Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Leads the Real Estate Industry in Researched Title Documents

In the most recent years, title defects has been the area of major concern within the housing market. A defective title means that the title has a lien on it or there is a mortgage on the title. The title can’t be transferred because a third party can place a claim on it.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that researches property records as well as uses human verification so that a piece of property can be placed on the market without any hindrance. According to NTC, property records are vital to secure a clear title. This lowers the rate of lenders being unable to proceed with the foreclosing process and lowers the risk for a potential buyback. Nationwide Title Clearing has implemented a system that secures the property reports. On the Nationwide Title Clearing new website, users can easily access the reports.


A common occurrence with a defective title is that one person tries to claim a piece of property or item when it belongs to someone else. A title can be deemed invalid if the wording on a legal document does not meet the standards within the real estate market. Also, a missing signature that is mandatory to complete a transaction, past liens are still showing on the property or asset, or following the recording procedure for the property or asset legal documents can deem the title defective. These matters have to be resolved in order for the property or asset to be placed on the market.


CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, John Hillman stated that correcting the defects on the title is vital before it can be transferred or sold. Nationwide Title Clearing has taken steps within the mortgage area and has made property reports easily accessible by ordering it online through their website. The company’s goal is to offer a fast, straightforward process in gaining property records nationwide.


Nationwide Title Clearing gathers data from several outlets during this process. Lenders all over the United States use the services of NTC so that any future property or asset transactions continue without legalities. They produce results that are accurate.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is located in Palm Harbor, FL. It is an independent company that provides services to the residential industry. They provide services to investors and mortgage companies. NTC is well known for distributing accurate, researched, documents concerning the property or asset in question. The company was established in 1991.

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Succeeding in real estate; the case of Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC deals with sales & marketing, real estate development, and property management. The company was founded by Omar Boraie thirty years ago. It has its headquarters in New Brunswick. The Boraie Company has also expanded to Newark and Atlanta City. Omar Boraie was from Egypt and had gone to New Brunswick to get his Ph.D. in chemistry. It is then that he ventured into real estate. Over the years, his company has become a leader in the industry.

Omar Boraie is the president of the company and a successful entrepreneur. He is expected to improve the real estate sector in Newark and Atlanta city like the one he did in New Brunswick. The development of very urban projects in a place like New Brunswick was not easy. Many people thought that his project would fail. The first tower by Boraie Development in New Brunswick was a success on After its completion in 2007, it sold out in around 2months. Omar’s son, Wasseem Boraie is the vice president of the company.

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For around 30 years, Boraie Development has been involved in real estate development. The team has the required expertise and experience in the field. Having good partners who believe in you in this business is important as it will reflect on the quality of projects. Boraie mostly partners with banks that give them funds to start on projects. The long time that the company has been dealing with real estate development on in New Brunswick helps in understanding the market. This being the case, the company is able to come up with timely projects, which will attract clients soon after completion.

In the property management department, Boraie Development mostly deals with leasing, maintenance of the property, accounting, and administration. The property management team at Boraie ensures that all the properties under them are in good condition. Since this team is also in charge of leasing, it deals a lot with clients. Good customer service benefits the business by making the tenants stay longer and give good reviews. This is a sure way of getting, even more, clients.

Boraie has also specialized in sales and marketing of the property. This is mostly dependent on the other services. The success of the other departments makes it easier for the sales and marketing team. This department also provides meaningful information on the latest market trends. This way, the company continues to come up with properties, which suit the needs of the people.

Mike Baur Makes Strides Towards Supporting Upcoming Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

There are a lot of things that a startup needs to achieve total success and this is an area that Mike Baur has invested in to help small businesses in Switzerland that are struggling to make their first step. A professional banker and an experienced entrepreneur, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, a company that is providing startups the requisite environment to nurture their ideas and later access financing.


Mike Baur has always wanted to venture into business and his dream materialized when he left the Swiss banking sector in 2014 to enter into entrepreneurship. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is impacting lives by empowering startups to become strong and established businesses.


Acceleration program

The Swiss Startup Factory incubates startups through the three months acceleration program that allows them to understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and business. During the acceleration stage of the program, the startups are taken through several vital elements that define entrepreneurship and some practical knowledge is imparted to help them shape their ideas better.


