Mike Baur left banking to change lives

Mike Baur did not make it all the way through secondary school, but that didn’t stop him from following his dreams of working in the investment industry. Baur is not considered the first successful dropout and certainly will not be the last. Currently, he is an investor working with businesses based in Finland. Baur helps the young Finish entrepreneurs grow out their business. Baur created the Swiss Start Up Factory to hand small start-up businesses the proper tools they need to grow.


The Factory is a fast-paced educational workshop for people that want to grow in popularity as quickly as possible using tutorials made by Baur and his staff. This program is useful for businesses that work with digital technologies. Baur and his team choose to work with the brightest entrepreneurs. The Swiss Start up Factory would begin by handing out an investment to get the company off the ground and then offer priceless advice.


Small businesses often struggle for the first few years of operation because they can not find anyone to support them. Larger companies with more capital usually get more attention. Finding enough capital to start a business just the beginning. Hiring a business coach can be so much more beneficial than money.


The Swiss Start Up Factory will continue to spend adequate amounts of time assessing local Finnish start-ups, but will hopefully expand and help other companies around the world shortly. The accelerator program will grow and be helpful to everyone involved.


Mike Baur is one of the leaders of Swiss Start-up Factory AG. Baur has been working in the investing and banking industry for more than twenty years. He used to work for the Swiss banking industry and has participated in some fundraisers.


The Swiss Start Up factory was first opened in 2014. The program is a Zurich-based accelerator that seeks out talented digital entrepreneurs with big goals. The factory collaborates with many other business partners in the Switzerland area as well as around the globe. The facility has worked with a handful of companies all sharing a common goal. That goal is to become the best they can be. All training for this program is done within three months.


Baur ditched his banking career to work with startups because it allows him to improve the quality of life in Finland. Running his own business gives him more flexibility to operate the way he wants. The Swiss Startup Factory is independent and not connected to any other business. The new ideas from small technology entrepreneurs help improve the economy.


Zurich Startup Co-Founder Mike Baur Does it His Way

Mike Baur is the co-founder and the managing partner of the company Zurich, which is a Swiss startup company. Baur is a Swiss businessman and entrepreneur who began his career by investing some spare money in some startup companies before committing to helping start the company Zurich himself. Baur decided after some time that he was done just investing in startup businesses, but he wanted to be an actual part of one. This was when Baur quit his job of 20 years as a banker after helping with clients like UBS and Clariden Leu.


After quitting the banking business at age 39, Baur started Zurich along with Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer co-founding this Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is not the first person to change their career to do something like this, but at the same time, he wanted to do it his own way. That’s what motivated Baur to help start up his own company rather than join one that someone else was creating. Soon after, Baur was also named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest when they the Swiss Startup partnered with CTI. Baur also participated in a jury that worked at the START Summiteer which was a start-up pitching contest that he had joined while at the University of St. Gallen.


Baur continued to lead the Swiss Startup through both the Goldback Global group in early 2016 and then continued to guide the company through a partnership with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. Baur also got the honor of being featured in the Wall Street Journal profiled by Baur’s early career in Swiss banking as a new entrepreneur working in startup businesses.


Mike Baur also dedicates a lot of time to Swiss upstart entrepreneurs including young people who want to get into the business. He provides mentorship to young people to help guide them and allow them to grow into promising entrepreneurs who want to start companies themselves. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of the Swiss Startup Association. Mike also holds an MBA degree from the University of Rochester New York as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Rome.



Alternative Banking Solution- Highland Management Capital

Alternative banking institutions have been growing over the past few years with individuals preferring to borrow from the alternative banks rather than investment banks. Alternative banking institutions have been offering affordable loan rates compared to banks. On the other hand, alternative banks have also do not ask for collateral from their customers making it even easier for medium and small enterprises to raise capital.

Highland Capital Management LP is one of the leading alternative banking institutions in the United States of America. Highland Capital Management LP was established in 1990 by its co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada. The organization joined with Protective life Insurance Corporation to distribute its products and services in fixed income markets. The co-founders helped the company to grow, and in 1993 due to the expansion, it was experiencing it changed its name to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMC).

Later in 1997 James and Mark purchased Protective Life stake at PAMC and they established Ranger Asset Management LP. The organization was registered as an independent advisor as SEC. As the firm grew, it changed its name to Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is one of the leading alternative banking institutions that primarily deal with credit plans including; separate accounts, credit hedge funds, and long-only funds. Other products that Highland offers include collateralized loan obligation, private equity, and special and distressed situations.

