Profit from the ‘Choppy Market’ with the Netpicks Online Strategies

The market conditions of the online trading change with every second. This opens the door for the ‘choppy market’ which can be devastating for the traders who don’t have strategies to profit from the market.

A ‘choppy market’ is where the prices keep going up and down, but there is no overall change in the prices. A ‘choppy market’ can affect your overall trading results. It is for that reason that you need to have strategies to help you profit from the market regardless of the condition. Netpicks is a company that offers trading strategies and education.

One of the strategies is the ‘lock and walk’ strategy. The strategy is used per the channels of the NASDAQ like the ProShares Ultrashort QQQ and the ProShares Ultra QQQ.

When using this strategy, you need to be aware of the 67 basis points rule. The rule is designed to shut down the trading sessions until the next session.

Keep in mind that using the strategy does not guarantee future results. It is prudent for you to seek advice from your trading advisor.

About Netpicks

Netpicks, founded in 1996 is an online trading company offering online strategies and education. The company offers advice on signals and systems, future stocks, forex market conditions. The Company concentrates its efforts in helping the regular traders achieve success in the market.  For more updates, check

Netpicks has an experienced staff with a passion for helping people achieve their trading goals. All the members of the Company are traders and have participated in the trading market.

The company’s trading systems are designed with three specific goals; to offer full-time career, part-time career, and ease of trading. The company will give you an opportunity to select a system based on your trading objective.  Useful link here.

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