There is also room for testing to know whether the idea can compete well in the market. The startup is also taken through legal procedures and offered information that defines the legal aspect of business.


Carve out stage

At the carve out stage, the startup has grown and become a legal entity capable of standing on its own. This stage involves a one-month tour abroad to have a look at top ecosystems and helps the startup to have a real picture of the business environment.



This is the last stage and it involves a five months post-accelerator support. This is time for all what is taught through the three months to come into application. The startup is required to use the knowledge acquired at this stage and if anything seems to bring an impediment, one can take advantage of the post-accelerator support to get assistance from the Swiss Startup Factory.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a successful venture capitalist. Before joining business, he worked as a banker and exited at an executive position in 2014 to start his own business. Mike is an educated professional with an Executive MBA and MBA. Having exited banking, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, which would later become the number one Switzerland ICT Startup accelerator. The accelerator is so far successful and enrolling a huge number of startups within the country.


Reports Are That Fabletics Will Have Up To A Hundred New Stores In The Near Future

The Racked website recently released an article about Kate Hudson’s venture Fabletics, which is no longer only online but can be found in the form of several storefronts. Even though only seven of the storefronts are currently open, up to 75-100 of the storefronts are going to be open in the future. Fabletics is a popular activewear brand that was co-founded by the actress Kate Hudson. One of the biggest reasons why Kate Hudson took on this company is because she is well-known for her beautiful body, as well as being a very active person, so it only seemed natural to have her as a face of the company.

Kate Hudson’s popularity has helped to propel the business even further, making it a household name among those who buy activewear. There are seven stores open that can be shopped at by members as well as nonmembers of Fabletics. Those who want to become a member of Fabletics can feel free to sign up inside the store, or the customer can sign up for membership in the traditional way by going online. With the massive online popularity of the Fabletics store, there are over 800,000 different shipments of products that go out each month, which means the storefronts will only make the sales grow even bigger. Those who become members of Fabletics on twitter
can save a pretty penny on their purchases as well.

Anyone who has never shopped at Fabletics online or in one of their stores may be curious about how everything works. Fabletics is similar to JustFab, which is a membership-based company that allows its members to save up to 50% or more on the regular price of their purchase. The way that customers can save money on their purchases on the Fabletics website is by becoming a member, especially if they are not making their very first purchase. Anyone who is a first-time shopper on the Fabletics website will get great savings, but to continue getting these savings, the shopper will want to get a membership.

Getting a membership at Fabletics will only take about a minute, and the membership fee is $49.95. Although most membership companies will take the fees that they charge, Fabletics is a company that gives the membership fee to the member to spend, which is why many absolutely love Fabletics. Those who go online to shop for athletic wear on the Fabletics website can use their membership fee, which means they’ll be able to purchase new clothing every month with the fee that they pay to Fabletics. The membership fees are also spendable within the storefronts as well, so those who shop online in the Fabletics stores can get the same great benefits if they shop within the storefronts too. See:

The Story of Kenneth Goodgame of the True Value Cooperative

Ken Goodgame is a number one leader in Operations Management. He specializes in the creation of billion and million-dollar OEM quality by combining marketing, streamlined financial oversight and creative business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame focuses on delivering balanced corporate alignment, performance indicators, employee commitment and quality systems to improve profitability and performance. Ken has a huge experience in his field of expertise. He holds a BSc in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Goodgame began his career back in 1994 with the Home Depot, Atlanta, GA. He served in dockets: Hardline D28 Product Merchant from 1995 to 1999, Director, Proprietary Brands from 1999 to 2001, he was the promoted to be the Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2002. Ken left the company for Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC. He worked there until 2007. Ken, occupied the posts of President and General Manager; Rubbermaid cleaning, Bernzomatic until 2004 when he was appointed the Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales Channel. He left the company to become the president Baja Motorsports for the Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC in 2008. Ken left the Techtronic Industries for Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL in 2010. He served as the General Merchandising Manager till 2013.

In 2013, Goodgame joined the True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. He manages all P&L of over $2.2 billion in global purchasing, hires the management with complete pricing, and much more.

