he wanted to do it his own way. That’s what motivated Baur to help start up his own company rather than join one that someone else was creating. Soon after, Baur was also named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest when they the Swiss Startup partnered with CTI. Baur also participated in a jury that worked at the START Summiteer which was a start-up pitching contest that he had joined while at the University of St. Gallen.


Baur continued to lead the Swiss Startup through both the Goldback Global group in early 2016 and then continued to guide the company through a partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. Baur also got the honor of being featured in the Wall Street Journal profiled by Baur’s early career in Swiss banking as a new entrepreneur working in startup businesses.


Mike Baur also dedicates a lot of time to Swiss upstart entrepreneurs including young people who want to get into the business. He provides mentorship to young people to help guide them and allow them to grow into promising entrepreneurs who want to start companies themselves. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup Association. Mike also holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Rome.



Capital Group favors long term investing

Warren Buffett has made a $1 million dollar wager that he he will achieve better investment returns than a bunch of hedge fund managers who only invest in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet is expected to be settled this year and it appears that Warren Buffett will win. He has promised to give the $1 million to charity.Warren Buffett is not an advocate of the “active versus passive” argument, saying it does not help investors. Warren Buffett has found strong fund managers through a pair of filters which include low expenses and high manager ownership. Finding fund managers who invest a large amount of their own funds will weed out a small group of fund managers who have outpaced the competition.

Buffett strongly supports simple investments that are purchased and held for a long period of time. Buffett advocates “bottom-up” investing and creating a strong portfolio. Warren Buffett has become vocal when it comes to encouraging Americans to save even more for retirement. Buffett has also encouraged Americans to start investing and stay invested.Tim Armour is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Capital Group. Timothy Armour has gained over 32 years of investment experience, all with Capital Group. He began his career with Capital in their associates program. At the beginning of his career, he started as an equity investments analyst where he covered global communications and U.S. companies.

Tim Armour earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. Tim Armour was elected Chairman of Capital Group in 2015. Timothy Armour currently resides in Los Angeles and is ready to help those who are ready to invest and advise them in any way he can help. Armour has made tv appearances on MSNBC and CNBC where he has discussed investment topics and other financial issues.

Consulting With Timothy D. Armour Is a Great Investment Choice

If you are not necessarily aware, Warren Buffet has wagered $1,000,000 for charitable causes and so that he can achieve improved investment returns. All he will be required to do is invest in a passive index fund within the S&P 500. That particular bet is going to return results this year, and it’s looking like Mr. Buffett will end up collecting the earnings. He is correct in the sense that there are too many expensive funds that should be referred to as being mediocre, as they’re shortchanging investors. We should all support his commitment to simple investments with low costs, all of which should be purchased so that they can be held onto for long periods of time.

Mr. Buffett’s approach to investing has been “bottom-up” in which he’s rigorously analyzed companies and built durable portfolios. His investments have proven themselves over several decades and there hasn’t been anyone who has been better at delivering messages essentially stating that Americans should save a lot more for their retirement ages. They should also invest and continue investing at all times. Learn More.

If you are looking for a financial analyst at a proven firm who may be able to help you in your endeavors of investing, please feel free to see what Timothy Armour may be able to do for you. Timothy D. Armour is currently the CEO and chairman of an organization that is known as Capital Group. He is also an equity portfolio manager there, thus, giving his the credentials that one needs to assist investors in their endeavors of investing in many different companies.Timothy Armour has 34 years of experience with investments, all of which have been with the organization of Capital Group. It is highly recommended for you to consult with Timothy Armour if you are wanting to see what you may be able to do to diversify your portfolios.

Madison Street Capital Continues to Offer the best Services in the Baking Industry

When it comes to international investment banking services, Madison Street Capital has established itself as the best. Among its clients is a Vienna-based company called ARES Security Corporation that deals with security risk management for its customers. ARES also offers the latest security software solutions to their clients. Madison Street Capital recently participated in minority recapitalization of the ARES Security Corporation. The details of this transaction were revealed to the public by the chief executive officer and founder of the firm Charles Botchway. In the same press conference, Charles Botchway revealed that the transaction had been organized by a senior managing director of the institution called Reginald McGaugh.


A major shareholder and the President of ARES Security Ben Eazzetta said that he had being marveled by Madison Street Capital reputation. He said that he was surprised to learn that Madison Street Capital understood their needs during the whole process which includes using the latest technology to offer innovative solutions to their customers. He also thanked Madison Street Capital for their continued support and said that he looked forward to future corporations. Among the things that ARES Security was marveled with when working with Madison Street Capital include their ability to conduct due diligence, capital raising capability as well as their valuation analysis.


Madison Street Capital maintains a social media presence to actively interact with their customers. Among the profiles they maintain in this platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On these platforms, they explain to their clients the services they offer and they also deal with complaints and other issues. Not only does the company operate in North America but it has its presence in other parts of the globe like Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America.


From the many services they specialize in, Madison Street Capital is known to concentrate on expertise regarding mergers and acquisitions, publicly and privately held companies valuation services, financial opinions as well as corporate financial advisory services. Other services that the company is known to specialize in include debt placement, operational and financial restructuring, portfolio valuation and solvency opinions. Finally, Madison Street Capital specializes in fairness opinions, business valuation and valuation for financial reporting.


The company has a reputation for emphasizing on integrity and fairness in all of its operations. For this reason, the firm has won many awards over the years. Madison Street Capital has maintained its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit for more details.


Styling in a Used BMW!

Purchasing a used BMW has many benefits compared to purchasing a new BMW. Used BMW’s are usually much more cheaper than a new BMW. Since luxury cars like the BMW are constantly changing, not many new models are being made. That means that the selection of used BMW’s are much larger than new ones. Also the insurance is cheaper for a used BMW often times.


Many people would definitely shop for a used BMW opposed to a new one because it is more affordable to buy a used BMW. The value of a vehicle goes down once driven so it is not practical to purchase a brand new BMW.


Beverly Hills Auto Group offers the best selling vehicles for an affordable price. They have reliable brands as well. Beverly Hills Auto Group promises to provide a hassle free shopping experience for their potential buyers. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a great selection of BMW’s. I say that’s a WIN WIN! If you are in the market for a nice used BMW, visit Beverly Hills Auto Group.

Big Corporations, Small Victims, And Helane Morrison

Big corporations can be some of the most cutthroat and unethical entities out there. For one thing, they can cause a lot of issues for customers in which they end up being victimized. Being victimized by a corporation can be one of the most confusing and scary incidents that one can be faced with. What is even more frustrating is that in many cases, the corporations can get away with it and there is nothing that the victim could do. Fortunately, there are compliance officers that are willing to put the companies to task when it comes to how they deal with the customers.


One of the compliance officers that are very effective is Helane Morrison. She is someone that has a lot of experience and passion for what she is doing. One thing that gives her passion is that she has a lot of compassion for those that are at a disadvantage. Therefore, she is willing to take the time to help people make sure that they know how to handle their relationships with clients. One thing that is important to Helane Morrison is that the clients are treated fair. One of the worst things that a corporation can do to a client is be dishonest.


Helane Morrison has deal with the big reveal back in 2008 when the economy has fell under. One of the issues that has been revealed is that a lot of companies have been dishonest. Therefore, she has taken the time to make sure that all of the companies are reformed. One of her goals is to not turn the clients against the corporations. She instead wants people to be able to trust the corporations so that they will be able to continue to provide for other clients. After all, corporations are nothing without clients.