Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings proudly opened their doors in the year 2002. Ever since then the company has made sure to get gains for all of their customers. The company makes sure that they perform the required daily figured that is the economic climate in order to gives their customers the best possible performance. The company originated form the depths in Indiana, and has since rise across the contention united states to the great city of New York. even with all of this great growth the company has made sure not to forgot about each and every investor and customer. The company offer a verity of services and plans that can help people with anything issues that are money related. If you are looking for a place to withdraw loan of get monitory advice then this is the best place for you to. This is a great place for everyone to look into. To know more about the company click here.

Betsy DeVos Fights for School Choice

Betsy DeVos, in my view, is an all-round superwoman. She studied at Calvin College and was actively involved in politics. She was the Michigan Republican Party chair for over six years and has led political action committees, party organizations and campaigns for over 30 years. She is just as good in business as she is in politics. In 1989, Betsy and her husband are the founders of the Windquest Group, a company that invests in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. She is a strong advocate of the education-choice movement and chairs the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children.


DeVos is one of the most generous people I have come across. She is involved in a couple of non-profit organizations and is a board member of various national and local boards, such as the DeVos Institute for Arts management, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation of Excellence in Education and Mary Hill Bible Church. She feels that traditional public schools are failing and is happy that people are now more open to reforms such as vouchers, education savings accounts and tax credit scholarships. Her role as a mother played a major part in transforming her into the woman she is today.


When Betsy’s children were of school-age, she, together with her husband, visited the Potter’s House Christian School, where she interacted with parents who were doing their very best to provide their children with the best education and in a safe environment. Seeing these families struggle to pay tuition, they started supporting some students individually. The couple still supports the Potter’s House to date.



Betsy later started a foundation that gave scholarships to low-income families, so as to give parents a chance to choose the schools they would want to take their children. In as much as this was beneficial to the few that got the opportunity, it was not going to address the real issue. On realizing this, Betsy decided to join the educational-choice movement.


Betsy and her husband used their political involvement to aid in the expanding the educational choice. In 1993, both Mr. and Mrs. DeVos were involved in passing the first charter school. Betsy is passionate about providing people with a conducive environment for opportunity and growth. She was appointed as the Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s administration and is now pushing for the voucher system and the privatization of public schools. She doesn’t believe in the one-size-fits-all mindset. Every child is unique and every family is different and they deserve the opportunity to choose where they would like to school. She has called on the public, on numerous occasions, to join her in the fight for school choice.


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Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Prove Financial Freedom is Within Reach

Freedom Debt Relief is a financial services company that enables you to resolve your debt by reducing or eliminating it. It is a subsidiary of the Freedom Financial Network. The firm is at the forefront of assisting people in debt transform their lives. You can find numerous Freedom Debt Relief on their website. Satisfied customers post their experiences and how the firm’s products have changed their lives.

For example in one of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, a client, Rita, explains how she was overwhelmed by debt after she was blessed with a baby. Her expenses shot through the roof in a short period. She was more than twenty thousand dollars in the red and felt suffocated.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews show that they proved to be a fundamental force in keeping her debt in check and changing her financial habits. They handled the badgering from creditors enabling her to focus on her life and taking care of her baby. She is one of the many satisfied clients with glowing Freedom Debt Relief. She now enjoys a life that is balanced, peaceful and free from debt.

In another one of the Freedom Debt Relief reviews, Gary is an independent contractor whose income fluctuates depending on the business trends. During low months, he would spend more than he was making. When you live your life on the edge of debt, a simple, unexpected expenditure could send you over the line into debt. He knew it was time to get help.

The staff of Freedom debt relief was kind and understanding and took the time to explain his options to keep the debt in check. Within hours, he had a recommended program. Just knowing there is a program to work through the seemingly insurmountable debt provided much-needed relief.

The firm makes you feel safer in the knowledge that you are not facing the mountain of debt alone. Numerous other testimonials on the firm’s portal and YouTube channel demonstrate the success of the company’s strategies.