The true value Company has its headquarters in Chicago. It is among the significant member-owned cooperatives. The company promotes the culture of entrepreneurship, award excellence and foster work conditions that encourage teamwork and the sharing of insight without losing individuality. Currently, the True Value Cooperative as grown to serve 58 countries worldwide with over 4000 retail locations, 2500 associates, and 13 regional distribution bases. They can support prospective entrepreneurs to open True Value stores. The members of the cooperative get to access aid from True Value Company in training, retail, and technology to enable them to reach high heights. True Value stores are excellently positioned to compete to have a captivating shopping experience, relevant product assortment, and awesome client service. You can find more about the company on their official website.

Talk Fusion Awarded WebRTC Product Of The Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation

The Talk Fusion video chat was the winner of the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award issued by the online market leader, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The announcement was made by the CEO of TMC Mr Rich Tehrani, who acknowledged that the award was issued for Talk Fusion’s innovative product. According to Rich, the judges were impressed by the company’s excellence and ingenuity in their creative video chat and fitness to technology trends.

The award was designed by TMC to honor solutions in the marketing industry that support browser-to-browser applications from video chat, voice calling and P2P file sharing. The companies that are acknowledged are the ones that promote browser-to-browser applications without the need to install third-party plugins. The award was started 20 years ago and each year, a company is acknowledged with the prestigious award.

Before the award, Talk Fusion had launched the full version of the cross-device communication app. The app allows the users using different platforms to communicate with any device whether it’s a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Talk Fusion has already launched the app on Google Play Store and iTunes. According to the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, it is a huge win for Talk Fusion and the IT team who have always worked hard to promote easier and better communication in the world.

According to one director of the company, Dr. Jonathan Chen, it is a move to achieve even a big goal and to ensure the world of communication moves forward from audio to video as internet penetration grows. The technology is serving to solve real world problems and must be used by real people. From the name of the company itself, Talk Fusion has kept its philosophy of innovation as demonstrated through its products and services from Video Email to Video Chat.

Bob Reina is the sole Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the global leaders in video marketing solutions, and has offered an opportunity for small businesses to changes lives through patent-pending video technology. Apart from introducing the first instant pay compensation plan, the products are marketed-to-person in more than 140 countries.

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The Many Interests of Avi Weisfogel

If you ask Avi Weisfogel his occupation, you might expect him to say “dentist.” But there is more to Weisfogel than just being a dentist. Instead of simply taking care of patients’ teeth, he uses his dentistry to help those with sleep disorders. After leaving private practice, Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters in 2010. This company learned that many people with sleep apnea and similar disorders can be treated by adding oral appliance therapy to any sleep medicine treatment. Similar to a mouth guard worn by athletes, this custom fit device helps keep the patient’s airway open to aid in a good night’s sleep. Avi Weisfogel has created three levels of education courses for dentists who wish to use his oral appliance therapy in their practice, as well as attracting more patients that need help with their sleep disorders. Weisfogel also puts on lectures to explain to other dentists how they can help patients with sleep disorders.

Along with his dentistry/sleep disorder business, Weisfogel is also very active in charity work. He launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Operation Smile. This organization, established in the 1980s, helps children around the world in areas where proper dental care is lacking. Operation Smile has performed 200,000 surgical procedures since its creation.

But it’s not all work for Avi Weisfogel. He has quite a few interests away from the dental world. Weisfogel is an avid New York Rangers fan. He also enjoys classic rock and is a fan of Pink Floyd and Billy Joel.

John Goullet: The Principal Executive That Cares

As much as I hate to write this, we live in a world where people only think of themselves. It is a me-first generation and a me-first culture. Because of this, when you encounter people like John Goullet of Diversant, it is a rare treat and a real achievement. He is someone that is always looking out for others and always looking for ways to make the world a better place, each and every day. It is something he takes incredibly seriously. As a member of their leadership and advisory board, he knows his voice carries a lot of weight in the room. He also knows that there are certain people in the company that look to him during trying times.

