David McDonald’s Interview

David McDonald is President at OSI Group. OSI Group is a premier global supplier that provides food products to leading retail food and food service brands. David started his career after attaining an Animal Science degree in college. While he was the North American Meat Institute’s chairman, he took up the role of project manager in an OSI Group project. That was the beginning of his journey with OSI Group.David McDonald has clocked 30 years at OSI group. He has overseen tremendous growth and success at the company. OSI group is now an international company, with Dutch, European, Chinese, and US establishments. In the US, OSI Group is one of the largest firms. Recently, David gave an insight into his and the company’s journey in an interview.

When asked what made him get into the food supply business, David states that it was his educational background. He has always had an interest in agriculture and biology, which is why he selected to do Animal Science in college. After college when the opportunity to join OSI group came along, he knew that was the chance to follow his passion.According to David, OSI group makes money by processing and supplying food services/ products to global companies. The company was able to become profitable in its early stages because of establishing dynamic partnerships. Thanks to high-quality standards, OSI group quickly attracted many customers after opening its doors.

David states that OSI Group focuses on truly comprehending customer needs. They also invest to gain customer trust. When the company enters a new market, it strives to understand the local culture. All these strategies enable the business to gain ground in new markets.For David McDonald, OSI group’s most satisfying moment was when they established a facility in China. It was a significant investment aiming to provide broad-scale solutions to the needs of food businesses in China. OSI Group plans to continue bringing high value products to all clients. David predicts a great future for the company as long as they remain innovative.David McDonald is also the Chief Operating Officer at OSI group. His base is in Illinois. Born/ raised in Iowa, David business decisions have been instrumental in growing OSI group to where it is now.

Madison Street Capital Continues to Offer the best Services in the Baking Industry

When it comes to international investment banking services, Madison Street Capital has established itself as the best. Among its clients is a Vienna-based company called ARES Security Corporation that deals with security risk management for its customers. ARES also offers the latest security software solutions to their clients. Madison Street Capital recently participated in minority recapitalization of the ARES Security Corporation. The details of this transaction were revealed to the public by the chief executive officer and founder of the firm Charles Botchway. In the same press conference, Charles Botchway revealed that the transaction had been organized by a senior managing director of the institution called Reginald McGaugh.


A major shareholder and the President of ARES Security Ben Eazzetta said that he had being marveled by Madison Street Capital reputation. He said that he was surprised to learn that Madison Street Capital understood their needs during the whole process which includes using the latest technology to offer innovative solutions to their customers. He also thanked Madison Street Capital for their continued support and said that he looked forward to future corporations. Among the things that ARES Security was marveled with when working with Madison Street Capital include their ability to conduct due diligence, capital raising capability as well as their valuation analysis.


Madison Street Capital maintains a social media presence to actively interact with their customers. Among the profiles they maintain in this platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On these platforms, they explain to their clients the services they offer and they also deal with complaints and other issues. Not only does the company operate in North America but it has its presence in other parts of the globe like Africa, Asia, Europe and even South America.


From the many services they specialize in, Madison Street Capital is known to concentrate on expertise regarding mergers and acquisitions, publicly and privately held companies valuation services, financial opinions as well as corporate financial advisory services. Other services that the company is known to specialize in include debt placement, operational and financial restructuring, portfolio valuation and solvency opinions. Finally, Madison Street Capital specializes in fairness opinions, business valuation and valuation for financial reporting.


The company has a reputation for emphasizing on integrity and fairness in all of its operations. For this reason, the firm has won many awards over the years. Madison Street Capital has maintained its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ for more details.


Alternative Banking Solution- Highland Management Capital

Alternative banking institutions have been growing over the past few years with individuals preferring to borrow from the alternative banks rather than investment banks. Alternative banking institutions have been offering affordable loan rates compared to banks. On the other hand, alternative banks have also do not ask for collateral from their customers making it even easier for medium and small enterprises to raise capital.

Highland Capital Management LP is one of the leading alternative banking institutions in the United States of America. Highland Capital Management LP was established in 1990 by its co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada. The organization joined with Protective life Insurance Corporation to distribute its products and services in fixed income markets. The co-founders helped the company to grow, and in 1993 due to the expansion, it was experiencing it changed its name to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMC).