Rick Smith: Making Securus Technologies a Top Name in the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith had been the President and Chief Executive of Securus Technologies from 2008 and was elevated to the position of Chairman in 2009. Securus is a tech firm with an extensive array of products and services that are widely used by the corrections industry across America. Besides, the company has a domestic call center which handles 600% more volumes than its competitors. The company has highly trained field technicians on its staff and is the developer of the world’s largest VOIP platform for the corrections industry.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. Under the leadership of Richard ‘Rick’ Smith, the company provides a wide range of services to over one million inmates as well as thousands of law enforcement, public safety, and law enforcement agencies all over North America. With Smith at the helm, Securus Technologies has stayed steadfast in its commitment toward supplying the corrections and law enforcement community with the best solutions for communications, investigation, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, emergency response, incident management and public information.The company leads the way in the adoption and development of advanced technology solutions tailored at resolving the many challenges that accompany rising crime levels. Towards this end, Rick Smith has moved the firm from the status of merely providing technology for monitoring inmates’ communication to a company that offers a broader range of software content and government services.

Rick’s Education And Early Career

Rick’s résumé is impressive; his educational background is extensive, including an Associate’s Degree earned from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick Smith holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, where he also went on to attain a Master’s in the same field. He also earned an MBA from the New York university’s Simon School.Between 1972 and 1998, Rick Smith worked at Global Crossing, holding various positions in the firm, including Controller and CIO. Later, he served as the President of Frontier Information Technologies and as the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. Rick also served as Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom and was the company’s president in 2003. Later he served as the CEO, leading the company through a successful IPO in 2005, finally leaving the company for Securus in 2007.

How Rick Has Made Securus An Industry Leader

Most industry observers consider Rick Smith to be the right choice to lead Securus thanks to his focus, drive, and experience. These personal attributes have helped him drive the firm forward, making it the undisputed leader in its industry. His work in finance, information technology, telecommunications, operations and business development has provided him with an impressive track record and endowed him with a unique skill-set.

U.S. Money Reserve, the investment company with a social responsibility to the community

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 to offer advice to customers regarding the purchase of precious metals. Today, they are one of the largest distributors of government issued gold, platinum, and silver coins. They have served over 400,000 clients to satisfaction in their operation period.

The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Using their top-notch customer service and expertise in the market, they are now recognized as a trustworthy advisor for those who want to purchase precious metals.

They have made their customers rake huge profits due to their wise advice. U.S. Money Reserve uses a team of over 100 highly qualified professionals who take their time to listen to the needs of their customers and help them in making the right decisions for every unique situation they are faced in. The U.S. Metal Reserve received AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Recently, the U.S. Money Reserve announced that they will be partnering with ADRN, Austin Disaster Relief Network, an organization that deals with assisting disaster survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Crunhhbase revealed that U.S. Money Reserve assists by providing financial assistance, transportation of emergency housing solutions, spiritual and emotional support. During the month of September, U.S. Money Reserve mentioned that they would match every contribution that would be given out to encourage people to make donations for the course.

Hurricane Harvey devastated the coastal region of Texas and affected several U.S. Money Reserve customers and employees. Heavy rainfall that ranged between 40 to 65 inches was experienced across Texas. This turned roads to rivers and houses were swept away by the floods. At least 82 people have been confirmed dead and thousands rendered homeless due to the storm.


The storm also made thousands of Texas residence go without medical supplies, clean water, and hygiene products. The hurricane left behind highly contaminated water with sewage, toxic chemicals, debris, and waste. These contaminants pose health risks to the residents both in the short term and long term. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.instagram.com/usmoneyreserve/

Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor, mentioned that rebuilding the community will need a lot of time and money. The damage that was brought about by Hurricane Harvey is valued at around $180 billion. A significant amount of these costs will be catered for by the federal aid.

ADRN apart from monetary assistance, they also collect essential donations in from well-wishers which include cleaning supplies and food.

The organization then distributes them to the communities that are in need. Local schools in the area offered free meals to the affected children, shop owners offered shelter to affected people, local businesses offered food and water to the victims and civilians who weren’t affected by the floods housed the affected in their homes.

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José Auriemo Neto & JHSF: Pioneering Real Estate Development in Brazil

JHSF emerged after a family disagreement in the 1990s. Jose and his brother, Fábio Auriemo, were partners in the original construction company known as JHS. JHSF is highly respected for its pioneering work in the Brazilian real estate sector. Its daring, quality, innovation, and ability to provide sustainable development projects and solutions are some of the company’s outstanding characteristics.

A leader in the high-end real-estate sector of Brazil, JHSF maintains considerable participation in commercial and residential incorporation, the administration and development of high-end hotels, shopping centers as well as an international business airport. The company is made up of 4 core business units: Incorporation, Shopping Center, Airport, and Fasano Hotel & Restaurants.

