The county terror is loose again…

Since his elections, President Donald Trump has been on the papers for a lot of reasons- some good, some bad. Most recently, he has been on the front pages with news of his pardon of a hated sheriff; Joe Arpaio. This has caused quite the buzz among foreigners and human rights activists.

Sherriff Joe Arpaio served as the sheriff for Maricopa County for twenty four years. Each term, since his first election, he has been re-elected as the sheriff six times in a raw, the seventh time he lost. For a sheriff who was loved enough to be re-elected six times, many people- his opponents especially- breathed a sigh of relief. Wonder why?

Sherriff Joe declared himself a hard-liner when it came to illegal immigrations. Unfortunately, in his quest to deal with illegal immigrants, the sheriff and his team violated the human rights of those in their custody. As though that wasn’t enough, they unfairly profiled Latino and Hispanic drivers.

After several violations of the law, the court found him guilty of unfairly profiling Latinos and Hispanics. He was court ordered to stop his actions. A court order which he ignored. Soon after, there were reports of his team continuing with the offences.

Apart from this, the sheriff also targeted those who dare criticize him or his workers. To keep their deeds under wraps, the sheriff took liberty of finding out information on the editors of the local paper since they had written unflattering articles about him and his employees. Instead of cowering and hiding, the editors; Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin published an expose on the sheriff’s illegal deeds.

This got them arrested. It was against the law, but the sheriff disregarded that. In the dead of night, he sent for them and threw them in jail.

Much to his disappointment, the expose went national and there was an outcry for the release of the journalists. After a long battle I court, the sheriff was ordered to pay them a settlement of 3.7 million dollars. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Instead of using their settlement money on material things for themselves, the duo set up a foundation that helped protects Latinos and Hispanics.

The foundation, Frontera Fund, supports non-profit groups who actively support the rights of Latinos and Hispanics. Just recently, they launched an online website called front page confidential which does the same- fight for human rights.

Upon his failed re-election as a sheriff, a judge found him guilty of contempt of court following the previous court order he violated.

As a result, he was facing some years in jail. A good number of people, however, were disappointed since they didn’t get to see him being led to jail. He was pardoned by the beloved President. Well, no one can argue with that.

Did the two journalists have anything to say about the pardon? Yes. They said they respect the sheriff for the politician he is. He laid his cards right and won himself a pardon by the president.

So now, the county terror is loose again… wonder if he’ll lay low.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

CassioAudi Former Drummer at the Metal Band Named Viper

If you are from Brazil and love the metal genre in music, then you must already be aware of the metal band named Viper that was hugely popular in the early 1990s. The band called Viper was very famous among the youth because not only did it have a very distinct sound, but it managed to connect with its target audience fascinatingly.

The fact that Viper band released many songs in English as well helped the band become massively popular overseas as well. One of the co-founders of Viper was Cassio Audi. He is a well-known face in the music industry till date even though he has changed his profession to become a business executive and an investment manager.

Even though he is a musician by heart, Cassio Audi has managed to gain considerable success in the finance sector as well. Cassio Audi has made sure over the years that no matter how busy his schedule is, he would take time out for music one way or the other. At heart, Cassio Audi is still a drummer who loves to not only do drumming but is also credited with writing soulful lyrics for his band. Some of the famous songs that he helped compose while at Viper and wrote lyrics for are Soldiers of Night, Nightmare, Killer, Princess from Hell, and Wings of the Evil.

Cassio Audi and his other band members launched Viper in 1987 and just a couple of years; the band was flooded with appreciation and love from all corners of the world. The people who love metal genre would fall in love with the sound of this band, which continues to be among the most favorite metal band for many music lovers. Cassio Audi has done his BA from Pontifical Catholic University, which is where he completed his MBA as well.

Paul Wesley is a Talented and Versatile Actor

Paul Wesley has been able to establish himself as one of the busiest actors in New York and Hollywood because of his experience and versatility. He returned to the New York stage in a production of, “Cal in Camo”, and made an impact with his portrayal of Flynt, the quiet but intellectual brother of the title character. Wesley is best known for his work in, “The Vampire Diaries”, but his performance in the drama at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater reminded everyone of the actor’s range. He received excellent reviews for his work and it motivated him for the next project, “Mothers and Daughters”, a movie with a similar theme.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wasilewski, as he was originally known, was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, after his parents immigrated from Poland. He grew up in the Marlboro area and began his acting career in high school plays. He got his first break by appearing in an episode of the soap opera, “Another World”, which led to a recurring role as Max Nickerson in “The Guiding Light”. From there he went on to star in television movies and series before appearing in several films.
Paul Wesley
In the 2014 movie, “Before I Disappear”, Wesley appears as Gideon, the owner of a bowling alley and friend of the main character. He is convincing as a troubled man who has lost his way in life and Wesley raises the credibility of the movie with his realistic acting style. He followed that with a role in, “Amira and Sam”, the story of an army veteran adjusting to life back home. Wesley portrays Sam’s cousin, Charlie, who tries to help Sam when his girlfriend Amira is at risk of being deported. Paul Wesley has clearly established himself as a talented and versatile actor.
Paul Wesley

Perfected Procedures By Dr. Sameer Jejurikar M.D.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar M.D. was born and raised in Minnesota. Dr. Jejurikar is a successful Plastic Surgeon who has been in practice at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute located in Dallas, TX since 2009. Dr. Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a passion for the services he provides. Dr. Sameer prefers to be acknowledged as Dr. Sam.

Dr. Jejurikar Education
•University of Michigan
Degree BS
Study: Biomedical Sciences

•University of Michigan Medical School
Degree MD
Study: Doctor of Medicine
Fraternity: Alpha Omega – Alpha Honor Society

•University of Michigan Medical Center
Residency in Plastic Surgery

•Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital
Specialty in Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Jejurikar Patient Procedures
Dr. Sam is extraordinarily trained in all areas of plastic surgery reconstructive and cosmetic. Dr. Jejurikar main focus is cosmetic surgery but not only for facial features but also of the breast and body Dr. Jejurikar is known in the Dallas area as a specialist of the popular Brazilian buttock augmentation procedure. Dr. Jejurikar procedures are works of art that require the utmost attention to detail for the individual need of each patient.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar M.D.
Dr. Sam is a kind and caring person. He has participated in several missions with the Smile Bangladesh non-profit organization providing medical services to children and adults with facial deformities that live in highly populated poverty areas.

Dr. Jejurikar Prestigious Certifications and Memberships
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
• American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• Dallas, TX Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Board of Plastic Surgery
• American Medical Association

Dr. Sam at the End of the Day
Dr. Jejurikar when leaving his place of employment at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute leaves in good faith. Dr. Sam states it is family and faith amongst other things that keeps him motivated and work and at home. Dr. Sam is the husband of a lovely wife and three children residing in the state of Texas.