Jeff Herman Fights For The Rights Of Sexual Abuse Victims


The field of law is quite diverse. There are many paths to choose from when studying and practicing law. As for Jeff Herman, after graduating from law school, he usually represented business entities. However, there came a time when he set out to start representing sexual abuse victims. Over the years, the sexual abuse cases have not been accorded the necessary attention. Nevertheless, Jeff Herman decided to take up the mantle of being the savior of the sexual abuse victims. As shameful as the act may be, Jeff Herman assures the victims who have been violated that they will get the justice that they deserve. Jeff Herman even went ahead and launched Herman Law, a law firm that is mainly geared towards representing sexual abuse victims.


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How Herman Law came to being


Two decades ago, precisely 1997, Jeff Herman was approached by a woman whose 4-year old child has been abused sexually. The child’s private parts had been touched by one of the school employees without the child’s consent. As a result, the scenario was termed as a sexual abuse case. Since Jeff Herman’s skill set as a lawyer was quite remarkable, he decided to take up the case. To some point, Jeff Herman was disturbed by the rate at which sexual abuse cases were on the rise. Moreover, these sexual predators were grown people who could differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Because such an act will always breed sorrow in the various families that have been affected, making sure that justice is served always puts a smile on the faces of the multiple families.


More about Jeff Herman


Jeff Herman founded Herman Law with the sole aim of curbing the sexual abuse menace that has been affecting the society for long. Together with his team of lawyers at Herman Law, Jeff Herman is able to dissect each case with precision. By presenting actual facts while in the courtroom, Jeff Herman is always able to come out glorious in every case. Also, whenever he makes sure that each family has been accorded the justice that they deserve, Jeff Herman is always able to stay happy since his dedication makes sure that the society is a better place.


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Jeff Herman, The Leading Lawyer For Sex Abuse Survivors

Passionate advocate and attorney of sex crimes Jeff Herman is taking on the cases to help survivors heal from their experiences. With decades of experience, education, and knowledge Mr. Jeff Herman really knows his clients by taking an avid interest in them.


Like most professionals, Jeff achieved a strong education in which to build his foundation on. He started off at the University of Arizona in which he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Continuing on the future attorney would receive a Juris Doctor of Law degree at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. How his story of becoming a trial lawyer for sexual abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation survivors particularly unfolded when he was working as a commercial litigator.


In the late nineties he took on a case where a four-year-old autistic boy was abused by his teacher. With due diligence and a whole lot of research Jeff Herman found out that the school did not do a proper background check on the man. He was a convicted pedophile on another state. Through working on this case Jeff realized that it was his life mission to take on these sorts of cases and he has kept his promise since then.


One trend that he is particularly excited about is the #metoo movement. He believes this will be a very powerful step towards healing, empowerment, and is good for the whole of humanity. In that line of thought Mr. Herman recommends a book that helps his empathize with others. It is called “How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Jeff is a very busy lawyer so to get things done on time and correctly he has a team of former law enforcement officials to investigate his cases. Visit This Page for more information.


This is one of his strategies that helps him win cases with people who specialize in the field. He also has to stay very organized and has many big whiteboards tacked on the walls of his office. When he visually writes down the timelines of each case, it helps him comprehend what is going on more thoroughly. Read Herman’s tips on How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse.



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