A conversation With Guilherme Paulus

Brazilian born international entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus is one of the most successful individuals in the country. The father of two is in fact listed on the Forbes list of billionaires and is considered as one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil.

He sold a majority share in his company CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. to the Carlyle group for more than four hundred million dollars and runs a chain of hotels better known as the GJP network whose assets surpass the six hundred-million-dollar mark. This venture is one he owns, solely. His life was not one lived on a silver platter, but one full of struggle and eventually succeeding. In an interview, he opened up about some of the most important aspects of his life and the businesses he runs.

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The idea of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. where did it come from?
Guilherme Paulus admits that his former business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who he met when working for Casa Faro was really the brains behind the company. He had met him during a trip and having no money to invest by the time the business began which meant that he had to work for the company for free to earn his share. They worked together for four years before parting ways, leaving him running the entire operation.

Trends that excite Paulus
Technology and how it’s making every aspect of life easier and interactive is one of these trends. Guilherme Paulus had long embraced technology given his early interaction with the same when he worked for IBM. He would later become one of the first people to have a web portal for his company where they would advertise their products at a time when the Internet was barely available in some regions of Brazil.

Habits that make Guilherme Paulus more productive?
He admits that he loves to travel, but he uses this to his advantage as he incorporates work in his travels. He visits many new places in the country, but at the same time takes the opportunity to scout for new locations for his hotels. He has been able to get some of his best sites in this way.