Diversant: Building Leaders for the Future and Present

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant and it is a position that he takes very seriously. One thing that stood out to me while reading about this incredibly talented and diverse man is the fact that he is an entrepreneur. I’ve always had a great respect for entrepreneurs. It means they have vision, passion, and creativity. They are a real man’s man and have started from scratch and worked their way up to the top with blood, sweat, and tears. Nothing has come easy to them, nor would they want it that way. They prefer to work for everything in their lives as it means more when it is earned instead of just given to them.

What’s great about John is the fact that he is always looking at the present while also keeping an eye on the future. He knows that nothing stays the same and the world is ever-changing, day-to-day. The minute you become comfortable or think that you have it all figured out, you are dead wrong, as there is so much more to learn and so much more to discover. If you aren’t growing, you are standing still, and if you are standing still, you are complacent. That’s never the case with John and Diversant.

It all started for John Goullet , career wise, with his work as an IT consultant before changing to IT staffing in 1994. John has also been in charge of the development of numerous highly profitable ventures in the IT sector. From there, he founded Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that is all about solutions and helping Fortune 500 companies. Sometimes they need help and a little guidance and John’s company helps provide that and then some. That is why so many people rely on him, count on him, and lead on him during tough times.

They know he has a steady hand and will help lead the way and guide the company. He doesn’t see problems.

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