Here’s How U.S. Money Reserve Came to the Relief of Hurricane Harvey Victims

The Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm of its kind. The storm hit Austin city causing massive damage to property, loss of lives, and accommodation.

U.S. Money Reserve partners with Austin Disaster Relief Network

U.S. Money Reserve recently partnered with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN), a non-profit organization, to provide immediate relief to the victims. Some of the responsibilities that U.S. Money Reserve will chip into ADRN are financial support, housing facilities, transport, emotional, and spiritual healing.

U.S. Money Reserve is arranging for a fund drive where all donations will be channeled to the hurricane survivors through ADRN. To raise more funds, U.S. Money Reserve, in conjunction with YouCaring, has set the donations target to $100,000 in September.

Hurricane Harvey effects were close to the home of U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve got affected in one way, or another. The company was founded in Austin, Texas, has its headquarters situated there, but there’re other offices in Beaumont and Lumberton. The storm hit the Texas Gulf Coast Region thus making some of U.S. Money Reserve employees and clients become victims.

U.S. Money Reserve’s philanthropic act

U.S. Money Reserve is committed to giving back to the Houston community. Through its partnership with ADRN, U.S. Money Reserve has played a significant role in helping the hurricane survivors recover. Houston community is the home of U.S. Money Reserve.

The community accommodated U.S. Reserve when it was starting just as a small company. The company urges more people to support its fund drive to meet more needs of the victims.

Effects of the storm

Hurricane Harvey caused massive damage in Austin. The heavy rainfall that ranged between 40 and 65 inches across Texas lasted for four days and resulted in extensive flooding. Homes were swept away, and roads turned to rivers. Some people lost their lives and the ones who survived sought for refugee.

As the hurricane stayed longer, the situation got worse. People lacked food, clean water, and medication. That is because the floods contaminated the water with toxic substances, sewage, and waste thus making it unfit for human consumption.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Reserve prides itself on being the most significant distributors of U.S. government gold, silver, and platinum coins.

Many clients have expressed satisfaction with the quality of services, and products they receive from U.S. Money Reserve. The company also has specialized personnel who offer clients quality advice to help them make wise purchases.

U.S. Money Reserve prides itself having served more than 400, 000 clients. The company has managed to earn top reputation because they put clients’ interests first then business comes second. Through this strategy, the company has earned clients’ trust, built lasting relationships, and increased profitability.

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U.S. Money Reserve, the investment company with a social responsibility to the community

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 to offer advice to customers regarding the purchase of precious metals. Today, they are one of the largest distributors of government issued gold, platinum, and silver coins. They have served over 400,000 clients to satisfaction in their operation period.

The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Using their top-notch customer service and expertise in the market, they are now recognized as a trustworthy advisor for those who want to purchase precious metals.

They have made their customers rake huge profits due to their wise advice. U.S. Money Reserve uses a team of over 100 highly qualified professionals who take their time to listen to the needs of their customers and help them in making the right decisions for every unique situation they are faced in. The U.S. Metal Reserve received AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve announced that they will be partnering with ADRN, Austin Disaster Relief Network, an organization that deals with assisting disaster survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Crunhhbase revealed that U.S. Money Reserve assists by providing financial assistance, transportation of emergency housing solutions, spiritual and emotional support. During the month of September, U.S. Money Reserve mentioned that they would match every contribution that would be given out to encourage people to make donations for the course.

Hurricane Harvey devastated the coastal region of Texas and affected several U.S. Money Reserve customers and employees. Heavy rainfall that ranged between 40 to 65 inches was experienced across Texas. This turned roads to rivers and houses were swept away by the floods. At least 82 people have been confirmed dead and thousands rendered homeless due to the storm.


The storm also made thousands of Texas residence go without medical supplies, clean water, and hygiene products. The hurricane left behind highly contaminated water with sewage, toxic chemicals, debris, and waste. These contaminants pose health risks to the residents both in the short term and long term. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor, mentioned that rebuilding the community will need a lot of time and money. The damage that was brought about by Hurricane Harvey is valued at around $180 billion. A significant amount of these costs will be catered for by the federal aid.

ADRN apart from monetary assistance, they also collect essential donations in from well-wishers which include cleaning supplies and food.

The organization then distributes them to the communities that are in need. Local schools in the area offered free meals to the affected children, shop owners offered shelter to affected people, local businesses offered food and water to the victims and civilians who weren’t affected by the floods housed the affected in their homes.

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