George Soros Supports Capitalism that is Tempered with Restraint

Capitalism is an economic and political system that relies more on private owners than government control. This type of process is often used within many democratic or free societies. George Soros is a billionaire that has made his fortune by working and doing business within societies that promote capitalism. However, Soros believes that unrestrained capitalism is not good for anyone.

Keep in mind that Soros believes in an open society. An open society is one that does not restrict a or limits a person’s freedoms. In an open society, people can vote for their leaders, participate I the political process, voice their opinion against the government, worship as they believe and are able to do business within free market.

An open society ensures that people can get ahead and live the best life possible. Capitalism is essential to this process. According to Soros, capitalism promotes self interest. A person’s self-interest can then outweigh the needs of the group or other people. When people are given absolute freedom to pursue their own interests, then chances are they will not contribute or stand-up for organizations with their fellow man.

Sometimes people need to work together to keep their societies strong and intact. This is the biggest problem that George Soros has with capitalism. It can cause people to get on a path of self-interest that will end up leaving other people behind. In a capitalistic environment, some people will get ahead over other individuals. In a capitalistic society not, every person will perform the same. While this is not a bad thing, it can be a problem when it comes to helping people out. It also helps to lead to condition of poverty, racial and social inequalities and disparities.

George Soros wants to help people. He realizes that societies need to remain open and free and that capitalism is a necessary part of the process. Soros wants to ensure that people all over the world have the best opportunity to get ahead in life. This is one of the reasons why he donated $18 billion dollars of his own wealth to Open Society Foundations. This is his philanthropic organization that ensures open societies are a reality for countries across the globe.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation works with thousands of social and political organizations. It also funds businesses that work toward the end of an open society. When groups collaborate with OSF they realize how important it is for all people to have the help they need. George Soros really supports capitalism but he knows that it must be tempered with restraint and good sense.

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Josh Smith Makes Bettering the Human Condition His Business

For Josh Smith, of Reno Nevada, his businesses are entrepreneurial and humanitarian endeavors. Josh has founded multiple businesses. His professional focus has been in the technological and health field.

A gardener himself he found that for a variety of reasons a traditional greenhouse didn’t work for him. In response, he and a fellow inventor developed their own modular greenhouse. Multiple efforts to find the perfect design would become the basis for Josh’s latest business, Reno, Nevada-based Modular Greenhouses.

His earlier entrepreneurial efforts taught him the skills he needed to make Modular Greenhouse succeed. The company offers backyard, indoor and patio versions of its product. The set up of the Greenhouses is simplicity itself. The units consist of a hinged aluminum frame covered with a double wall of polycarbonate plastic. Set-up involves unfolding the greenhouse and standing it up. Being modular continual expansion and a variety of configurations are possible. A company-provided app makes it possible to tend your plants via your smartphone.

Josh Smith wants to give every child access to healthy food. He also wants to end poverty-related hunger. Toward that end, Modular Greenhouse has resolved to provide every school in Washoe County of which Reno Nevada is a part, with free greenhouses.

Originally an artist, he decided to apply his creative skills to provide products that simplify everyday life. This process entails Smith making a sketch of his vision. Then, the rendering is analyzed and refined to create a prototype that will spawn a commercially viable product.

The work ethic needed to accomplish the steps above is born of Josh Smith’s creative passion. He states that his most satisfying efforts had “more interesting goals than making money”.

Organic gardening and 3-D printing are trends that particularly interest Josh Smith. The former because he is concerned with health. The latter, he sees as a way to facilitate the creation of new products.

On the subject of education, Josh believes that post-secondary schools are antiquated. He asserts that technology is a much better learning tool.

Josh states the key to success is being able to correct design flaws in short order.

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Betsy DeVos Fights for School Choice

Betsy DeVos, in my view, is an all-round superwoman. She studied at Calvin College and was actively involved in politics. She was the Michigan Republican Party chair for over six years and has led political action committees, party organizations and campaigns for over 30 years. She is just as good in business as she is in politics. In 1989, Betsy and her husband are the founders of the Windquest Group, a company that invests in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. She is a strong advocate of the education-choice movement and chairs the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children.


DeVos is one of the most generous people I have come across. She is involved in a couple of non-profit organizations and is a board member of various national and local boards, such as the DeVos Institute for Arts management, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation of Excellence in Education and Mary Hill Bible Church. She feels that traditional public schools are failing and is happy that people are now more open to reforms such as vouchers, education savings accounts and tax credit scholarships. Her role as a mother played a major part in transforming her into the woman she is today.


When Betsy’s children were of school-age, she, together with her husband, visited the Potter’s House Christian School, where she interacted with parents who were doing their very best to provide their children with the best education and in a safe environment. Seeing these families struggle to pay tuition, they started supporting some students individually. The couple still supports the Potter’s House to date.



Betsy later started a foundation that gave scholarships to low-income families, so as to give parents a chance to choose the schools they would want to take their children. In as much as this was beneficial to the few that got the opportunity, it was not going to address the real issue. On realizing this, Betsy decided to join the educational-choice movement.


Betsy and her husband used their political involvement to aid in the expanding the educational choice. In 1993, both Mr. and Mrs. DeVos were involved in passing the first charter school. Betsy is passionate about providing people with a conducive environment for opportunity and growth. She was appointed as the Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s administration and is now pushing for the voucher system and the privatization of public schools. She doesn’t believe in the one-size-fits-all mindset. Every child is unique and every family is different and they deserve the opportunity to choose where they would like to school. She has called on the public, on numerous occasions, to join her in the fight for school choice.


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