Paul Mampilly, an Investment Guru Who Spends His Time Helping a Common Man Rise in the Financial Ranks

Paul Mampilly was born in India. He later moved to the United States at the age of 18. He went to Montclair State University and graduated with a degree in finance and accounting. Years later, he earned an MBA from Fordham University. Additionally, he studied economics as well as financial engineering. Currently, he lives in Durham, where he concentrates on research in investment opportunities and writing for financial publications. His newsletter, Profits Unlimited, is one of the fastest growing publication in the finance field. Though it is one year old, it already has over 90,000 annual subscribers. These subscriptions are evidence of how investors follow the Mampilly’s work. Many upcoming investors like to read the advice of Mampilly due to his proven success. In 2009, he invested $50 million which yielded $88 million, something that led him to win the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition.

Paul Mampilly served as the assistant portfolio manager of the Bankers Trust in 1991. As his experience advanced in the investment sector, he secured a prominent position at the legal firm. During his tenure at the Kinetics Asset Management, where he handled the hedge fund of the company, he saw the assets of the company grow to $25 billion, which was considered as one of the best returns in the world by Barron.When Paul Mampilly became tired of making money for the ultra-rich, he had an option of spending more time at home with his family. Presently, he is still in the finance industry where he works as a researcher and investment analyst. It is his pleasure to help the ordinary people make money.Many of the Paul Mampilly’s newsletters give people the techniques on how they can invest and better their lives.

In most cases, he features at the Bloomberg TV, CNBC, as well as the Fox Business News.In an interview, when asked how he started his business, Paul Mampilly said that he started his own business after he became tired of making money for the Wall Street. He said that he was only helping the rich get richer, something he thought that was not fair.On how he makes money, he said that he follows the market and track particular companies. Through trading, he can invest his money and that of others. He keeps things simple and maintain essential buying and selling patterns.About his satisfying moment in business, Mampilly mentions that it was when he was leaving Wall Street. Now that he is helping those individuals who are saving for their retirements, it makes him feel happy.

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Marc Sparks is a role model to many

Marc Sparks is one of the most influential businessmen in the world. Many people respect him because of his numerous business ventures that have done very well over the years. Sparks has earned a lot of expertise in the business world, and he uses this knowledge to help the upcoming investors in the modern world. Sparks started his career in the investment world over thirty years ago. According to his portfolio, the businessman has managed to establish dozens of starts ups, and most of them have achieved great success.

At the moment, the serial entrepreneur is serving as the chief executive director for a company known as Timber Creek Capital. The firm is famed to be one of the greatest equity firms in the United States, and it has been doing so well under his leadership.The company specializes in transforming the lives of entrepreneurs who are hardworking and dedicated. The company ensures that these individuals make great profits in their investments. Timber Creek Capital is found in Dallas, Texas, and it has branches in several parts of the country.Timber Creek Capital offers its customers a wide range of activities. Some of these include marketing, banking, accounting, legal solutions, networking, intellectual capital and many other services. The company has transformed the lives of so many people in the harsh economic times.

In the modern market, it is extremely difficult for businessmen to make profitable investments without getting the assistance they need. Many people who venture into the business department end up regretting later because of the huge losses they make. Without the right guidance, the newbies end up with losses instead of the profits they are yearning for
( Getting the capital needed to start a profitable business is also a challenge in the modern times. Most people want to start businesses, yet they do not have the money required to make profits.

Mark Sparks is also a respected author in the world. According to some of his greatest publications, everyone can become successful in life, regardless of the academic qualifications they have. When an individual has a great business idea, Mark believes that they should look for a business model and culture so that they can start a long term growth project. With hard work, the businessman believes that investors can accomplish whatever they want.

Sparks was born in an ordinary family many years ago. His parent, however, did not have enough funds to give him the expensive education acquired by most successful people. However, the businessman overcame all the challenges by working hard. After completing his high school education, Sparks ventured into the business world. His expertise in the business field has made him one of the most respected individuals in the world.