Later in 1997 James and Mark purchased Protective Life stake at PAMC and they established Ranger Asset Management LP. The organization was registered as an independent advisor as SEC. As the firm grew, it changed its name to Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is one of the leading alternative banking institutions that primarily deal with credit plans including; separate accounts, credit hedge funds, and long-only funds. Other products that Highland offers include collateralized loan obligation, private equity, and special and distressed situations.

Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investment including; long and short term investments, markets as well as natural resources. The financial firm has been offering their products and services to diverse clients which include financial institutions, endowments, pension plans, funds -f funds, government, high-net-worth individuals, and corporations.

In 2000, Highland Capital Management launched its first bank loan fund, and the same year it also established its first alternative program. The expansion did not stop there as the two leaders led the organization to higher heights. In 2004 it entered into a mutual business fund with Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management LP, has also been opening other location offices all over the world including Singapore, London, New York City, and Seoul. The investment institution has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Look To Ignition Financial To Refinance Your Automobile

Refinancing your automobile is probably one thing that most people never considered before, primarily because the thought never seemed to be a reality. But when you stop and think about it, it seems to make sense under the right circumstances.


Most of us purchase our cars based on the dollar amount of monthly car payments we can afford. We walk into a dealership, look at the cars on display, and pretend to like this car or that car, but we finally make our decision on the level of car payment we can afford.


We can then drive our “new” car out of the dealership and feel satisfied that we made a good deal when we have no idea if the transaction was in our favor or not. Now with Ignition Financial, we can undo that deal where the payments were probably not made in our favor after all.


The car business is not in business necessarily to be our friend, but it exists to make a profit. The more profit, the better. Most consumers have no idea what goes on in an automobile financing operation.


Lenders are financial institutions that supply the money for the deals the dealers and used car companies have available for auto financing. Lenders are always trying to set up as many finance plans as possible, and their path to the consumer is through the car dealerships.


Lenders are always putting out great incentives for the car dealerships to do business with them. One way of doing that is to set a “floor rate” or a minimum interest rate that the lender will accept. Then they allow the dealership to “mark up the floor price so that the dealer will make a nice profit. This amount usually runs from 2% to 4% extra, and this amount is rolled into the charges that are due at closing.


This additional amount of money is not usually necessary when the consumer gets his or her financing at the local bank or credit union, but many car customers do not know that.


At Ignition, it is possible for a streamlined finance program can reverse a prior financing deal that was maybe not so good, and turn it into a plan that is more in a customer’s favor.


Payments are usually lower, prompting the consumer to say, “Go right ahead and slash my payments.” Money is freed up so that cash can go into savings, bills, taxes, future needs and many other items. The program is receiving rave results and more and more people are learning about this lucrative idea.

Richard Price Offers Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair and his company Wealth Solutions offers his advisory services to high net worth individuals who are helped to achieve their investment goals. Blair specializes in estate tax and estate planning as well as financial planning, and asset protection. His clients are able to discover the best options and opportunities in securities and insurance. He currently manages assets valued at more than $55 million.

Blair recently compiled a list of items to consider whenever considering renting your house using the popular Airbnb rental services. He is an expert on insurance, and his advice is worth considering. Chief among his recommendations is the potential damage which may be caused by reckless house guests. These kinds of renters can cause damage to the home and to other properties and even to other persons. He goes on to stress that the insurance coverage offered by Airbnb is a secondary type of insurance and often does not cover the homeowner’s insurance claims. When the homeowner realizes the liability risks involved along with the insurance issues, a less rosy picture of renting by Airbnb is painted.

Blair’s wisdom extends beyond issues of insurance and rental properties. He is certified and registered as an investment advisor, annuity and funds specialist, and a professional dealing with retirement income.

Blair created his company, Wealth Solutions, in 1994. He has a profound commitment to educating his clients in the realm of financial investing. Blair considers each client as part of a team effort and together they will explore the multitude of choices available to achieve financial success expertly tailored to fit each individual client. Just as he has pointed out the dangers involved in renting your private home, he will expertly advise you as you seek financial success in a complex business filled with its own language, and in some people’s minds an undecipherable language, created to keep investors, even sophisticated investors, in the dark. With his commitment to educating his clients, you can be assured you will not be one of the many uninformed who are stumbling around the dimly light and mysterious world of investing. Richard Blair will make everything clear to you and replace the darkness with the light of reason.

Sources: http://hackronym.com/wealth-solutions-insurance-and-other-considerations-when-renting-on-airbnb/,