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We saw a lot of technology stocks being sold in the market this past month. Many investors had been arrogant because the market was on a continuous rise and was unstoppable for a long time. The sell-off made many people to reconsider and to become nervous. The result is that there will be a choppy market during the next couple of month. The market is usually low volume, and it is not unusual to see such an environment during the summer months. The recent changes will increase the likelihood of this happening even more.

One needs to be proactive in order to take advantage of this. The Lock and Walk trading strategy will help you to make good trades during the summer season. The strategy is based on the support and resistance levels. It involves trading ProShares UltraShort QQQ and the ProShares Ultra QQQ. You should target the support to sell if the resistance is tested by the QID. You should sell the shares if it is broken. The same applies to the QLD. You should target the resistance to selling the shares if support is tested. These rules are not new or fancy. They are an abstraction of technical analysis. One important thing to remember is that the strategy will shut down until the next trading session if it gains 67 basis points. This allows it to work well in a choppy environment because it is not a long-term strategy.  Useful link here.

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Netpicks is a trading school that is focused on helping traders to find success in the markets. It was started in 1996. Day trading and online trading were beginning to pick up. Netpicks offers a comprehensive curriculum that trains regular people on how to trade futures, stocks, ETFS, and forex. Netpicks is based in Irving, Texas. Check their website, click  Mark Soberman heads it. They have a team of trading professionals who have a lot of experience in trading and in training others. The trainers are real traders who understand what one needs to do to become successful. Netpicks offers a video training course to students so that they can get up to speed in a short time.

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Netpicks – Offering the Best Trading Strategies to Gain Success

Support and Resistance allow traders many important clues on how to trade in a volatile market. It is among the most popular analysis that one can use to comprehend the way one should invest. The rationale behind this theory is that as the price becomes closer to Support, it gets cheaper. On the other hand, if the deal becomes cheaper, it immediately draws attention, and more buyers wish to buy it. Even though this theory does not hold true in all situations, it can easily be used during the summer months when the trading industry is slow. To become successful, one has to make sure that they trade with confidence and use the best strategies for easy gains.

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Netpicks was set up in 1996 as a day trading and online trading company, but over the years the company is setting new standards in the trading industry and equipping their clients with the right trading tips and strategies. They provide the latest and the most innovative strategies to help their clients achieve success. Netpicks has its headquarter in Irving, Texas and has experienced professionals who have been in the business for years and knew the ins and outs of the industry. For those looking to start online trading, Netpicks is the best option for them. They also offer free trial period to their customers so that they can experience what they offer and then decide for themselves if it is best for them. Watch a related clips here.

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Netpicks have experienced coaching teams in their help their clients in trading. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can learn about the trading systems easily. They offer practical tips and strategies to the clients and not just theories that are good on the books and in theory. One can easily start practicing right after their video training. Netpicks staff is always available to their customers and offer them support at any time of the day and night. They also keep on updating their online platform to provide a seamless way of trading. The company continues to set high standards for other companies in the online trading industry and has plans to expand their services that they provide to their clients.

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