Highland Capital Management also provides alternative investment including; long and short term investments, markets as well as natural resources. The financial firm has been offering their products and services to diverse clients which include financial institutions, endowments, pension plans, funds -f funds, government, high-net-worth individuals, and corporations.

In 2000, Highland Capital Management launched its first bank loan fund, and the same year it also established its first alternative program. The expansion did not stop there as the two leaders led the organization to higher heights. In 2004 it entered into a mutual business fund with Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management LP, has also been opening other location offices all over the world including Singapore, London, New York City, and Seoul. The investment institution has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


Dubai is known to be the hub of modern architecture. This can be attributed to the likes of brilliant real estate titans such as one Mr. Hussain Sajwani. He is the owner of DAMAC properties that offers expertise in engineering, construction, architecture and assets. Established in 2002, the company has expanded from Dubai to North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Sajwani did not begin his journey to becoming a billionaire as a realtor. In 1980, he got into the food business; offering catering services to workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. Being a vibrant entrepreneur, he thrived in the firm.

When the first war of Iraq commenced in 1991, Hussein Sajwani offered food service to the United States Army. This gave him an opportunity to make friends of high ranking. In fact, he credits his expertise in cultivating great friends to the food business. The food company exists to date under DAMAC Holdings.

In 2002, Mr. Sajwani’s knack for business made him realize that real estate was the future. It is then that he established DAMAC properties. Mr. Sajwani had previously developed some mid-market hotels in Deira in line with his food business. However, when he began developing resources under his firm, DAMAC properties, they were a far cry from anything he had done before. Not only did they produce top of the range properties, but they went all out and flair on the marketing strategy. At one point, DAMAC Properties was giving a free Bentley for every luxury apartment purchased.

Hussain Sajwani happens to be a great friend to President Trump. They even celebrated New Year’s Eve together at Mar-a-Lago. Their friendship goes way before he became president as they had collaborated on various businesses including the Trump International Golf Course projects. Mr. Sajwani says that their friendship surpasses the cold business relationship and this was reinforced at the New year’s celebrations when President Trump referred to Mr. Sajwani’s family as a most “beautiful people.”

DAMAC Properties recently gave a donation totaling to AED Two million in a campaign to clothe a million deprived children around the word. While handing over the cheque, Mr. Sajwani highlighted the importance of providing a most conducive environment for every child around the world.

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Mike Baur Makes Strides Towards Supporting Upcoming Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

There are a lot of things that a startup needs to achieve total success and this is an area that Mike Baur has invested in to help small businesses in Switzerland that are struggling to make their first step. A professional banker and an experienced entrepreneur, Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, a company that is providing startups the requisite environment to nurture their ideas and later access financing.


Mike Baur has always wanted to venture into business and his dream materialized when he left the Swiss banking sector in 2014 to enter into entrepreneurship. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is impacting lives by empowering startups to become strong and established businesses.


Acceleration program

The Swiss Startup Factory incubates startups through the three months acceleration program that allows them to understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and business. During the acceleration stage of the program, the startups are taken through several vital elements that define entrepreneurship and some practical knowledge is imparted to help them shape their ideas better.


There is also room for testing to know whether the idea can compete well in the market. The startup is also taken through legal procedures and offered information that defines the legal aspect of business.

Know more about Mike Baur on Fintech Fusion.

Carve out stage

At the carve out stage, the startup has grown and become a legal entity capable of standing on its own. This stage involves a one-month tour abroad to have a look at top ecosystems and helps the startup to have a real picture of the business environment.



This is the last stage and it involves a five months post-accelerator support. This is time for all what is taught through the three months to come into application. The startup is required to use the knowledge acquired at this stage and if anything seems to bring an impediment, one can take advantage of the post-accelerator support to get assistance from the Swiss Startup Factory.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a successful venture capitalist. Before joining business, he worked as a banker and exited at an executive position in 2014 to start his own business. Mike is an educated professional with an Executive MBA and MBA. Having exited banking, he founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, which would later become the number one Switzerland ICT Startup accelerator. The accelerator is so far successful and enrolling a huge number of startups within the country.


Davos Real Estate Group Releases App

Davos Real Estate Group has released a new mobile app, “Davos Cap Calculator.” It is a tool designed to help investors when considering purchasing property in the United States. This group wants to offer real estate alternatives to meet their clients financial expectations. They have a team of experts who can help with sales process, rent, mortgage, and legal aspects.

