Brad Reifler’s Simple But Effective Investment Advice

Brad Reifler, the founder of Forefront Capital recently wrote an article offering his advice for successful investing. This includes refraining from investing all of your income into the stock market, knowing your reasons for making your investments and being able to establish a solid rapport with your fund managers.

One major factor that has inspired Reifler to go into the funding business is that he can very closely sympathize with the fact that those in the middle class struggle to invest due to government limitations. For example, when he tried to invest in a stock for his daughter’s college fund, he discovered that the stock had less than he had originally invested. As a result, his father-in-law ended up giving him some of his life savings to make up for it.

With Forefront Capital, Reifler seeks to help those in the middle class who have been turned away from the investment world due to being deemed “not smart enough to participate”. However, this is gradually changing for the better as the Securities Exchange Commission (or SEC) is recognizing that the general public has become increasingly knowledgeable about both the stock market and the inner workings of investing as well as its risks.

Both Reifler and Forefront Capital’s mission is to go the extra mile to help potential investors overcome their fears about investing due to the Great Recession that occurred in 2008. Reifler is so dedicated he’s offered up his own investment tips that people can follow on their own. Forefront Capital works to provide better compound returns and to help their clients watch their small investment grow on a gradual basis over time. Reifler believes in actually working at his clients’ levels in order to help them better understand what they’re getting themselves into. Before founding Forefront, Reifler served as the chairman and CEO for Pali Capital Inc. Pali Capital was a boutique investment banking firm before it went out of business and shut down in 2010.  Follow Bradley on Twitter for his takes on new financial news, or his page for a full biography.

Keith Mann Businessman Philanthropist

Keith Mann is the founder and president of Dynamic Search Partners. His successful business has been connecting candidates with hedge funds and investment groups for the past ten years. As a prominent business owner and resident of New York, Mann has chosen to help his community by establishing an annual college scholarship for students who would have trouble completing their college education without help from other agencies or foundations.

The award is named The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award is given every year to a graduate of one of the Uncommon Schools in their system. The schools are non-profits educating under-privileged students in the New York area. The $5,000. award is to be used for admission into a college of the winner’s choice. All that is required is that the graduating student is enrolled in one of the Uncommon Schools and that the student compose, write and submit a 1,000-word essay on what the award would mean to him or her.

The advantage for the winner of the scholarship is two-fold.  If the student selects a career in investing or finance, Keith Mann can help the student find employment and the right fit in one of a large number of hedge funds and investment banks Mann works with on a daily basis.

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