The Contribution of Rick Shinto in the Success of Innovacare Health

InnovaCare Health is renowned healthcare companies that provide exemplary services to its customers. The charges in the facilities are considerate to all the members of the public. The facility has competent employees that ensure that service provision is of high quality. The management team has strong leadership skills to propel the company to ensure the customers are served efficiently. The health of the customers is prioritized. The services are affordable .the success of the healthcare facility is attributed to the able leadership of Rick Shinto.

Rick Shinto serves the chief executive officer and the president of the company. The productive track record of rick is attributed to vast experience that he has garnered in the healthcare sector. He has been serving clinical and operational health care for more than 20 years. He developed his career as an intern at Southern California. He also served as a pulmonologist. He was appointed as the chief medical officer of served medical pathways company in 1996.Shinto contributed a lot towards the operation of Cal Optima Plan while serving as the CMO. He also worked at NAMM as the CMO. His guidance as the CEO of InnovaCare Health Plans led to the growth of the company.

Dr. Shinto is a well-accomplished doctor with solid academic credentials. He attended the University of Redlands and earned a master’s degree in Business Administration. He was enrolled at the State University of New York to pursue a degree in medicine. The education that he obtained has enabled him to excel in the companies that he has served.

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare Plans after serving productively in various organizations. Some of the organizations that he includes Touchstone Health and Americhoice. Kokkinides has put a lot of efforts towards the formulation and implementation of healthcare methods. His collaboration with Shinto ensures that InnovaCare Health improves service delivery regarding Medicare and Medicaid.

Dr. Shinto has received numerous due to his exceptional skills in leadership. He received Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award in 2012. The award was given to him due to his excellence in financial performance and healthcare innovation.

InnovaCare health serves over 200000 registered members. The company is committed to providing high-quality healthcare to its members. The company is the leaders in healthcare services in North America. The company is based in Puerto Rico, and it has provided employment opportunities to over 7500 people. Shinto has ensured that many people can access Medicaid and Medicare .he also ensured that members of the society are enlightened on healthcare services that are provided the company.


Jeremy Goldstein- The Blossoming Lawyer

Our lives may turn negatively hence the need to seek services of a lawyer to handle the misfortune. Some of the events that need lawyers include child custody matters, writing of will and also last testimony, divorce issues, criminal issues, and property issues among others.

However, the New Yorkers have easy access to lawyers through the new and secure platform that ensures they find the right attorney experienced to handle their problems.

The New York Bars of States association recently launched a site for trusted lawyers on their online portal that operates 24/7 offering individuals with the secret power to choose according to reviews, knowledge and skills.

Jeremy Goldstein loved the move saying it offers individual seeking the services of a skilled lawyer at affordable prices and in confidence. Claire P. Gutekunst, the President of New York States of Bar, stated that he listed lawyers all sorted according to their legal standing with an open credential for both clients and state to view. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The main agenda of the site is bringing together a group of county lawyers showing their various legal services to people in need hence acting as one trusted destination for both local and international people seeking legal services and assistance of New York Law.

Jeremy Goldstein has vast knowledge in law and the founder of famous law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein’s and Associates.

The firm ranges its business core by advising its clients on matters pertaining the compensation of business committees, Chief Executive Officers, Management staff and corporations board members.

Additionally, it also pinpoints on issues of corporate governance problems and the executive’s payments and benefits and other sensitive matters that brings boardroom wars giving the company ways to solve and transform.

Jeremy Goldstein went to University of Newyork School of Law got his degree and became a successful lawyer dealing specializing in the business section. Before venturing into his business firm, Jeremy worked the most prominent law firm in New York on matters concerning acquisition and mergers.

He boasts of being an active member of Business Section of American Bar Associations where he leads as the chair of the subcommittee on Acquisitions and Mergers. Jeremy Goldstein is the Fountains House of New York director member of the board, an active member of the New York community giving financial support to people suffering from mental problems through the mental health programs. Jeremy Goldstein writes in the prestigious NYU journal on matters of business law.

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OSI Industries Continues Rapid Growth Rape with Major Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant in Chicago

OSI Industries is a top competitor in the provision of the finest quality of meat products in the entire world. The company is proudly based in the United States, but has a massive global reach in nearly every continent and is expanding that reach on a rapid, annual basis. OSI Industries has prided itself for several generations on offering the highest quality of value-added protein in the entire world. Its level of commitment has set the company apart from all others in the industry and has given it a reputation as the best company to work with, based on quality and level of customer service.

