James Dondero: A Businessman Of Many Pursuits

A man whose entrepreneurial nature is matched only by his kindhearted disposition, James Dondero is a great businessman of both noble deeds and unbridled ambition. Far more than an innovator and philanthropist, Dondero is also a CEO, co-founder, chairman, director, and an economist extraordinaire. Before making a name for himself in his industry, Dondero earned the necessary college degree from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Following his collegiate years, Dondero immersed himself in his trade. His first job was at J.P Morgan, where Dondero served as an analyst.

In the hopes of acquiring an in-depth understanding of his field, Dondero became an active member of the company’s analyst training program. He then graduated to a higher position at American Express, and Dondero’s eminence in business began to take shape. Some years later, Dondero met a keen entrepreneur by the name of Mike Okada. The two bonded over their enthusiasm for business pursuits, subsequently embarking on an undertaking of their own. In 1993, they brought Highland Capital Management to fruition. Highland Capital Management, an investment management firm, offers a wealth of financial services including fund management, mutual funding, and investment solutions.

The company continues to operate at peak efficiency, and Dondero does his part to ensure that the success he’s accumulated doesn’t inflate his ego. He does so via philanthropic efforts. Alongside his trusted colleagues, Dondero’s donated both capital and time to numerous charitable organizations. Among a few include Education is Freedom, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Dallas Zoo, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and The Family Place. He encourages others to get involved in these noble causes for the sake of enhancing our communities. Regarding his own community, Dondero pioneered the Highland Dallas Foundation in an effort to bolster disenfranchised citizens of Texas.

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DAMAC Owner HUssain Sajwani Keeps His Sights On London

The luxury real estate developer Hussain Sajwani believes there is nothing for his company to fear over the move into the U.K. capital of London. As the DAMAC owner moves forward with the expansion of his luxury real estate development company into the English city he is facing the problems of a slumping market and the new political realities of Brexit. The electronic engineering graduate from the University of Washington is keen to reassure his followers and investors that every possible Brexit outcome has been explored for his brand.

Taking a gamble on an uncertain market is not something Hussain Sajwani is new to as he has spent much of his life taking risks on how and where to invest his money. In fact, the DAMAC owner has been through a series of ups and downs in the financial markets as he has guided DAMAC Properties and his Global Logistics Services through some of the most difficult financial periods in living memory.

The 2008 economic slump pushed the former contracts executive for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to support calls from the U.S. President Donald Trump for closer trade links with China without the burden of high tariffs. Partnering with the Trump Organization on two golf course developments has allowed the DAMAC owner to become a close associate of the U.S. President who he shares a view on free trade with. In the view of Hussain Sajwani, Chinese economic restrictions for imports are causing undue problems for the global economy.

London is facing up to the realities of Brexit as political and economic problems mount for the U.K. Government. Hussain Sajwani has been planning an assault on the London real estate markets for a number of years and continues to plan this despite the looming shadow of Brexit. There is nothing to fear for a luxury real estate developer who believes he has researched every eventuality regarding the economic and political realities of the U.K.’s possible withdrawal from the European Union.

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How Is OSI Group Guaranteeing Sustainability And Market Lead?

Within the past two decades, OSI Group has doubled its original size and achieved unimaginable heights in its quest for market domination. The Sheldon Lavin-led company has not featured on the Forbes list of top 100 private companies in the United States but has also been named one of the most influential companies of all time.The OSI management is, however, not relenting and is still after the number one spot in the food processing industry and distribution industry. But how do they hope to get here while maintaining the ensuing the sustainability of the success already achieved?

An expanded product list

When OSI Group was starting out, it positioned itself as a beef processor and distributor. However, as the brand expanded and captured more international markets, there arose the need for a more diversified product list. It would start by incorporating other types of quality meat products like poultry, pork, and fish. Most recently, food processing and distributing brand introduced vegetable products to this list in different parts of the world.

Increased global production

Taking the OSI Group products onto the global stage and introducing them to the world food market would also demand that the company increases its production. The Sheldon Lavin-company started by upgrading their factory processing technologies to ensure they meet the increased demand for company  range of products.Additionally, the meat processor would commission the establishment of larger processing plants with even bigger production capacities. A case in point, the upgraded poultry plant in Spain with a production capacity of over 12,000 tons of meat annually.

Partnerships with global retailers

The success of OSI Group in its first seven decades was rooted in the partnerships its founders established with its product consumers. Key clients at the time included McDonald food chain restaurant and other meat retailers around the country. The current crop of leadership hopes to replicate this success by establishing strategic partnerships with food chain restaurants and food retailers across the globe.

More about OSI Group

Established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski, the meat company has had a successful run in the business world. The management would, however, change hands in the late 1970s when Sheldon Lavin took over as its chief executive officer and chairman of the group.

