CassioAudi Former Drummer at the Metal Band Named Viper

If you are from Brazil and love the metal genre in music, then you must already be aware of the metal band named Viper that was hugely popular in the early 1990s. The band called Viper was very famous among the youth because not only did it have a very distinct sound, but it managed to connect with its target audience fascinatingly.

The fact that Viper band released many songs in English as well helped the band become massively popular overseas as well. One of the co-founders of Viper was Cassio Audi. He is a well-known face in the music industry till date even though he has changed his profession to become a business executive and an investment manager.

Even though he is a musician by heart, Cassio Audi has managed to gain considerable success in the finance sector as well. Cassio Audi has made sure over the years that no matter how busy his schedule is, he would take time out for music one way or the other. At heart, Cassio Audi is still a drummer who loves to not only do drumming but is also credited with writing soulful lyrics for his band. Some of the famous songs that he helped compose while at Viper and wrote lyrics for are Soldiers of Night, Nightmare, Killer, Princess from Hell, and Wings of the Evil.

Cassio Audi and his other band members launched Viper in 1987 and just a couple of years; the band was flooded with appreciation and love from all corners of the world. The people who love metal genre would fall in love with the sound of this band, which continues to be among the most favorite metal band for many music lovers. Cassio Audi has done his BA from Pontifical Catholic University, which is where he completed his MBA as well.

Norka Martinez Luque and Her Musical Journey

Norka Martinez Luque can be described as an international musical star. She was born in Caracas, a city in Venezuela. She discovered her artistic abilities while she was still a minor. Luque believes that she was gifted with her talent to help others in the society. Today, the Venezuelan songbird uses music to bring a positive message to the world.


Her parents have supported her from the beginning; they availed many opportunities for her to interact with different musical instruments such as piano. Additionally, she was enrolled in voice practice, ballet and flamenco classes. Judging by the numerous accolades this pop star has received, we can say that all these programs paid off.


Despite her strong ambition to become a professional singer, she did not ignore her academic studies. She moved to France to pursue higher education soon after she graduated from high school. Luque specialized in business administration but also took extension courses in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts.


While in France, Luque did not sideline music, she joined a rock band which performed in French nightclubs during the weekends. This band offered Luque a chance to prove herself to the audience. Additionally, she got the chance to meet different professionals in the European music industry.


It was through this band that Ms. Martinez got the chance to meet Emilio Estefan Jr. Word has it that any musical project that Mr. Estefan touches becomes a success, and any upcoming musician who associates themselves with him become outstanding musicians. He is responsible for the career of internationally known stars such as Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and a host of other artists.


Mr. Estefan signed Luque to his record label named Crescent Moon Records. When asked how she felt about her signing with Emilio’s record label, she replied, “This is an opportunity that many talented artists dream of having….I feel so blessed that Mr. Estefan liked my musical project, working with him is a miracle….”


With the help of Mr. Estefan, Luque released her first professional album in 2011. This album had different songs, but three among them stood out. “As you do it,”Tomorrowland” and “Milagro” became international hits. In the same year, she was nominated for the Best Female Artist of Year in the “Lo Nuestro Awards.” In 2012, she was featured on the cover of Latino Show Magazine.


As per now, we can say that Norka Luque is destined for great things. She has a unique voice that her fans love so much. Moreover, her fans find her songs inspirational and motivational.