OSI Industries proudly employs more than 20,000 people and has a company culture that dedicates itself to ensuring that it is a wonderful place to work and is full of skilled team members. Those 20,000 employees span more than 15 countries around the world. Within those 15 countries, OSI has more than 60 operations that range from plants, to distribution centers to other companies that have been acquired by OSI Group.

OSI Industries is also incredibly passionate about bringing more manufacturing jobs, as well as other jobs in the meat industry, to America. The company is also highly passionate about making sure that every employees feel like it is a great place to work and they feel rewarded in their work. It has recently helped saved over a thousand jobs in Chicago with the purchase of a former Tyson Food plant. The plant is several hundred thousand square feet large and employs nearly two thousand people, many who work in the manufacturing sector of the company. In November of 2017, Tyson Foods announced that they could not manage to justify the Chicago plant and would plan to close it, meaning employees would slowly be laid off. The plant is in an area of Chicago where good jobs can often be hard to track down. OSI Industries saw this as a prime opportunity to both increase its reach in the United States and in the Chicago area, as well as save over a thousand jobs. The purchase of the Tyson Food plant also adds several prominent brands to the OSI umbrella. These include names like Tyson (of course), Jimmy Dean, and Ballpark, among many more.

OSI Industries has also earned multiple recognitions. These recognitions include being named to the list of top companies in the United States that are privately held.

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Reasons OSI Food Solutions Has Thrived a Lot in Spain

The OSI Group in Aurora said that the Spain-based OSI Food Solutions had contributed to the high production it had experienced in Toledo. Every firm grows its profits by increasing its production rates. It is an investment worthy 17 million in Spanish currency which was actually completed this year. Initially, chicken products were of about 12,000 tons, but this number has doubled to 24 thousand tons in a single year. This indicates that it is possible to grow any business to any level and double its production if the right management skills are implemented. OSI Food Solutions is one of the companies that have proved this possibility with no doubts attached.

The OSI Food Solutions has really achieved great expansion in Spain. The capacity of its total production has greatly increased to about 45,000 tons. This production includes products from chicken, pork and also beef. The company is aimed at expanding its related services and other production lines to increase the workforce. The kind of chicken demand in Spain and a country like Portugal is amazing. The average annual growth in the economy of Spain has increased about six percent over the last 10 years. 3 years ago, this annual growth was indicated to have increased by 8 percent.

The company is so keen on the expansion strategy it has developed and it’s looking forward to adding new products to the market. The huge building the company has acquired will greatly participate in the achievement in the realization of this vision. The building is big enough to accommodate storage containers for the waste and probably other rooms for refrigeration services. Working in this company would make employees increase their productivity since the building would offer them the nitrogen tanks, social area, oil and hot water they need. The company intends to use its newly acquired kitchen where products are developed to ensure the client’s changing needs are fully addressed.

The company has also installed a new surveillance system to control access to its new perimeter. This food defense system will give the company a growth opportunity it had not identified before. The company has also installed a new firefighting system and indoor cameras to ensure their food defense system is effective. The company has minimized by energy expenses by introducing energy-saving equipment. The equipment has seen electricity consumption reduced by 20 percent. The company has also devised a way to recover heat from the refrigeration unit and other systems that use heat to operate.

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Jason Hope Donates $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation

SENS Research foundation, a regenerative medical research non-profit institution based in Mountain View, California is making significant head room in anti-aging techniques and treatment. Through the donations of various philanthropists such as Jason Home has been able to develop drugs significant in combating aging effects.Aging can be a costly affair to deal with especially when it is caused by ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Such ailments contain advanced glycation end products or AGEs that accelerate aging prematurely. This is something that Jason hopes to mitigate and therefore his generous donation towards SENS Research Foundation. Jason believes that accurate tackling of aging diseases in the human body is a good futuristic approach to dealing with a very expensive problem.

Through Jason Hope’s donations and other philanthropists as well, SENS Research Institute has been able to develop the Cambridge SENS Laboratory that has progressed research in stem cell experimentation to identify anti-aging solutions.This is important because in the past, anti-aging experiments had been carried out on lab animals that have short life spans; therefore, even though the research findings were positive, they proved ineffective when tried on humans that have a longer life span.Through the continued support of Jason Home who propagates the significance of anti-aging research technique, SENS has been able to carry out targeted and backed up experimentation, inching closer toward dealing with aging ailments.

