Thor Halvorssen Discussing Bernie Socialist Agenda on Fox News

Recently, Thor Halvorssen was interviewed by Trish Regan of Fox News about of Bernie socialist agenda and how Sanders’ socialist agenda differs from socialist governments. Halvorssen argued that socialism could violate human rights when society is run by dictatorship government. Further, he explained that socialist policies and socialist countries are not always the same. He pointed out Venezuela, which uses price controls, rather than free markets that can be realized under democratic socialism proposed by Sanders.


In the interview, Halvorssen discussed personal experience with socialist governments. He explained that his father was held as a political prisoner of a socialist dictator of Venezuela, where he was tortured until international human rights foundations intervene. His mother was short under the regime of socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, and his cousin is currently in Venezuela prison for the same reason.


One would be mistaken to think that Halvorssen hates socialist government that tortured and short his mother. However, he makes a careful distinction between crimes of dictators and socialism. Halverson explained that Venezuela is a good example of how replacing democratic socialist principles with the authoritarian rule can be detrimental to liberty.


He explained that socialism is like a knife, it can be used for a noble purpose in preparing meals in the kitchen, and it can be utilized for an evil cause such as weapon against fellow men.


Concerning Donald Trump support for Vladimir Putin, it is very dangerous to approach media with such remarks. Putin is well known for human rights violation and verbally supporting his actions is supporting human right violations, Thor Halvorssen explained.


Concerning current Democratic frontrunner (Hillary Clinton), Halvorssen expressed his disappointments stating that she has taken millions from oppressive dictators throughout the world, through Clinton Foundation. He explained that this could turn into a quid pro quo corruption if Hillary Clinton became the president. Some dictators will try to reach out the oval office and call in for favors for their campaign contributions.


The interview ended with Halvorssen stating that although redistribution of wealth is not the way to end poverty, he world support democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders, rather than someone supporting dictators.

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The letter that Charles Koch’s Father left him

He is one of the most politically influential billionaires. He is the co-owner and CEO of the biggest private firm called Koch Industries Inc. with his net worth being estimated at $41.5 billion according to Forbes as of June 2015.

He successfully made his fortune from diversifying the petroleum products trading company, which he inherited from his father’s oil company. Due to him being a smart business person, he has managed to extend the oil business to nearly 60 countries so far. Koch is the 18th richest man in the world. He had held this job since 1967 when the company was worth $50 million. It’s now valued at $100 billion. The Koch Brothers own the majority of the company.

Charles Koch is the author of the book “Good Profit” talked about a framed letter at his office that his father left for him that has a blueprint about how him and his brothers should manage the family fortune. Koch said that the letter has guided him tremendously in his business

Koch has been supporting Republicans for some time through funding. He does this to ensure that the people of the U.S. can improve their lives when some amendments are done to the tax system already in place. The billionaire said that the American economy is “rigged” in the favor of the wealthy and that it’s not fair and should be changed to ensure better lives for the citizens of the US.

Koch notes that the Republicans have been avoiding government overspending and congratulates them for that. However, they have ignored the pleas from him and his brother to reform the tax system. Koch says Republicans have had several tax breaks here and there but they should be eradicated entirely. Koch says it’s hard to get a candidate who can effect this since it’s away from what people are used to.

Koch has clarified that he has no control of the Republican candidates since the two-tiered system still exists, there is welfare for the wealthy and there is tax code that subsidies the wealthy. Koch says he will support the candidate that supports these interests financially since it will open up the economy and give everyone an opportunity to compete with the once already existing.

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