FreedomPop Has A Cell Phone And Internet Plan For Everyone

The leading worldwide cell phone service provider FreedomPop is unique in its own sense. It’s the only cell phone service provider that operates with a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) structure. This enables FreedomPop to offer more competitive service plans and cell phones to its customers.

The Plans

Free Service

Known for offering consumers free data plans and cell phones, their “Free Service” plan provides 200 voice minutes, 500 MB of data and 500 text messages. It a plan that works with their Wi-Fi locations. Why would FreedomPop give away free service? Simple, it’s counting on superb connection service and hopes that you’ll upgrade your service to a plan that offers you what you need.

$5 Wi-Fi Service

The Wi-Fi plan is simply genius! Instead of relying on cell towers to create a network, FreedomPop ties all of its hot spots together to form a network that serves its customers. No more dropped calls call and a steady, uninterrupted stream of text and data. The Wi-Fi plan is a very affordable, a mere $5 a month! It’s a practical plan for urban dwellers.

Unlimited Plan

Though the free and $5 plans are popular, most FreedomPop subscribers will agree that the Unlimited Plan is by far the best deal. $19.99 gets you unlimited talk, data and text service available in every major population region and its suburbs. FreedomPop channels its service through Sprint, one of the world’s leading telecommunication service providers.

Sprint is a reseller of cell phone service to other providers such as Boost and Virgin Mobile. Get in touch with a friend who may have one of these service providers and ask them how their coverage is. You can check Sprint’s Coverage Check Page on their website and find out what’s available in the area’s you visit often.

The Devices

Phone/Mobile Data/Internet
Prices for phones start at $50 and continue upwards. There’s a price point for everyone, based on your finances. Consumers have 38 phones to select. For hot spots, prices start at about $100 or $19.99, while a tablet will run you in the range of $75 to $300. FreedomPop offers tablets, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Tab 4, and the Ipad Mini. A variety a price-plans and subscription offers for the consumer who resides in a 4G LTE coverage area. Check out FreedomPop’s website.

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