Davos suggests property in any real estate portfolio to diversify the assets. Real estate can be low risk and produce returns. David Osio has other factors that he includes in his analysis of clients and their portfolios. How diversified are the assets? How are the improved levels of performance on each asset? How can you protect yourself against inflation with rental income? Real estate investments require a person to look at the buying, selling, and maintaining of property as part of the investment. Real estate will take time to capitalize and grow. An investor needs to understand that real estate may not be a quick flip. It can be a steady and low risk income alternative.

The “Davos Cap Calculator” was designed for this scenario. It allows the investor to see the capitalization, net income, and cash flow for the investment. There is even a mortgage section that allows you to enter the mortgage information to see how the terms and conditions of the mortgage will affect your investment. The App is available for both Apple and Android devices. This app will be the first in a series of apps developed for the customers. Other apps they are looking at developing is a Multiple Listing Service and Mortgage Calculator. All tools to help those in need to see how real estate can help diversify portfolios.

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has helped to grow DFG into a multinational financial group with offices Geneva, Lisbon, Miami, Panama, and New York. He has spent the past 20 years using his financial experience in growing and expanding the Davos Financial Group and its affiliates into a successful company. Davos Real Estate Group is a company under DFG.

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Marc Sparks: His Philanthropic Involvement in Spark Tanks

We have all heard that everything is bigger in Texas. For example, military service is bigger in Texas. So is hair. Marc Sparks is also a big deal in Texas; he is a Dallas-based serial entrepreneur, focusing mostly on telecommunication. With only a high school diploma, Marc Sparks presented a positive attitude and a strong faith in God. This helped him to pursue his dreams, which have been incredibly successful thus far. He’s definitely an ambitious person with a very profound knowledge in the business world.

Marc Sparks is clearly influential. His passion for business didn’t stop there: he later went on to become a venture capitalist as well.

Marc Sparks has recently completed one of his latest ventures. With the help of Lynne Sipiora, he has released the “Spark Tank”. This is, in fact, his second Spark Tank winner.

You may be wondering what the Spark Tank is. Here is a summary:

Marc Sparks created the Spark Tank to provide grants for small non-profit organizations. This is a very philanthropic act on Marc Sparks’ part. In fact, philanthropic groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can collaborate with the Spark Tank as well.

Another aspect of the Spark Tank is called “Mommies in Need.” What Marc Sparks is doing here is creating a social innovative challenge. Mommies in Need allows qualified nannies to assist families who need childcare support due to unexpected emergencies. The best part is that these nannies are at no cost to the families. Talk about a big Texan philanthropic cause!

It is pretty apparent that Marc Sparks is one great guy. With all that he has done for Texas, plenty of people will surely be thanking him whenever they are in need. Marc Sparks has a very positive outlook on life, which makes him take on the toughest challenges. His Spark Tank will help the lives of many.

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George Soros Argues That The European Authorities Are Treating Ukraine Like Another Greece

When George Soros visited Ukraine, he was surprised by the contradiction between the deteriorating objective reality and the zeal of the reformist. George Soros contends that the country was under political, military and economic pressure but still pushing on with its reform agenda. In 2014, the reform agenda was still in its formative years. In 2015, a number of laws were passed towards meeting IMF requirements. In the recent past, the Minsk agreement was passed. However, George asserts that the oligarchs were smarter in defending their interests than the reformers. Oligarchs are the industrialists who have been using political influence to steal from the public coffers.

George posits that when the economy of Ukraine was on the brink of collapsing and the political tensions were escalating, they faced myriads of challenges from powerful oligarch. One of them was Igor Kolomoisky who planned to use his militia to maintain control over Naftogaz’s subsidiary. To this end, the government had to resists his use of force, In the end, the government managed to outshine him. George argues that this situation was the turning point as the central bank started imposing austere measures on the banking system. In order to recapitalize, the banks will have to take more time. Other oligarchs such as Rinat Akhmetov and Dmytro Firtash are in the government’s radar.

