Entrepreneur Jason Hope and His Beliefs on the Future

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona and obtained a degree in finance from Arizona State University in Tempe. He went on after that to obtain his Masters from the graduate program in business from the W.P Carey School of Business at this same university. After obtaining his degrees he went on to found his company, Jason Hope Business Consulting. The role of his company is to assist businesses in finding investors, raising capital, and developing a business strategy in order to maximize and increase profits.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been actively involved in technology. In particular he has been very involved with the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is developing ways of looking at growing older and diseases in a different way than more traditional medicine does. It innovates in order to find ways to prevent diseases from occurring at all, rather than developing treatments for the symptoms of diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, as well as Alzheimer’s. The goal is to help people live longer with better quality of life.

Jason Hope has also been heavily active in the “internet of things” concept. The idea is that you will have devices throughout, for example, your home or business that will be connected to the internet and will all communicate together without the need for human interaction. Through his consulting business he has provided companies with deep insights into automation with the goal that they will use the best ways to capitalize and profit on new technology. While “the internet of things” has been around for awhile Jason believes that within the next five years we will see explosive growth of it. He firmly believes that this will also solve many traffic problems, and make driving far safer for everyone when smart technology is controlling cars rather than fallible human beings.

Jason Hope has also been giving back to the community through philanthropic work. He has focused on charities in local communities around Arizona. He has worked to provide equal access to quality education in Arizona and recently made a large contribution to Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter with a goal of helping to recruit and support teachers in the city. This is in addition to his philanthropic work with the SENS Foundation.

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