James Dondero’s Generous Support of Uplift Education

Successful businessman, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management, has recently received attention for his generous support of Uplift Education. Uplift Education is a unique and beneficial group of charter schools that is located near Dallas, Texas. James Dondero has been a long time supporter of educational programs located in the Dallas area, and was excited about the opportunity to offer financial assistance to a program like Uplift Education. In previous years, the financial group leader has become known as an extremely generous philanthropist with a desire to better the community of the local Dallas area for future generations. His desires have come to fruition with his funding of the Uplift Education program, and Dondero expects to continue to donate funds to the school system in coming years.

The Uplift Education system was developed as a charter school project in 1996. The goal of the project was to offer better schooling options to students in the urban communities near Irving, Texas. As the years passed, the first initial Uplift Education school project expanded from one school to 10 separate schools. The system includes 3 predatory schools and 4 academies for lower education. The Uplift Education system has earned several awards and has become one of the most sought after school districts in the Dallas area. The Uplift Education system is also responsible for the implementation of several educational referendums around the state of Texas.

After learning of the school system’s intense devotion to the reform of public school education, James became eager to partner with the developers of the school. After several months of discussion with the Uplift Education system to learn about the existing programs and initiatives, Highland Capital Management proceeded with the investment into the school system. During a recent interview regarding his donation to the school system, James Dondero mentioned plans to continue to help fund the system throughout the remainder of 2016 and in years to come. The Highland Capital Management leader expressed his excitement about his ability to help fund the creation of innovative programs and educational reform policies with the Uplift Education system. This article was originally published here.

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