Making It in the Financial World with Brian Bonar

In the past few years, Brian Bonar has managed to establish himself as one of the most experienced financial experts in the financial world. During this period, he has worked with various corporations and has managed to acquire experience in contract administration, site, and building design as well as procurement. He has also acquired experience in design development.

His peers know him for his ability to pay attention to details. This ability has been one of his greatest achievements. Because of his good work, he has been recognized by several awards which include The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. He has received this award twice.

Currently, Brian Bonar is working for a company called the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he occupies the position of the chief executive officer and the chairman. His main responsibilities include advising his clients on the best employee benefit programs as well as the best ways to improve business efficiency in their firms.

Other than the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar also works for the Imaging Technologies where he is the chief executive officer. Imaging Technologies is a company that specializes in offering technological services to its clients such as color management software as well as the digital imaging hardware.

The good experience coupled with an excellent educational background has been the key to his success. For his undergraduate degree, Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical University and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He also mastered in the same subject years later at Stafford University. Just after school, Bonar had the opportunity to work as a procurement manager at IBM. He then took the position of director of engineering at another firm called QMS where he spent several years. During his stay at the QMS, Brian Bonar had the opportunity to manage a group of about a 100 people.

He advanced to the Adaptec Company as a sales manager before deciding to start a company of his own. His first venture was the Bezier System. Since then, he has advanced to become one of the best financial managers of modern times. Bonar is just like any other person and has hobbies and interests. When not involved in office work, he can be found spending time with his family. This financial genius also loves golfing and taking boat rides with his friends and family.

Brian Bonar has other personal ventures such as Bellamy’s chains of restaurants that are based in San Diego, California. This venture boasts of the renowned Chef Ponsaty. The chef has helped change and introduce new meals into these chain of restaurants. This, on the other hand, led to an increase in the number of customers frequenting the joints.