So who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, philanthropist and futurist. He was born and raised in Tempe Arizona where he has been able to get a degree in Finance at the Arizona State University.He later acquired an MBA in the scope of business.He is a well-known entrepreneur as a result of his numerous business ideas funding in the field of technology. He has been able to fund business ideas from young techpreneurs who are in need of start-up funds and the funding varies from case to case.He has been able to get a lot of recognition for his propagation of Internet of Things as he is a firm believer in the fact that the future is greatly dependent on the interconnectivity of smart devices to the internet and seamless communication between them. This has informed majority of his investment decisions. His philanthropic tendencies, as demonstrated above, have also contributed greatly to the field of science and medical research.

Jeremy Goldstein: Businesses Without Stock Options

It’s hard to think about the corporate world without stock options, but that’s quickly the way the world’s going. Over the last few years, hundreds of corporations have stopped providing their employees with stock options for a number of reasons. Obviously, most people think it’s money-related, but that’s not exactly true.

While money does play a big role in most corporations’ decision-making process, saving money isn’t the only reason they’re getting rid of stock options. A lot of it has to do with their employees wanting higher wages or better insurance coverage instead of traditional stock options.

These days, people are more conscious about where their money is at all times. Too often, a company goes under and leaves its employees hanging, as they stock value plummets and crashes. When stock value drops too low, the stock becomes useless and cannot be exercised.

People don’t want their hard work to go to waste just because an executive or the economy does something wrong. In those cases, everything gets reported and possibly places shareholders at the risk of facing overhang, which isn’t as bad as worthless stocks but pretty close to it. In fact, that’s a major reason corporations are no longer offering stock options. Learn more:

Also, stock options come with huge tax burdens that may not make them worth the trouble. Accountants have to do a lot to ensure every employee gets what they deserve, and that takes a very long time and a lot of financial assistance; at the end of the day, stock options are too expensive.

As hard as stock options can be, experts like Jeremy Goldstein suggest they have their place in modern business. Not every corporation needs to get rid of stock options; especially if equivalency is a big deal with employees.

The last 15 years, Jeremy Goldstein has become New York’s number one executive compensation and corporate governance attorney. Everyone goes to him when it comes to advice about which compensation method to use. Jeremy Goldstein usually recommends stock options to his big-name clients.

When Goldstein isn’t working with clients like Verizon, he’s donating his time to local charities like Fountain House. Fountain House works with patients with mental illness and focuses on their full recovery.

Dr. David B. Samadi, the Prostate Surgeon with a Heart

Dr. David B. Samadi is a renowned board-certified urologist. He treats patients for a host of diseases including bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and kidney cancer. Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Dr. David B. Samadi was born in Iran and in 1979 immigrated to Europe in his teens with his family. He obtained some of his secondary education there before moving to New York where he graduated high school. His college and medical school attendance is as follows:

  • Stony Brook University, Majored in Biochemistry on full scholarship
  • S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine, Medical Doctor Degree, 1994
  • Montefiore Medical Center, Post Graduate urology training, 1996
  • Albert Einstein, Post Graduate proctology training, 2000
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Oncology Fellowship in Proctology, 2001
  • Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France, Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Fellowship, 2002

In 2012, he gained notoriety as being the highest paid doctor in NY City, earning $7.6 million a year. His first practice was at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital on the upper Westside of Manhattan. In 2007, he moved to Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and in 2013, he moved to Lenox Hill Hospital.

In July 2015, Samadi educated doctors at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus about the robotic procedures he customarily used and he performed surgeries utilizing those techniques. Many of Dr. Samadi’s successes can be directly associated with the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment that he invented. He has used this specific treatment for more than 7,000 prostate cancer surgeries and he has successfully helped 90% of those patients became cancer free. Designed to replace traditional surgery, the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART) is a minimally invasive version of the da Vinci Surgical System.

Dr. Samadi urges men to get tested well before the age of 60, which was once the standard. Early detection quite often results in a positive outcome. He notes that 90% of those whose disease is detected early get cured.

A member of the American Medical Association and of the American Urologic Association, Dr. Samadi often gives presentations and speeches at national and international medical conferences. David B Samadi is not only one of the best prostate surgeon, he is a doctor dedicated to the successful and compassionate treatment of prostate cancer. It’s his goal to help all ages of men preserve their highest quality of life after prostate surgery.

