George Soros Supports Capitalism that is Tempered with Restraint

Capitalism is an economic and political system that relies more on private owners than government control. This type of process is often used within many democratic or free societies. George Soros is a billionaire that has made his fortune by working and doing business within societies that promote capitalism. However, Soros believes that unrestrained capitalism is not good for anyone.

Keep in mind that Soros believes in an open society. An open society is one that does not restrict a or limits a person’s freedoms. In an open society, people can vote for their leaders, participate I the political process, voice their opinion against the government, worship as they believe and are able to do business within free market.

An open society ensures that people can get ahead and live the best life possible. Capitalism is essential to this process. According to Soros, capitalism promotes self interest. A person’s self-interest can then outweigh the needs of the group or other people. When people are given absolute freedom to pursue their own interests, then chances are they will not contribute or stand-up for organizations with their fellow man.

Sometimes people need to work together to keep their societies strong and intact. This is the biggest problem that George Soros has with capitalism. It can cause people to get on a path of self-interest that will end up leaving other people behind. In a capitalistic environment, some people will get ahead over other individuals. In a capitalistic society not, every person will perform the same. While this is not a bad thing, it can be a problem when it comes to helping people out. It also helps to lead to condition of poverty, racial and social inequalities and disparities.

George Soros wants to help people. He realizes that societies need to remain open and free and that capitalism is a necessary part of the process. Soros wants to ensure that people all over the world have the best opportunity to get ahead in life. This is one of the reasons why he donated $18 billion dollars of his own wealth to Open Society Foundations. This is his philanthropic organization that ensures open societies are a reality for countries across the globe.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation works with thousands of social and political organizations. It also funds businesses that work toward the end of an open society. When groups collaborate with OSF they realize how important it is for all people to have the help they need. George Soros really supports capitalism but he knows that it must be tempered with restraint and good sense.

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Life Line Screening Provides Innovative Bone Density Screening

The European manufacturer of medical technology Bone Index Ltd. and US preentative screening clinic Life Line Screening partnered up in September 2017 to put their heads together and provide the United States with a new method of bone density screening.

The innovation of the product was prompted by the huge percentage of the US population that has osteoporosis. In the United States of America, the population suffers at least two million broken bones due to osteoporosis. As it is difficult to diagnose patients with the disease, people are left unaware that they have the bone diseases, and so they never get treated and are not being careful.

The reason as to why osteoporosis is left undiagnosed lies in the method doctors use to do that. The machines used are large and expensive, and only hospitals with DXA X-ray machines are able to diagnose osteoporosis. The bone density index machine called Bindex is a game changer of the US population as the innovation will make bone screening more readily available.

The CEO of the company Bone Index Ltd. Dr. OssiRiekkinen shared some insight about their project with Life Line Screening. The product has 19 patent distributed around the globe.Other than in the United States, Bondex is available in large countries in Europe, as well as Japan and Chine. In Finland, the product is used in the most significant screening campaign for osteoporosis in the country. The company also originated from Finland.

So what exactly does Bindex do? The device is able to measure the cortical bone thickness of the tibia. The measurement is used by the algorithm to calculate the density index. The Density index is a parameter estimating the mineral density of the bone at the hip similar to how the DXA measures it.

This device is likely to lower the number of broken bones per year caused by undiagnosed osteoporosis and to help many people start  treatment to ease the disease. According to the Vice President of Business Development of Life Line Screening Mrs. Kelly Daubach, there will be no other company in the United States that will be able to provide a safer and more straightforward, and more accurate test for the bone disease than them.

Life Line Screening is present at about 15 000 screening events across the United States of America. The company also provides ultrasound screening for testing for vascular diseases among other types of preventative screening.

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OSI Industries Is Still Giving The World Protein

The food industry is incredibly vast and difficult to run. With so many people trying to get in it’s a wonder private corporations are able to survive. OSI Industries is an example of these amazing organizations with its notable role in helping the fast food industry grow into the multinational business it is today. Nobody on Earth has ever provided as much protein as OSI and nobody has ever played such an important role in helping businesses around the world prosper and give the world its universally loved brands. Even after a century in the food processing business OSI Industries is giving the world protein.

A century in the food processing business certainly gives you perspective in how things get scaled and how to change when it’s time to change. OSI started out as a meat deli but quickly grew into something else. The suburban customers it relied on weren’t enough to meet the entrepreneurial demands of Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI, and his family. He wanted to create something even greater and he wanted to create something much more ambitious. In order to do that he decided it would be worth his time to invest in ways to preserve meat in order to ship them over greater distances.

