How Professional Party Planners Create Memorable Events


When it comes to planning a gala event, most people choose to leave the party planning to the experts. While these professionals do have an edge on how to create memorable events, there are some helpful tips that anyone could use to create a more engaging party. One of the best pieces of advice is to keep the planning simple. The best way to simplify the process of planning a party is to create a list of everything that needs to be done. A well written list will also help keep the process organized. Using a theme for the event makes it easier to choose everything from plates and napkins to foods and beverages. Sending out invitations is a must when planning a memorable event. The invitation should be in keeping with the theme to help encourage interest on the part of the recipient.


One of the leading party planning agencies is known as 23 Layers. As one of the outstanding corporate event planners in NYC, this agency knows what it takes to make an impact on people in the professional world. The services offered by this agency include everything from custom printing and entertainment to floral design. Of course they offer a huge selection of foods for catering any type of event imaginable. Although these professional party planners can meet the high demands of a corporate function, the team at 23 Layers can also put together impressive parties for weddings, charitable events and one-time celebrations.


As one of the premier event planning companies in NYC, 23 Layers takes pride in delivering the type of events people remember long after they have gone home. They also take the worry out of planning an event by employing experts who are capable of constructing the event from start to finish. Their creative experts take the time to pay attention to the details to ensure every event they plan makes a positive impression on all who attend.