Visual Search Company Slyce & Shoe Carnival Retailer Are Joining Up To Change The Way People Shop


Shoe Carnival, one of the biggest retailers for shoes in the United States, and Slyce, a leading visual search company, have recently declared they are partnering up for business. This will bring an even better shopping experience to all customers of Shoe Carnival that use this new technology on their smartphones or on Shoe Carnival’s website.

This feature newly added by Shoe Carnival will allow its mobile customers to take snapshots of any shoes they want and upload them from their phones to Shoe Carnival, whether they are real or just a picture in a magazine. Once a customer uploads a picture, they will get to see the selection of products available at Shoe Carnival and it will show all matches as well as comparable shoes.

This feature has put Shoe Carnival in a position to lead the market with its new cutting-edge visual search technology. Customers will no longer have to travel and leave the comfort of their homes to search for the products they want, they can now snap and send a photo and receive all the information they need for sales or availability.

Slyce gained its popularity in the industry after releasing their visual search technology platform in early 2013. After the release, the company attracted investors to back their technology and has been noticed in the market for both retail and technology.

Besides their image recognition software and their recent partnering with Shoe Carnival, Slyce also created its own program for people to use called Snap and Buy. Very much like the new technology Shoe Carnival is using for their customers, the Snap and Buy software will let people take pictures of products and then compare them with many different stores to show customers where they can find the product they want.

There are other large retail stores that have taken it upon themselves to build partnerships with Slyce as well, such as Home Depot, JCPenny, and Tilly’s. As Slyce continues to expand and their visual search and recognition technology leads over the competition, they will form more partnerships with retailers for years to come.