Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Launches a New Product


Bob Reina was a police officer before he founded Talk Fusion. Bob enrolled at the University of South Florida in the US. After completion, he joined the Tampa Police Academy and graduated first in his class. While at the police academy Bob earned the prestigious certificate of merit.

When Bob became a police officer, he worked in different departments including, patrol, major crimes against persons, and crimes against property. While still working as a police officer Bob was introduced to network marketing. Marketing excited him, and he decided to do it as a part-time job.


Many people know Bob as one with great but, he says that to be a successful person in business one needs to be committed for a long period. Bob says success does not come at once and takes lots of years. Bob self-discipline has always helped him to remain a visionary in his career. Bob insist that his path to success has been bumpy with lots of challenges along the way. While at the university he juggled between work and his coursework.


Bob passion for marketing is immense and it this passion that made him leave a career that gave him a pays lip to venture into marketing. His dedication and insight to work saw him become a founder and CEO of Talk Fusion.
Talk Fusion was born out of necessity. Bob wanted to send a ten-second video via email to a friend. But realized that it was not possible at that time. But Bob refused to let the concept remain impossible. With a friend of his they were both able to achieve the unmanageable, and later they perfected the idea.
In 2007, bob decided to launch his own video communication and created Talk Fusion. The company has now become a global leader in video communication products. Recently Talk Fusion launched an all in one Video Marketing Solution free trial that will last 30 days. The product will give the customers an experience to try the product risk-free and at the same time get to see the power of video marketing offered by Talk Fusion.
The company together with its CEO created the first Instant Pay Plan.


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  1. Talk Fusion is a company that has so much to offer and I think people can see the vision and passion of Bor Reina. Also if uk is used properly it would lead to so much success as well. People in business have so much passion and I think I will be able to learn so much from the plan of the company.

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