Expanding Business Ventures

As the Company grew, it consolidated its strong presence in cities like São Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador, also extending its reach internationally to operate in Miami, New York, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. JHSF also owns several star studded buildings of a commercial nature. One of the most prominent is Nations. Located on Hungary Street, this is the former seat of the now bankrupt Banco Santos. Currently, it houses the well-known law firm Pinheiro Neto, which is said to pay a rent of around 800,000 Reais monthly.

José Auriemo Neto, Chairman, JHSF Board of Directors

Recently, José Auriemo Neto, the CEO & Chairman, JHSF Board of Directors moved with his family for a 6-month stay in New York. All this was done so that he could follow closely the construction of the Marginal Pinheiros high-rise complex facing Central Park’s 5th Avenue. The complex is made of a 180 stores shopping mall, 4-offices, 9-residential towers, and one mixed use. A section of the complex will have apartments while the other will host a Fasano brand hotel.

About one month ago, José Auriemo Neto signed a new agreement with Daslu that paves the way for the store of Eliana Tranchesi to open their outlets in upcoming shopping centers in Brazil that JHSF intends to develop. In September, José also launched in Porto Feliz an AAA class allotment and bought some space in Punta del Este where he intends to create a similar project.


With HSBC Acquisition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Propels Bradesco Back To Number One

The Brazilian banking industry has become one of the most cutthroat on the planet. The wave of acquisitions that took place throughout the 2000s ultimately created one of the most concentrated banking sectors in the world, with only a handful of major players able to gobble up almost any competitor that would dare to enter the market. Today, that situation has intensified, but under a radically different landscape than what was present at the end of the 2000s.

One man, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, is responsible for this tectonic shift in the Brazilain banking topography. Trabuco was first appointed as CEO of his firm, where he had labored intensely since 1969, in 2009. This was at the beginning of the fallout from the global financial crisis. Although Trabuco stated that his goal was to pursue organic growth and build the firm into the largest bank, thus achieving a highly coveted strategic position, most industry observers noted that in the macroeconomic climate that then prevailed, such a goal would be difficult, if not impossible, to realize.

Making matters worse, shortly after Trabuco took the reins of Bradesco, two of the bank’s largest competitors merged. Banco Itau and Unibanco combined to form what would become the largest banking conglomerate in Brazil. Bradesco, which had traded off between first and second place for the better part of a decade, now faced serious strategic challenges. With one deal, the bank had been relegated to a distant second place. Trabuco and his firm could now expect to be tossed around like a rag doll, exposed to the huge economies of scale that its larger rival could now leverage to punish the smaller bank in all of its markets. This is exactly what Itau Unibanco began doing in 2010.

With no way to pursue organic growth due to the stagnant economy and being undercut and price-warred into submission across much of its product line, Bradesco began seriously losing ground. Between 2010 and 2014, the company was constantly battered by economic headwinds and the blows of its better-heeled competitor on its market share. The company’s stock price plummeted. In just four years, Bradesco’s stock lost more than half of its value. Whispers began being heard of Trabuco’s resignation or forced ouster. Bradesco was in peril and Trabuco’s stellar career looked as though it may be coming to an ignominious end.

But then, the struggling bank caught a break. In 2015, rumors began flying that global banking giant HSBC was looking to dump all of its Brazilian assets. HSBC Brazil was one of the five largest banks in the country. It’s acquisition could easily boost Bradesco to the top of the banking sector once again. Trabuco wasted no time in feeling out HSBC’s intentions and drafting a letter of intent.

Beating Itau Unibanco to the table, Trabuco was able to put together a deal where Bradesco would acquire all of HSBC Brazil’s assets for $5.2 billion in cash. Amazingly, the deal went through in late 2015. Trabuco had successfully snatched one of the largest opportunities in Brazilian banking history from right under the nose of his largest competitor, radically shifting the dynamic of the Brazilian banking sector and once again rocketing Bradesco to the top of the ranks among various metrics for the size of his bank.

Now, the tables have turned. Bradesco is the largest bank in Brazil by number of branches, assets under active management and loans outstanding. Trabuco is now in the driver’s seat, with the economies of scale favoring him. Bradesco’s stock price is trading at all-time highs and many analysts expect that Trabuco may be able to establish Bradesco as a soft banking monopoly in the years to come.

Search more about Luis Carlos Trabuco: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2016/09/1810520-bradesco-quer-manter-trabuco-na-presidencia-por-mais-dois-anos.shtml