Samuel Strauch, Miami Highly Ranked Real Estate Enthusiast

Mr. Samuel Strauch is the founder and principal of Metrik real estate holding – a company that has gained a higher ranking in Miami Beach real estate market. He represents potential property buyers in property purchasing business.

After graduating with a Business Degree from Hofstra University, he furthered his studies at Harvard and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Before founding Metric Holding in 2002, Mr. Strauch was a real estate agent at his family business in South Florida.

“Miami is changing from being yet another resort city, it’s a developed city with many leading corporate companies starting up branches in the city, which makes it home to both local and aliens,” said Mr. Strauch. Today, Metrik real Estate is a highly successful real estate agency in South Beach, Florida because of his efforts to make the company a top-notch real estate dealer in Miami.

In an interview on, Samuel Strauch said that the real estate business idea comes naturally to him after working for 14 years as a licensed agent in the region. His years of experience in real estate business has given him confidence and paved the way for his growing career. In addition, he has links with reputable individuals in the region who help him not only to thrive in real estate business but also to compete fairly with other prominent real estate companies.

“As a real estate agent in Miami, I’m well aware that foreign investors see the opportunity to increase their profits through real estate acquisitions in the US,” said Mr. Samuel Strauch. He is an ambitious investor who seizes real estate opportunities whenever they arise both in Latin America and in South Florida. His passion for real estate business has made his company to assume a unique growth pattern due to his innovative platform. He focuses on equity sourcing, property development, management, and property acquisition.

In an interview, he said that Miami is one of the best places for Metrik holding because it is a gateway to Latin America and that it is attracting foreign investors every year. Metrik holding under the governance of Mr. Samuel Strauch focuses on keeping potential real estate clients hooked up with the best property acquisition deals. “I focus on creating unique projects that connect with the minds of potential clients,” says Mr. Martin.

To ensure Metrik holding success, Mr. Samuel Strauch focuses on infusing a team that reflects their habits and passion in real estate business.

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José Auriemo Neto & JHSF: Pioneering Real Estate Development in Brazil

JHSF emerged after a family disagreement in the 1990s. Jose and his brother, Fábio Auriemo, were partners in the original construction company known as JHS. JHSF is highly respected for its pioneering work in the Brazilian real estate sector. Its daring, quality, innovation, and ability to provide sustainable development projects and solutions are some of the company’s outstanding characteristics.

A leader in the high-end real-estate sector of Brazil, JHSF maintains considerable participation in commercial and residential incorporation, the administration and development of high-end hotels, shopping centers as well as an international business airport. The company is made up of 4 core business units: Incorporation, Shopping Center, Airport, and Fasano Hotel & Restaurants.

Expanding Business Ventures

As the Company grew, it consolidated its strong presence in cities like São Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador, also extending its reach internationally to operate in Miami, New York, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. JHSF also owns several star studded buildings of a commercial nature. One of the most prominent is Nations. Located on Hungary Street, this is the former seat of the now bankrupt Banco Santos. Currently, it houses the well-known law firm Pinheiro Neto, which is said to pay a rent of around 800,000 Reais monthly.

José Auriemo Neto, Chairman, JHSF Board of Directors

Recently, José Auriemo Neto, the CEO & Chairman, JHSF Board of Directors moved with his family for a 6-month stay in New York. All this was done so that he could follow closely the construction of the Marginal Pinheiros high-rise complex facing Central Park’s 5th Avenue. The complex is made of a 180 stores shopping mall, 4-offices, 9-residential towers, and one mixed use. A section of the complex will have apartments while the other will host a Fasano brand hotel.

About one month ago, José Auriemo Neto signed a new agreement with Daslu that paves the way for the store of Eliana Tranchesi to open their outlets in upcoming shopping centers in Brazil that JHSF intends to develop. In September, José also launched in Porto Feliz an AAA class allotment and bought some space in Punta del Este where he intends to create a similar project.