Underground Delivery System by Jingdong

Jingdong is synonymous with better services in the e-commerce world. As a visionary online retailer, the company was the first to deliver goods to customers through drones. This year, the company is preparing for another phrase of ensuring efficiency is achieved in the delivery of goods. Through the Jd.com communication team, the next phrase of timely goods delivery is through an underground delivery system. This project will have an impact on the company’s overall plan and more importantly the future of online retail in China and other Asian countries.What does an underground delivery system mean? Unlike the typical way to deliver purchased goods, the underground system will give both Jingdong and clients unmatched speed in delivery. Better delivery speed is a significant issue, especially in urban centers.

In most Chinese cities and Southeast Asian countries, traffic jams are frequent. Delivery vans spend hours on traffic before making parcel delivery service. This structural problem has been a significant problem in realizing a 24-hour delivery. However, with these structures in place, 24 hours delivery is not a farfetched reality. The delivery speed may be faster compared to other fast delivery services and therefore increasing e-commerce space in the world of trading.Apart from improving structural efficiency in delivery goods, the proposed underground delivery will have a significant effect on the conservation of the environment. It is a reality that delivery vans are petroleum consumers and contributes to global warming. When delivery vans are stuck in traffic, they emit poisonous gases unlike when the traffic is moving.

Fortunately, an underground delivery system will not only ensures that there is efficiency, but also there is a minimization of petroleum consumption. This low consumption of gas will significantly reduce global warming, especially in urban centers.As a researched friendly company, Jingdong is bringing professionals in the feasibility study of the underground delivery system. Some of the Chinese institutions that will give the project a direction in terms of technical knowledge include Nankai University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, and other relevant institutions. The main task Jingdong will expect from these institutions consists of a way either to use the current underground system or to build an efficient system.

Adam Milstein: Discrimination against the Jews is receiving Global Support

For a number of years factions of Muslims have blamed the Jews for the woes, misery, and adversity in the Middle East that has been a thorn in the flesh for recurrent years now. The hate for Jews or anti Semitism is spreading and receiving an alarming welcome from impetuous sources. According to Adam Milstein who is an Israeli-American philanthropist it is a sad state of affairs to see historically Radical Muslims gang up global support and share ideas which are primitive, inhuman and uncouth. Milstein says that prejudice against the Jews is being intermarried with other uncivilized acts such racism, bigotry, dislike of feminism, homophobia, stoning of women and disregard of minority rights.

Leftists join the extremist

Theoretically, the moderate Muslims who follow the gospel ethics of the true Islamic religion should come out strongly against their radical counterparts because the legitimacy of the Islamic religion is at stake. However, Milstein notes that the modest Muslims have turned a deaf ear on the current trend because they have also grown to share a common notion that Western influence has eroded their traditional values. The radicals point to Israel as the hub of foreign influence given that it is the traditional ancestral home of the Jews. They are determined to see Israel razed down with the thought that their problems will die with the country.

Anti- Israel push

Adam Milstein observes that the number of people sharing the anti- Israel, anti-Jews ideas are gaining popularity and receiving support from different groups even in the US. The trend is on the rise with even students at Tufts University joining the movement. These groups are deeply worried of the tight diplomatic ties between the USA and Israel and have further spread the rhetoric that Israel is a colonial oppressor of the Muslims. Milstein states that the extremist Islamists are now finding support from the leftist and their common goal is repulsive because it aims at destabilizing Israel.

More about Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to Eva Milstein and Hillel Milstein. Both his parents were involved in the real estate business. Adam is a relentless supporter of the Jewish people and has sponsored a myriad of programs aimed at improving Jewish welfare and maintaining and strengthening Israel- US relationships. Together with his wife Gila, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation a charity organization that focuses on empowering the Jewish community.



Gareth Henry, the Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group

Gareth Henry is a reputable businessman in the global arena. He is particularly famous for his outstanding role as the head of Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group and, Angelo, Gordon & Co. Throughout his business career, Mr. Henry has exceptionally combined different disciplines to become a respectable leader and manager in the private investment sector.

According to Gareth, his passion for mathematics and finance has made it easier for him to develop a unique business approach. With his mastery of economics and risk management, blended with his effortless capacity to have meaningful conversations with others, has enabled him easily stand out as a formidable entity in the investment field.

Gareth Henry is a widely experienced and knowledgeable investment personality. Apart from serving as the Head of Investor Relations, Gareth has also worked as the Head of Internal Investor Relations at Fortress Investment Group, from 2007 to 2013. Before that, Mr. Henry had served as the Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroders, in London. He was also employed by SEI Investments, in Philadelphia, as an Investment Manager and an Analyst for Watson Wyatt LLP in London.

