Drew Madden Efforts in Changing the Healthcare Culture

Two reports have brought the healthcare community into the limelight. One revealed that CVS wants to procure Aetna, the health insurance giant. The other report uncovered that Amazon has acquired pharmacy permits in various states. The licenses covered distribution of healthcare equipment. These moves are related as Amazon is going to venture into pharmaceutical sales making it a formidable competitor.

The Amazon threats are forcing innovation on industry leaders like pharmacy benefits managers and CVS. CVS pivoting into health insurance is a defensive strategy against Amazon. The pharmacy plans to provide next-day prescriptions delivery nationwide. Both firms want to own the healthcare customer. CVS is improving its healthcare and retail outlets to combine pharmacy, routine care, and insurance services for comprehensive health coverage available at the nearby store. Amazon is known for storing everything, offering pharmaceuticals will be a normal addition to its broad consumer-facing channel.

Barack Obama appointed Aneesh Chopra who worked as the first US chief technology officer as the NavHealth chief executive. Chopra has contributed positively to the healthcare sector. He launched initiatives to invite innovation to the industry such as Startup America, Argonaut Project, and Open Data.

Mr. Aneesh Chopra remains focused on days where health information will be free from electronic vaults of record firms. The data will be accessible to innovators and patients to uphold value. The healthcare market has become attractive due to the changing culture and the regulatory trends that are creating market openings.

Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a businessman and a seasoned healthcare IT executive. He is passionate about creating a unique company culture, high caliber teams, and trusted client relationships. In 2010, the entrepreneur joined Nordic Consulting Partner and worked as president until 2016. The entity is among the largest Epic consulting firm and winner of many KLAS awards for excellent consulting services.

During Madden tenure Nordic grew from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annual revenue and 10 to 725 employees. Before joining the firm, Drew Madden worked for Ingenix as an epic consultant and in business development. He began his healthcare IT profession at Cerner Corporation. Mr. Madden has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Iowa College of Engineering.