Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Talk to Their Families During Holidays

During the holiday season there are a number of inmates that are looking to talk to their family members. Fortunately for a number of these inmates, they can reunite with their families without having to deal with the hassle of visits. Securus Technologies has put together a solution that allows family members of inmates to contact them and talk to them live via video camera. This option has proven to be among the most efficient ways for the family members of inmates to communicate. It provides them with a low cost communication method that saves them a lot of time.


The way this works is an inmate makes a call and the family member goes on the computer to receive the call. An inmate will then be able to talk to the family member live through a video webcam. As a result, this will allow the two parties to see each other onscreen and communicate in a more personalized manner. Inmates will have the opportunity to see their family members living their daily lives at home. At the same time, the family members will be able to see the inmate talk to them from their correctional facility. Taking advantage of this option has helped both inmates and their families stay in touch and see each other during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies is a major telecommunications company based in Texas. The company specializes in providing correctional facilities with equipment and services to allow inmates to communicate. With Securus Technologies, a number of correctional facilities have been able to use the latest technology in the telecommunications industry. As a result, both inmates and correctional staff will have the means to more efficiently meet their communication needs. Securus Technologies offers phone services, voicemail and email services to its customers. Therefore, inmates and staff will have plenty of options to use when looking to make and receive contacts on a regular basis.


With Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to provide a number of communication solutions to inmates. One of the most common options is telephone services. Inmates will be able to contact their family and friends by making calls and receiving them in a more timely manner. As well as offering phone service, Securus Technologies also offers voicemail which will allow people to leave messages via telephone. With instant mail, inmates and staff can get messages from a computer which eliminates the hassle of receiving letters. There is also video visitation which is a new service that allows inmates to see their contacts while talking on the phone.


Securus Technologies Defends Itself Against Patent Litigation Claims

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 with our headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. We are the leading company provider of criminal and civil justice solutions on technology for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Currently, we are serving over 3450 public safety, correction agencies, law enforcement around North America.


According to the 9th June 2016 GTL’s press release, there are various declarations that we have found to be inaccurate and deceptive. We want to clarify and correct the various GTL’s incorrect claims. The delay of the Texas federal court case has blocked the GTL from seeking any of the relief. The GTL wants to proceed to the District courts with the fourth PTAB-validated patent seeking injunctions. As the Securus, we are moving for the rehearing of the patent since the “816 patent” is not yet validated. The GTL will be prevented from seeking the claimed damages. While the PTAB declined the challenged assertions, the Global Tel Link’s declared the single most independent claim. As Securus, we believe that the “fundamental security feature” is not exercised as claimed.


The claimed innovations by the GTL as patentable were not determined by PTAB. The PTAB reached a conclusion of not reviewing the claims. The GTL has no choice to go back to the court regarding the patent. The GTL should not be so sure that the tribunal’s jury will receive any evidence from any of the parties, however near it is to the date of going back to the court. In own view, there are no GTL’s patented technologies being used, and thus there will be no facilities to be limited or injunction cases.


As Securus Technologies, we have a history of making satisfactory arrangements and agreements on finances with companies using our patented technologies. GTL knows that patent litigation is not easy. However, much GTL attack will consistently defend ourselves at the same time declaring our patent. Securus has been was accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated an A+ due to our hard work and meeting the BBB standards. View the company profile on



Class Dojo’s Innovative Take On An Educational Platform Is A Change For The Positive

Class Dojo is an innovative new take on educational platforms which is trying to succeed in bringing teachers, students, and parents closer together in schools around the world. Before, communication was typically done through a scheduled conferences, notes home with the kids, and sometimes a call. With Class Dojo, teachers and parents are able to stay in contact on a daily and constant basis. This also gives children a voice to use, while getting more feedback and encouragement from their teachers and parents. There is also a stories board on the platform that allows the submitted of pictures, videos, and more, to create a class story of all the memorable moments that happened in the school year.

Teachers can directly influence the board and only allow what they think should go on their, whether it be a story, notes, poems, or a project. The foundation of an app like Class Dojo opens up a number of possibilities for the future of communication in schooling.

Teachers are enjoying the new Class Dojo platform because it allows for them to be more engaging to their students and have them more involved with their schoolwork, as well as having more involvement with the family. Class Dojo’s co-founder, Liam Don, stated that the inspiration for starting the company and platform was because he and his partner interviewed many teachers and parents around the country for research, and they found a lot of negatives. This is when they created Class Dojo to meet a need dire need for better communication in schooling. Parents are able to see what their kid is up to at all times through the app, seeing their progress and whatever they post on Class Dojo.

Many people and instructors believe Class Dojo has the potential to revolutionize the way education works in the near future. So far, it has been working fantastically to bring students, parents and teachers closer together as well as the school community as a whole. Since releasing, Class Dojo has expanded to nearly two thirds of all US schools. The best part is, Class Dojo is absolutely free and is easy as well as fun to use. Start participating today by asking for an invitation from a classroom teacher.



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Class Dojo has Changed Classroom Life Globally

Founded in 2011 by founder Sam Chaudhary and Lon Kim, ClassDojo has grown immensely to reach a wider audience. Currently in every three schools, two schools are using the application in their schools. It has been widely accepted because of its usability and ease of providing the link between an institution and a parent.
ClassDojo is used by teachers to give an update to the parents about the welfare of the child at school. They have led to improved communication and the ease of a parent to see what is happening a school. ClassDojo is an app that has improved how parents can manage their children so that they can know how to assist them. It employs video and photo taking skills and uploads them to the app. The parents will then access the videos and see how their children are going on with their studies and activities at school.
In the second round of seed funding, the app has been able to raise $21 million to support them in their expansion. They aim at utilizing the funds that they have to expand and improve the app. The funding was accelerated by General Catalyst, and the new investors that were on board include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire. It has raised an amount of $ 31 million in the venture funding since its inception, and it has grown from being an education tech accelerator, and it is currently part of Y Combinator.
ClassDojo is involved in other partnerships that are improving how the parents understand their children better. They have entered into a partnership with Stanford University to offer short videos that will enable students and teachers about growth mindset’. Through the partnership, the two partners: Stanford Project for Education Research That Scales( PERTS) and ClassDojo have come up with animated videos that are in five parts that will be supplied to teachers for free. The idea will be able to bring research into the classroom and offer better and greater ideas about education matters.
Growth mindset’s primary objective is to prove or show that the capabilities of a student and their intelligence can be improved if they are given the right kind of encouragement. Children will develop their knowledge if they are praised due to their hard work and they will not perform perfectly if they are praised because of their smartness. Encouragement is the key drive for a student to positively attain desired targets.


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