FreedomPop Is An Excellent Wireless Carrier With Many Choice Services

Too many wireless carriers have strayed away from their original mission, which was to bring wireless services to the masses. Even though these companies are still doing what they set out to do, many of them have been so caught up in making money that they have less customer service than before as well as higher prices. A wireless carrier isn’t simply meant to make money but also to help those who need wireless services in their everyday lives. FreedomPop understands the fact that everyone needs wireless services, and the price they pay for the services should be low as well.

Instead of simply having wireless services that are high in cost with bad customer service, FreedomPop has low cost wireless services and customer service that is available when a customer needs it. FreedomPop is offering more than just cell phone services but Wi-Fi, hotspots, home Internet, cell phones, and tablets. The wide array of products and services that FreedomPop offers separates them from many of their competitors, making them one of the first choices for a cell phone service provider. With the other services that FreedomPop offers, many are choosing this company for Wi-Fi services as well as other wireless services.

Those that want a cell phone or tablet will find a great variety of them from the FreedomPop company, and these are low-cost phones that start at around $50 and go up from there. These brand-new phones are some of the latest technology that’s on the market, which includes iPhones as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones. Those who want to make a switch to FreedomPop won’t need to worry about the type of phone they’ll be able to use, especially since some other companies only allow the use of standard straight phones or flip phones.

The fact that a user that comes to FreedomPop can use the newest phones is a great bonus, especially since the phones can be used with the unlimited $20 a month cell phone plan. Along with the unlimited cell phone plan, FreedomPop also offers the unlimited five dollar monthly Wi-Fi service. Those that need home Internet service can obtain it through FreedomPop once they purchase a FreedomPop modem, and they have the choice to get a modem with Wi-Fi. Hotspots are also available through FreedomPop for around $99 and come with 500 MB of free data with additional plans that gives more data to the hotspot.

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