OSI Industries used cryogenics in those days to deliver its meat for fast food companies. Over time, this eventually led to efforts to spread into international markets as fast food itself became a global phenomena. The success of this transition is the exact reason we now know OSI under its current name rather than Otto and Sons. It has clearly turned into something the entire world will know about. OSI is found in Europe and China as well where it gives both local and international fast food chains what they need.

OSI is one of the world’s most successful private corporations and it’s beating its competition by an incredible long shot. It has billions in revenue and it has cornered the market to perfection. The success formula of OSI Industries is something of note but it isn’t something you can repeat whenever you want. There is a need for drive, motivation, and the desire to seize an opportunity as soon as it comes around. When those elements are gathered you can see a business grow to this size with this ease. It won’t happen overnight but with hundred years it can become a force to be reckoned with.

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Josh Smith Makes Bettering the Human Condition His Business

For Josh Smith, of Reno Nevada, his businesses are entrepreneurial and humanitarian endeavors. Josh has founded multiple businesses. His professional focus has been in the technological and health field.

A gardener himself he found that for a variety of reasons a traditional greenhouse didn’t work for him. In response, he and a fellow inventor developed their own modular greenhouse. Multiple efforts to find the perfect design would become the basis for Josh’s latest business, Reno, Nevada-based Modular Greenhouses.

His earlier entrepreneurial efforts taught him the skills he needed to make Modular Greenhouse succeed. The company offers backyard, indoor and patio versions of its product. The set up of the Greenhouses is simplicity itself. The units consist of a hinged aluminum frame covered with a double wall of polycarbonate plastic. Set-up involves unfolding the greenhouse and standing it up. Being modular continual expansion and a variety of configurations are possible. A company-provided app makes it possible to tend your plants via your smartphone.

Josh Smith wants to give every child access to healthy food. He also wants to end poverty-related hunger. Toward that end, Modular Greenhouse has resolved to provide every school in Washoe County of which Reno Nevada is a part, with free greenhouses.

Originally an artist, he decided to apply his creative skills to provide products that simplify everyday life. This process entails Smith making a sketch of his vision. Then, the rendering is analyzed and refined to create a prototype that will spawn a commercially viable product.

The work ethic needed to accomplish the steps above is born of Josh Smith’s creative passion. He states that his most satisfying efforts had “more interesting goals than making money”.

Organic gardening and 3-D printing are trends that particularly interest Josh Smith. The former because he is concerned with health. The latter, he sees as a way to facilitate the creation of new products.

On the subject of education, Josh believes that post-secondary schools are antiquated. He asserts that technology is a much better learning tool.

Josh states the key to success is being able to correct design flaws in short order.

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Samuel Strauch, Miami Highly Ranked Real Estate Enthusiast

Mr. Samuel Strauch is the founder and principal of Metrik real estate holding – a company that has gained a higher ranking in Miami Beach real estate market. He represents potential property buyers in property purchasing business.

After graduating with a Business Degree from Hofstra University, he furthered his studies at Harvard and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Before founding Metric Holding in 2002, Mr. Strauch was a real estate agent at his family business in South Florida.

“Miami is changing from being yet another resort city, it’s a developed city with many leading corporate companies starting up branches in the city, which makes it home to both local and aliens,” said Mr. Strauch. Today, Metrik real Estate is a highly successful real estate agency in South Beach, Florida because of his efforts to make the company a top-notch real estate dealer in Miami.

In an interview on, Samuel Strauch said that the real estate business idea comes naturally to him after working for 14 years as a licensed agent in the region. His years of experience in real estate business has given him confidence and paved the way for his growing career. In addition, he has links with reputable individuals in the region who help him not only to thrive in real estate business but also to compete fairly with other prominent real estate companies.

“As a real estate agent in Miami, I’m well aware that foreign investors see the opportunity to increase their profits through real estate acquisitions in the US,” said Mr. Samuel Strauch. He is an ambitious investor who seizes real estate opportunities whenever they arise both in Latin America and in South Florida. His passion for real estate business has made his company to assume a unique growth pattern due to his innovative platform. He focuses on equity sourcing, property development, management, and property acquisition.

In an interview, he said that Miami is one of the best places for Metrik holding because it is a gateway to Latin America and that it is attracting foreign investors every year. Metrik holding under the governance of Mr. Samuel Strauch focuses on keeping potential real estate clients hooked up with the best property acquisition deals. “I focus on creating unique projects that connect with the minds of potential clients,” says Mr. Martin.

To ensure Metrik holding success, Mr. Samuel Strauch focuses on infusing a team that reflects their habits and passion in real estate business.

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Lacey and Larkin Turn an Evil Situation to Their Advantage

As our country is torn apart by various ideologies, many people are choosing to be silent during this critical time. Unfortunately, they do not realize that during times when ideas are battling for prominence, it is often the loudest idea that wins. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin understand this, and they have been standing up against racist views that have seeped into the Maricopa County police department.

