Robbie Brad’s Wikipedia Page Gets Numerous Edits from his Irish Fans

Robbie Brady is currently the most famous Irish in his country. This happened after securing his country, Ireland, a position in the finals of the Euro 2016 Football Tournament. Brad secured a victory for his team after scoring in the 85th minute of the game against the expectations of football fans. The game would have ended in a draw for both Ireland and Italy. His score triggered the increased popularity in his country, which is evident from his Wikipedia page.

Irish football fans made numerous edits to Robert Brad’s Wikipedia page by including names such as Robert ‘The Messiah’ Brady and Robert ‘Jesus Christ’ Brady. Most of the Wikipedia updates happened on the same night after the game leading to a skyrocketed popularity. His page received an estimate of 100 edits in a duration of two hours after the match against Italy.

Most of the Wiki edits had similar themes, which mostly gave an insight into his football career. From the edits, one gains full understanding about how Brady started his career at the Manchester United Academy before joining Hull City. He also joined Tigers where he assisted them in the 2014 FA Cup Finals. Later in 2015, he joined Norwich City. Most of the edits depicted him as immortal after drawing references from the Bible. Before the edits were pulled down, he was referred to as God, the second coming of Jesus Christ as well as the Messiah.

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