You have to remember that this was a man that used to run a company where they solved problems for Fortune 500 companies. You have to be calm, cool, and collected in order to do that and you can’t get flustered. Diversant is filled with people like John, and they are proud to have John as a member of their team. In addition to his work at Diversant, he is also a entrepreneur. This tells me that he is a person that knows the meaning of hard work and how to build something.

In life, nothing comes easy and nothing is easy. Everything requires hard work, dedication, commitment and a never-say-never attitude. You have to have a clear vision of what it is that you want and you have to set out to achieve it. That is how John has always lived his life. He is an outside-the-box thinker and looks for solutions that others might overlook, ignore, or not even think about in the first place. That is why he has had such longevity and why he has succeeded for so long. He has never been afraid to try something and see if it works.

He likes to take calculated risks because he knows that without risks, you will never get the reward. The reward is worth it after all of the blood, sweat, and tears of a long day.

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James Dondero’s Generous Support of Uplift Education

Successful businessman, James Dondero of Highland Capital Management, has recently received attention for his generous support of Uplift Education. Uplift Education is a unique and beneficial group of charter schools that is located near Dallas, Texas. James Dondero has been a long time supporter of educational programs located in the Dallas area, and was excited about the opportunity to offer financial assistance to a program like Uplift Education. In previous years, the financial group leader has become known as an extremely generous philanthropist with a desire to better the community of the local Dallas area for future generations. His desires have come to fruition with his funding of the Uplift Education program, and Dondero expects to continue to donate funds to the school system in coming years.

The Uplift Education system was developed as a charter school project in 1996. The goal of the project was to offer better schooling options to students in the urban communities near Irving, Texas. As the years passed, the first initial Uplift Education school project expanded from one school to 10 separate schools. The system includes 3 predatory schools and 4 academies for lower education. The Uplift Education system has earned several awards and has become one of the most sought after school districts in the Dallas area. The Uplift Education system is also responsible for the implementation of several educational referendums around the state of Texas.

After learning of the school system’s intense devotion to the reform of public school education, James became eager to partner with the developers of the school. After several months of discussion with the Uplift Education system to learn about the existing programs and initiatives, Highland Capital Management proceeded with the investment into the school system. During a recent interview regarding his donation to the school system, James Dondero mentioned plans to continue to help fund the system throughout the remainder of 2016 and in years to come. The Highland Capital Management leader expressed his excitement about his ability to help fund the creation of innovative programs and educational reform policies with the Uplift Education system. This article was originally published here.

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Visual Search Company Slyce & Shoe Carnival Retailer Are Joining Up To Change The Way People Shop


Shoe Carnival, one of the biggest retailers for shoes in the United States, and Slyce, a leading visual search company, have recently declared they are partnering up for business. This will bring an even better shopping experience to all customers of Shoe Carnival that use this new technology on their smartphones or on Shoe Carnival’s website.

This feature newly added by Shoe Carnival will allow its mobile customers to take snapshots of any shoes they want and upload them from their phones to Shoe Carnival, whether they are real or just a picture in a magazine. Once a customer uploads a picture, they will get to see the selection of products available at Shoe Carnival and it will show all matches as well as comparable shoes.

This feature has put Shoe Carnival in a position to lead the market with its new cutting-edge visual search technology. Customers will no longer have to travel and leave the comfort of their homes to search for the products they want, they can now snap and send a photo and receive all the information they need for sales or availability.

Cameron Chell and Erika Racico founded Slyce in 2012. It is based out of Toronto, Ontario, and is a leading supplier of visual search technology. Slyce gained its popularity in the industry after releasing their visual search technology platform in early 2013. After the release, the company attracted investors to back their technology and has been noticed in the market for both retail and technology.

Besides their image recognition software and their recent partnering with Shoe Carnival, Slyce also created its own program for people to use called Snap and Buy. Very much like the new technology Shoe Carnival is using for their customers, the Snap and Buy software will let people take pictures of products and then compare them with many different stores to show customers where they can find the product they want.

There are other large retail stores that have taken it upon themselves to build partnerships with Slyce as well, such as Home Depot, JCPenny, and Tilly’s. As Slyce continues to expand and their visual search and recognition technology leads over the competition, they will form more partnerships with retailers for years to come.