Bright Woman And Bright Cosmetics

A Russian born woman, Doe Deere, is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Raised in New York city, she is on her self-appointed mission to show that cosmetics are more than what people think they are. Instead of just a cover-up for imperfections, they are a form of self-expression, says the CEO of a line of cosmetics that she insists are cruelty-free.

She calls them animal-friend cosmetics. They are intended to look bold, colorful and expressive. She calls it Lime Crime, because, she says, the colors are so bright and attention getting, they should be against the law!

People wonder where the idea came from. She started small, and kept up support for other female-owned businesses. She began her Lime Crime career in 2008, and outrageous colors became her trademark and brand.

Every day brings something new for her, but her typical day begins with production and financial meetings, and then she goes off to spend the day with her chemists in the lab, developing new products, and she is always the first to try out her own products.

One thing that makes her happy about her business is that a lot of her products are welcomed by women who have never tried them. They purchase them on line, and this is a good for Doe Deere. She feels that on line shopping can be interactive and successful in selling cosmetics.

Her success, she says, comes from being involved with her brand, and what it stands for. She’s an avid optimist, and feels that her brand and her style is catching on because she took a standard idea and transformed it through her love of the bright colors and sharing her ideas on line.

Doe says that the most important strategy that has helped her is that she has treated everyone, her employees, partners, and vendor with courtesy and respect. Being a hard-nose doesn’t inspire people to do their best. Being caring and proactive does, she says.

She didn’t support Donald Trump’s views, but she does recommend his book, Think Big & Kick Ass. She says you will never be the same again, and that you will change your way of doing things for the better.

As previously mentioned, she is an avid animal lover, and spends effort and time with help organizations that will help animals in distress.

Doe Deere is an extraordinary entrepreneur, and she deserves a round of applause and recognition for her dedicated spirit.

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The Difference Bob Reins Has Made For Peoples Futures

Talk Fusions main goal is to help people. They began their journey to help individuals secure their dreams and realize their futures in 2007. The commitment they show towards their goal has changed lives. As the companies CEO Bob Reina heads this mission.

Bob feels the best way to lead people is to set an example. His passion for animals led to his making a $1 million donation to help the Human Society. He also gives generously of his support to an orphanage in Indonesia. His leadership has been responsible for 140 countries receiving the help they desperately needed.

Bob began a special program at Talk Fusion. All of his associates chose one account to donate free of any charge to charity. These accounts were all inclusive. He wants to help the charities all over the world reach out to more people. Due to his generosity their messages are being spread.

Bobs devotion is to find new and better ways to help individuals be able to reach their goals. He does this with video marketing products that are innovative and cutting edge. This is the basis for Talk Fusion.

According to Crunchbase, the success stories heard by their associates talk about how Talk Fusion has improved their lives. For some they received help with critical medical expenses and for others financial assistance. They pay everything forward and Bobs main concern is how can they help even more people.

Bob Reina has aided earthquake and tsunami victims throughout the world. He donates not just on a monetary basis but with his time. Due to his influence Talk Fusion is the 7th biggest company in their field. He believes that when individuals bring him their dreams he can help make them come true.

One of the missions closest to Bobs heart is putting an end to homelessness and cruelty for animals. His contributions and assistance have already saved so many animals. He fights for what he believes in and is making a tremendous difference in the world. He has been the mentor for numerous people and been described as an amazing man who possesses direction, purpose and vision.

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