Betting Back to Back NBA Games – Tips on How to Back Down Odds

Betting on professional basketball is challenging, especially when you must account for the point spread. You can gain an edge by focusing on back to back games. Here are some tips to use at to enhance your odds picking from back to back NBA match ups.

Match ups and Back to Back Games

Knowing how teams fair against the spread in back to back games is step one. Some teams just do not perform well in back to back games. There is really no logical theory to validate why, but if you want to play against the basketball odds, you must know these statistics.

Home Team in a Home and Away Back to Back

Home and away situations are another way to gain an edge in back to back games that involve the same teams. The team that played at home on the first night, is not only playing on back to back nights, but they also must pack up and travel.

Understandably, both teams are subjected to travel stress, but one is going back to their home environment, while the other is going to be staying in unfamiliar accommodations. This one night “out of town” factor can produce just enough mental strain to compromise the visiting team’s performance on the back end of a two night series. In this situation you get the benefit of the home team’s likelihood to cover the spread, plus the idea that the visitors are going to suffer from a higher level of fatigue.

Star Players Ride the Pine

Another significant factor when betting back to back games is the tendency of coaches to rest star players. Wins during the regular season are important, but preserving star players for the arduous 82 game NBA season is a trend. Players recovering from injuries will frequently get the night off in back to back situations.

Many of these coaching decisions are game time calls, sometimes as late as the pregame shoot around. This makes the ability to change, or post a bet at the last minute imperative.’s live betting option allows you to follow game updates and make last minute changes in your selections.

Study each team’s NBA odds on playing back to back games first and make a list of the teams with better records against the spread in those circumstances. Learn how to spot lopsided match ups, and keep an eye on inactive players, then be prepared to make your final picks once you have lineup information for your games.