Paul Mampilly, an Investment Guru Who Spends His Time Helping a Common Man Rise in the Financial Ranks

Paul Mampilly was born in India. He later moved to the United States at the age of 18. He went to Montclair State University and graduated with a degree in finance and accounting. Years later, he earned an MBA from Fordham University. Additionally, he studied economics as well as financial engineering. Currently, he lives in Durham, where he concentrates on research in investment opportunities and writing for financial publications. His newsletter, Profits Unlimited, is one of the fastest growing publication in the finance field. Though it is one year old, it already has over 90,000 annual subscribers. These subscriptions are evidence of how investors follow the Mampilly’s work. Many upcoming investors like to read the advice of Mampilly due to his proven success. In 2009, he invested $50 million which yielded $88 million, something that led him to win the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition.

Paul Mampilly served as the assistant portfolio manager of the Bankers Trust in 1991. As his experience advanced in the investment sector, he secured a prominent position at the legal firm. During his tenure at the Kinetics Asset Management, where he handled the hedge fund of the company, he saw the assets of the company grow to $25 billion, which was considered as one of the best returns in the world by Barron.When Paul Mampilly became tired of making money for the ultra-rich, he had an option of spending more time at home with his family. Presently, he is still in the finance industry where he works as a researcher and investment analyst. It is his pleasure to help the ordinary people make money.Many of the Paul Mampilly’s newsletters give people the techniques on how they can invest and better their lives.

In most cases, he features at the Bloomberg TV, CNBC, as well as the Fox Business News.In an interview, when asked how he started his business, Paul Mampilly said that he started his own business after he became tired of making money for the Wall Street. He said that he was only helping the rich get richer, something he thought that was not fair.On how he makes money, he said that he follows the market and track particular companies. Through trading, he can invest his money and that of others. He keeps things simple and maintain essential buying and selling patterns.About his satisfying moment in business, Mampilly mentions that it was when he was leaving Wall Street. Now that he is helping those individuals who are saving for their retirements, it makes him feel happy.

OSI Group Gives Fast Food Support

Fast food is something we all enjoy no matter who we are. We want to be able to have a quick bite to eat of something every now and then. What’s changed is that we now have a global exchange of fast food. In order to keep this going there is a serious need for food processing and it must occur on a large scale. That’s what separates OSI Group from others. They are doing what they can to help us enjoy fast food across the world. This is only the latest example of them hard at work for us.

OSI Group has managed to reach the level of success that it has because it refuses to allow many of the things that we often see interfering in food processing stop them. The company has been around for 100 years and it’s faced everything that can possibly come their way. We see obvious examples of storage and shipping issues in the past that they managed to overcome with the use of cryogenics for example. We’re fully aware that they have done much of what they do by giving people the option of choosing not only meats but vegetables that they offer. That ability to do just about everything necessary is what separates this brand from others.

The OSI Group strategy for going forward is to try to offer a number of services so that people are fully capable of getting what they want from OSI. That means they will provide their customers with frozen vegetables and frozen dough as well in order to help them realize that there are in fact a variety of things they can provide. That makes the ability to do what OSI does even more important to the entirety of the fast food industry in the long run.

They’ve been in business for a long time because they understand what people want and they aren’t afraid to give people just that. The future of OSI Group will involve acquiring more of the market and expanding into more countries. Others are going to follow suit and give this company the success it deserves. OSI Group has already managed to make itself the greatest provider of protein in the world. It only needs to make sure that the title continues to be held by itself. That seems to be an easier thing to do every single day that goes by.


Rocketship Education for Better Schooling

Every parent wants their child to get the best education possible. If you have been struggling to send your child to a public school in the area, it is time for you to consider sending them to a charter school. Charter schools are totally different from what you might have known about in the past. The way that a charter school works is that it is funded by the public, but it is run by both teachers and parents. This gives you a more in-depth approach to your child’s education than you would get when sending them to a public school. Also, charter schools are completely free, so you do not pay a small fortune just to be able to get them a better quality education.

If you would like to make use of a charter school in your area, you might want to consider Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is one of the leading charter school facilities in the country, as they are based out of California but have facilities all throughout the nation. You can feel confident sending your child to Rocketship Education because of the quality of schooling that they will be able to receive. This amazing company also allows parents to do their schooling from home by using a simple laptop or tablet. This essentially allows you to homeschool your child without necessarily doing the work yourself, since they are still being educated by a professional and licensed teacher.

You will notice that when your child is being educated by a wonderful facility like Rocketship Education, they are doing it through a wonderful company that you can totally trust. Rocketship Education has been around for over 10 years, and they are one of the leading choices for people who are switching to charter schools. Charter schools are often found in low-income and impoverished areas, so it will not cost you a small fortune to be able to get your child and good quality education that will set them for life. In fact, when your child gets a better education, it helps them to get into better colleges and obtain a career that they will absolutely love.