New Measures Implemented by Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing accepts that title defects exists and are becoming a major concern. For instance, they are attributed to several issues in the real estate market such as wrongful foreclosures as well as well as unnecessary stagnation. On a normal day, these are issues that can be avoided and result to a smooth operation of things in the secondary market. The executives of the Nationwide Title Clearing acknowledge that the best way to ensure that these problems end is good property records. To solve this problem of title defect, Nationwide Title Clearing has resulted in some measures that include updating its website and making most of the reports available on the worldwide web.


On a normal day, title defects occur when entities or other people claim that property belongs to them while it also belongs to someone else. However, according to the Nationwide Title Clearing, there are other issues that cause title defects, and they include small issues such as mistakes in wording which results in non-compliance with real estate standards. Another cause of a title defect may be the failure to include a signature that may be required in a transaction. According to Nationwide Title Clearing, previous liens, as well as other encumbrances, may be the cause of a title defect. Finally, the firm says that failure to follow the procedures used in filing or recording real estate documents may cause a title defect.


The current chief executive officer of Nationwide Title Clearing is John Hilman. He also acknowledges that resolving the issue before the property is transferred is key to resolving the issue. When launching the new websites, the CEO said that the following reports would be made online.

 Tax Status Plus Report

 Tax status report

 Current owner report

 Assignment verification report services

The Nationwide Title Clearing has also made it their mission to offer fast and step by step process when it comes to securing property reports. Officials from the firm say that their property reports are from actual landlords and at times prove to be inaccurate.


Nationwide Title Clearing is a company that is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The firm is privately owned and is mandated to conduct research and document processing to be used in the residential mortgage industry.


Over the years, the company has managed to win several awards because of its good work. Such awards include the Inc. Power award, an award that it has won several times. It was ranked number 26 in the Fast 50 awards several years ago.