The Maricopa County Police Department is run by the one they call “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” His real name is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and he is as bigoted as they come. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been watching him for years, and they were disgusted with what they found recently.

It seems that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racist tendencies ran deeper than most realized. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin uncovered the following facts. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, when he took office, immediately asked for the personnel files. After going through them, he fired every person that did not agree with him that Hispanic Immigration was a problem.

Once he finished that, he interviewed police officers who were known for their racism, and those who were racist against Hispanics got a job at Maricopa County. He then would put up a poster board that showed progressive monetary rewards based on how many illegal immigrants you brought in that month.

While those truths are disgusting, they are nowhere near has heart-wrenching as this last one. Michael and Jim discovered that Sheriff Joe Arpaio had refused to fix jail cells that routinely failed health inspection codes, and saved them for Hispanics. He would then leave Hispanics here, and once they were sick, deny them medical care so that they would die.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin reported on these atrocities through there own media outlets. Sheriff Joe Arpaio found out and stormed into their homes illegally, demanding they hand over all evidence. When they refused, he hauled them off to jail.

This illegal detention made national headlines, and the cry was so great that Arpaio was forced to release the two men. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would win a lawsuit on $3.75 million from the Maricopa County.

The two men would use this money to begin the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization dedicated to empowering others to stand up for free speech, as well as, personal, women’s, civil and immigrant rights.

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How Adam Milstein Combines Being a Businessman with Being a Philanthropist

As an active philanthropist and business owner, Adam Milstein is a very busy person. His company, Hager Pacific Properties, is a company in Southern California with properties all over America. As a philanthropist, he is focused on issues that affect Israeli-Americans and the state of Israel. He has said that his philanthropy makes his day-to-day work at his company more satisfying and fulfilling and that both of these activities go hand-in-hand very well.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel. He was a member of the IDF and was actively serving during the Yom Kippur War. Afterward he attended the Technion and graduated in 1978. He soon made his way to the United States where he earned an MBA by attending Southern California University. He was a real estate commercial broker for about three years before deciding to invest in properties himself. That was when he founded Hager Pacific Properties and became its managing partner. His role at the company is to manage the company’s finances and day-to-day activities.

There are a large number of Israeli-American nonprofits that Adam Milstein is affiliated with. He has served on the board of a broad number of nonprofit organizations including the Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Israel on Campus Coalition, and Hasbara Fellowships among others. He is also one of the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council and serves as its national chairman. In this role he advocates about issues important to Israeli-Americans and the ties that bind the state of Israel and the United States together in many important ways.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is the organization that Adam and his wife, Gila, established in order to financially support the causes that are important to them. They have supported well over 200 separate organizations over the years. They have also paid the costs of over 1,000 students visiting Israel in order to learn more about it. Their main focus is on educating young Israeli-Americans about their roots and the importance of the state of Israel in their lives and the broader community.


Fabletics and Kate Hudson Are Showing How Reverse Showrooms Are The Leading Market For Buyers Looking To Purchase New Clothes

Who has time to go shopping for anything anymore? With hectic schedules and time spent at work, very little people have the chance to go grocery shopping let alone clothes shopping. For those who want to find new clothes or need to find new clothes, they turn to e-commerce websites to get the job done.


If you are unfamiliar with e-commerce, maybe you are more inclined to know what an e-commerce site is. The leading e-commerce business that you will be most familiar with is Amazon. Since their opening on the internet, they have become the leader in the world of marketing through reverse showrooms.


Reverse showrooms are popping up all over the place. More businesses have learned that this is the way to go for all things needed in the home. But what if you don’t need something for the home and want something to head to the gym in?


If you are searching for stylish workout gear, Fabletics has become the leader of athletic wear. Partly is due to the styles and choices presented to it’s members but also because of the membership levels available to those who want to look good while at the gym.


The only reason the Fabletics brand has become so popular is partly due to the spokesperson at the front of the brand. In order to be successful, brands have got to have someone who believes in their product and who will not only push the product themselves but who will also be seen in the items that are promoting.


Fabletics knew it had to find someone who would help them with this area of expertise. When they approached Kate Hudson, she knew instantly that she was meant to be the leader of this brand. Kate is someone who spends lots of time on all things related to healthy lifestyles and this included heading to the gym for a workout.


If you are familiar with acting, then you already know who Kate Hudson is. If you don’t know, you will when your done with this. She has played alongside the likes of many Class A actors like Matthew McConaughey in Fools Gold and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.


Kate Hudson has always been into fitness and until Fabletics came to her, she was in the gym working out in the same colorless clothes that most consumers were stuck wearing to workout in.