Besides his background as an actuary, Henry keeps up with the latest trends in the business industry. Keeping abreast with the emerging trends has helped him to deliver and implement quality strategies. The gravitation towards single asset and direct deal investments in private credit and equity in large institutions is exciting for him. Mr. Henry engages his clients through phone calls and face-to-face meetings and also solicits necessary feedback for better service delivery. By personally engaging with clients, colleagues and team members, Gareth has gained an extensive number of contacts in pension funds, insurance companies, and other capital resources.

Gareth Henry has a First Class degree in Actuarial Mathematics from Heriot-Watt University. He has started the Gareth Henry Access Bursary, a charitable organization aimed at giving back to the university and help other students enjoy the opportunities he had. The bursary provides not only financial aid but also direct mentorship from Gareth Henry. In 2004, he proceeded to become a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, UK and a Fellow of Society of Actuaries, the USA in 2007.

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The Success of Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group is a large institution that is doing well in the international market. The institution is led by Randal Nardone. His leadership skills have played an important role towards the success of the institution. The institution has been in business for almost two decades. Randal Nardone has been the institution’s principle from 1998. In August 2013, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Fortress Investment Group is an investment management firm responsible for directing assets worth over $43 billion for more than 1,750 investors in hedge funds, private equity, vehicles, and permanent capital. The institution utilizes the strong risk-adjustment returns strategy when dealing with their investors. New York is the Fortress Investment Group headquarters with over 900 employees. The institution also specializes in operations management, corporate acquisitions and mergers, and capital markets.

Randal Nardone is also a director for Alea Group Holdings Limited, Springleaf Finance Inc, and Brookdale Senior Living Inc. His education background has also played a significant role in his leadership roles. He acquired a J.D from Boston University School of Law. He also received a B.A from the University of Connecticut. Randal Nardone worked as a member of executive committee of Thatcher, Profitt, and Wood law firm. The experience he gained while working as an executive committee member set his tone for his future role in his current positions. He has also worked as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management. He later became the managing director at UBS.

SoftBank intention of purchasing the Fortress Investment Group was because SoftBank admired the institution’s tactics of leadership. Therefore, Randal Nardone will not be pushed aside since they intended to use the already existing management. Mr. Nardone further stated that he intends to retain his position in the institution. His success in business has placed him at number 557 ranked billionaire with a net worth of $1.8 billion.

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Paul Mampilly offers advice on technology stocks

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who has made a great contribution in boosting the development of investment opportunities in the United States. He is that expert who does not let his knowledge only to benefit a few. In fact, when it looked like he would only be using his experience and expertise to benefit a few wealthy Americans, he switched allegiance very fast and move to the Main Street Americans. His joy is never about working for a few people who pocket millions every year. He is after making money for millions of Americans who are trying to make a living out stock markets.

Paul Mampilly exercises to the best of his ability honesty when dealing with clients. His aim is not to make money from them but to help them understand how the markets operate. To make a good investment requires one to focus on the right sectors on the economy. This should be the priority when picking up an investment opportunity. It is in the interest of the investor not to lose money by taking up opportunities which lack the potential to earn in the long run; an investment should be able to make money for the investor continually.

Paul Mampilly recommends investments in the tech industry. Everything in the world today is being driven by the power of technology. In so doing, technology becomes a key determinant in the development of numerous industries. For instance, the transport sector is being affected by technology. We are slowly moving away from gasoline cars to electric cars. Right now, it would be prudent to invest in electric cars as opposed to gasoline cars. The chances are that in the future, we will be using electric cars which are far much advanced than the current gasoline.

Paul Mampilly is the right person to consult on matters of investment. He has been in the industry for many years and knows the right indicators to look at when seeking an investment opportunity. Mampilly is now a leading investor in the world who is making dreams come into reality for many aspiring investors, by following his recommendations, they are making money consistently.

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Paul Herdsman Talks About Starting His Latest Business


With over a decade of experience in both consumer software as well as online customer acquisition, Paul Herdsman has built a name for himself in the tech industry. His key business skills are sales, marketing, and solving the problems of his clients. He is one of the co-founders of NICE Global and is this firm’s COO. His company, based in Jamaica, opened its doors in 2014. This is a business solutions firm that helps its clients outsource some of their operations.

Prior to 2014 he and his business partners had outsourcing offices in five countries which were India, Honduras, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. Paul Herdsman has said that the spread-out nature of this led to too many challenges and took up too much of their internal resources. They decided to bring things closer to home and settled on basing their new company in Jamaica, a country Paul Herdsman is very familiar with as that is where he was born. He had never opened a company there, but he and his team quickly got up to speed. Get Related Information Here.

He says that he usually comes up with new ideas for NICE Global when he is away from his office. He and his business partners use each other as sounding boards for their ideas. The ideas always start out with quite a few more questions than answers, he says. Through discussing them the ideas get distilled down to something which is actionable. Each idea starts out on a small scale and if it is successful it gets broadens, if not it is discarded, and the team moves on.

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