George argues that Ukraine has made tremendous efforts in reforming the police and introducing online services in the government. This way, transparency shall be enhanced, especially in official procurement undertakings. George Soros goes on to assert that reformers are coming across resistances at every step of their reform efforts. The populace is dissatisfied with the slow pace of the reform process and the declining living standards. George thinks that the reformers stress may increase and reach a breaking point at any given time. The billionaire believes that the Greek crisis deepened Ukraine’s problems because it diverted the European Authorities’ attention from Ukraine. The situation was made worse because the authorities continued to treat Ukraine just like another Greece.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

George posits that based on the existing perceptions, Ukraine is a victim of classical balance of payments. This crisis resulted into the banking crisis and increase in public debt. George contends that different international financial institutions are well equipped to handle such crisis. However, the problem is that such institutions do not have proper training on how to deal with the political problems such as the Ukrainian situation. George recalls that the European Union prepared an Association Agreement with Ukraine in order to enhance the country’s economy. In the agreement, the EU developed a detailed guide on the various steps that the Ukrainian government would take before receiving financial assistance.

Since then, Ukraine has registered progress with its revolutionary transformation. The detailed roadmap requires adjustments. However, the bureaucratic processes followed by the European Commission have no provision for such adjustments. George argues that the greatest threat to the European Union is Russia. According to George, Russia is not a strategic partner but a strategic rival who uses religious faith, social conservatism and ethnic grounds to replace communism.

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The Story of Kenneth Goodgame of the True Value Cooperative

Ken Goodgame is a number one leader in Operations Management. He specializes in the creation of billion and million-dollar OEM quality by combining marketing, streamlined financial oversight and creative business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame focuses on delivering balanced corporate alignment, performance indicators, employee commitment and quality systems to improve profitability and performance. Ken has a huge experience in his field of expertise. He holds a BSc in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Goodgame began his career back in 1994 with the Home Depot, Atlanta, GA. He served in dockets: Hardline D28 Product Merchant from 1995 to 1999, Director, Proprietary Brands from 1999 to 2001, he was the promoted to be the Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2002. Ken left the company for Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC. He worked there until 2007. Ken, occupied the posts of President and General Manager; Rubbermaid cleaning, Bernzomatic until 2004 when he was appointed the Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales Channel. He left the company to become the president Baja Motorsports for the Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC in 2008. Ken left the Techtronic Industries for Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL in 2010. He served as the General Merchandising Manager till 2013.

In 2013, Goodgame joined the True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. He manages all P&L of over $2.2 billion in global purchasing, hires the management with complete pricing, and much more.

The true value Company has its headquarters in Chicago. It is among the significant member-owned cooperatives. The company promotes the culture of entrepreneurship, award excellence and foster work conditions that encourage teamwork and the sharing of insight without losing individuality. Currently, the True Value Cooperative as grown to serve 58 countries worldwide with over 4000 retail locations, 2500 associates, and 13 regional distribution bases. They can support prospective entrepreneurs to open True Value stores. The members of the cooperative get to access aid from True Value Company in training, retail, and technology to enable them to reach high heights. True Value stores are excellently positioned to compete to have a captivating shopping experience, relevant product assortment, and awesome client service. You can find more about the company on their official website.

Talk Fusion Awarded WebRTC Product Of The Year Award by Technology Marketing Corporation

The Talk Fusion video chat was the winner of the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award issued by the online market leader, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The announcement was made by the CEO of TMC Mr Rich Tehrani, who acknowledged that the award was issued for Talk Fusion’s innovative product. According to Rich, the judges were impressed by the company’s excellence and ingenuity in their creative video chat and fitness to technology trends.

The award was designed by TMC to honor solutions in the marketing industry that support browser-to-browser applications from video chat, voice calling and P2P file sharing. The companies that are acknowledged are the ones that promote browser-to-browser applications without the need to install third-party plugins. The award was started 20 years ago and each year, a company is acknowledged with the prestigious award.

Before the award, Talk Fusion had launched the full version of the cross-device communication app. The app allows the users using different platforms to communicate with any device whether it’s a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Talk Fusion has already launched the app on Google Play Store and iTunes. According to the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, it is a huge win for Talk Fusion and the IT team who have always worked hard to promote easier and better communication in the world.

According to one director of the company, Dr. Jonathan Chen, it is a move to achieve even a big goal and to ensure the world of communication moves forward from audio to video as internet penetration grows. The technology is serving to solve real world problems and must be used by real people. From the name of the company itself, Talk Fusion has kept its philosophy of innovation as demonstrated through its products and services from Video Email to Video Chat.

Bob Reina is the sole Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the global leaders in video marketing solutions, and has offered an opportunity for small businesses to changes lives through patent-pending video technology. Apart from introducing the first instant pay compensation plan, the products are marketed-to-person in more than 140 countries.

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