Class Dojo has Changed Classroom Life Globally

Founded in 2011 by founder Sam Chaudhary and Lon Kim, ClassDojo has grown immensely to reach a wider audience. Currently in every three schools, two schools are using the application in their schools. It has been widely accepted because of its usability and ease of providing the link between an institution and a parent.
ClassDojo is used by teachers to give an update to the parents about the welfare of the child at school. They have led to improved communication and the ease of a parent to see what is happening a school. ClassDojo is an app that has improved how parents can manage their children so that they can know how to assist them. It employs video and photo taking skills and uploads them to the app. The parents will then access the videos and see how their children are going on with their studies and activities at school.
In the second round of seed funding, the app has been able to raise $21 million to support them in their expansion. They aim at utilizing the funds that they have to expand and improve the app. The funding was accelerated by General Catalyst, and the new investors that were on board include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire. It has raised an amount of $ 31 million in the venture funding since its inception, and it has grown from being an education tech accelerator, and it is currently part of Y Combinator.
ClassDojo is involved in other partnerships that are improving how the parents understand their children better. They have entered into a partnership with Stanford University to offer short videos that will enable students and teachers about growth mindset’. Through the partnership, the two partners: Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales( PERTS) and ClassDojo have come up with animated videos that are in five parts that will be supplied to teachers for free. The idea will be able to bring research into the classroom and offer better and greater ideas about education matters.
Growth mindset’s primary objective is to prove or show that the capabilities of a student and their intelligence can be improved if they are given the right kind of encouragement. Children will develop their knowledge if they are praised due to their hard work and they will not perform perfectly if they are praised because of their smartness. Encouragement is the key drive for a student to positively attain desired targets.


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