The Motivating Mike Baur

Looking at different successful people, what makes them so successful? Some may say it is where they come from or possibly their education. These are great points, but the one thing all successful people have in common is the fact that they do not settle. For example, business man Mike Baur. He never settled at any job or position.

Mike Baur is a business man and entrepreneur from Switzerland. He thrived in the career of banking. The first bank where he found quick success, raised him to a higher position. Although he could have stopped there, he did not. Mike Baur left this position and pursued a position with another bank. Giving the best financial and investing advise, he was also very successful with this bank. This challenging career help him grow and learn, but he knew he could do more. The banking world grew Baur. He was doing amazing with these jobs, but he had thirst for much more.

That is when Mike Baur left the regular banking world behind and became the co-founder of Swiss Start Up. This is what he really had a passion for. This company helped entrepreneurs, focusing in the tech world, start up their business. These investments helped many grow and transform ideas into real products and businesses. Not only do they invest money, but support and training. Setting them up for success is the main goal. During this time, Baur also took on responsibilities in other similar, and positive organizations.

On top of co-founding the amazing organization, Mike Baur created Think Reloaded. Taking full advantage of his financial and banking experience, he used this firm for financial advise. This is where the support for Swiss Start Up participants comes from. This was easily done due to his experience and the education he gained from working in the banking world. He used this information to build on his idea and continue to grow the Swiss Start Up.

Mike Baur never settled for one position. He constantly pushed for growth. With this constant growth and movement, came great success. To be successful means to push the boundaries and never settling.


Marc Sparks is a role model to many

Marc Sparks is one of the most influential businessmen in the world. Many people respect him because of his numerous business ventures that have done very well over the years. Sparks has earned a lot of expertise in the business world, and he uses this knowledge to help the upcoming investors in the modern world. Sparks started his career in the investment world over thirty years ago. According to his portfolio, the businessman has managed to establish dozens of starts ups, and most of them have achieved great success.

At the moment, the serial entrepreneur is serving as the chief executive director for a company known as Timber Creek Capital. The firm is famed to be one of the greatest equity firms in the United States, and it has been doing so well under his leadership.The company specializes in transforming the lives of entrepreneurs who are hardworking and dedicated. The company ensures that these individuals make great profits in their investments. Timber Creek Capital is found in Dallas, Texas, and it has branches in several parts of the country.Timber Creek Capital offers its customers a wide range of activities. Some of these include marketing, banking, accounting, legal solutions, networking, intellectual capital and many other services. The company has transformed the lives of so many people in the harsh economic times.

In the modern market, it is extremely difficult for businessmen to make profitable investments without getting the assistance they need. Many people who venture into the business department end up regretting later because of the huge losses they make. Without the right guidance, the newbies end up with losses instead of the profits they are yearning for
( Getting the capital needed to start a profitable business is also a challenge in the modern times. Most people want to start businesses, yet they do not have the money required to make profits.

Mark Sparks is also a respected author in the world. According to some of his greatest publications, everyone can become successful in life, regardless of the academic qualifications they have. When an individual has a great business idea, Mark believes that they should look for a business model and culture so that they can start a long term growth project. With hard work, the businessman believes that investors can accomplish whatever they want.

Sparks was born in an ordinary family many years ago. His parent, however, did not have enough funds to give him the expensive education acquired by most successful people. However, the businessman overcame all the challenges by working hard. After completing his high school education, Sparks ventured into the business world. His expertise in the business field has made him one of the most respected individuals in the world.


Igor Cornelsen: Advice For Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a businessman. He is also reported to be one of Brazil’s leading investment and finance experts. In a recent online article, Cornelsen spoke to They discussed a number of subjects including Brazil, the country’s economy, his career and various investment opportunities.

Cornelsen has watched Brazil become a country with a strong economy. He believes it is ready for significant growth.

He has, in fact, used his observations when writing a number of guides and articles on the subject of investment and is quite willing and able to offer advice to anyone who is interested in investing in the economy of Brazil.

Network With Locals

With almost a quarter of adults in Brazil considered to be entrepreneurs, Igor Cornelsen believes it is quite easy to locate individuals willing to discuss entrepreneurial ventures.

Generally, most Brazilians are very open to foreigners looking to invest in their businesses and welcome their involvement.

Cornelsen thinks that the current knowledge Brazilian business owners possess can be even more valuable than reading a business guide that was written by someone who has not been to Brazil for years.

Know the Rules

Interested parties should know that when it comes to certain types of investing, the market in Brazil is a bit more regulated than some others. In general, taxes can also be very high and unlike the U.S., there are specific rules when it comes to hiring employees, too.

Although the country’s economy has apparently grown, the Brazilian government still imposes numerous regulations reported to be for the country’s protection. Cornelsen advises investors to educate themselves about all applicable regulations. He suggests studying the restrictions on foreign currency transactions prior to actually making any investments there.

Igor Cornelsen states that while some barriers yet remain for foreign investors, said barriers can be breached by investors who are resourceful and dedicated enough.

He believes that if an investor keeps current on all the local business news they will no doubt discover different success stories concerning foreign investors that have not only scored big payoffs but additionally helped the local economy to expand.

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Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries Sets A Leadership Pace

Nabors Industries was established in 1968. Currently headed by a main office in Hamilton, Bermuda, the company has excelled in providing some of the best services across the oil sector and drilling sector. From performing well geothermal to drilling and natural gas operations to providing rigs as well as offshore services for oil industries, Nabors is a top notch company that prides itself in excellent service delivery. Nabors thrives on providing support services for offshore as well as onshore oil drilling operations. With a fleet of approximately 29 marine vessels geared towards offshore operations, Nabors continues to expand its service delivery capabilities by pleasing clients.


Perhaps one of the driving forces in this company lie in its ability to offer top drilling drives coupled with drilling systems as well as top notch equipment for data collection. Additional services include the provision of pipe handling equipment as well as drilling software. It is projected as of 2006, Nabors Industries was the land holder of approximately 610 meters in addition to advanced servicing rigs in America. In Canada alone, the company owned 190 rigs.


For a company to register such significant performance there must be brains behind it. That is where Tony Petrello comes in as a leader. Petrello was appointed as the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries because he has vast leadership experience. Known as an individual who fits into challenging work environments, Petrello has become a household name in business. Although he is not a famous politician who crafts speeches in political arenas, Petrello has won the hearts of many entrepreneurs who look forward to advancing career by joining the corporate world. As one of the most significant figures in America, Petrello represents a number that participates in shaping the economy of the world.

Early Career

As a lead executive in Nabors, Petrello’s success may pose as an easy journey. However, this is not factual. Petrello’s journey can be defined as Rome was not built in a single day. From humble beginnings, he paved a strong career path for excellence. As a leader who was not born from a well to do family, Petrello invested in building a career out of the basic education he received. Growing up in an Italian neighborhood, Petrello experienced firsthand societal demands to achieve the best in life. Petrello has been instrumental at Nabors Industries. He is in charge of critical decision making and operations. His roles extend beyond board meetings and management. To him, clients come first. He therefore, incorporates his team to work towards excellent production.

About Tony Petrello:

Igor Cornelsen’s Method of Investing

When it comes to investing, there are some forms of investing that are very involved. Many people may think about investing as merely signing up with a broker and buying some kind of stock to hold onto until it rises in price so that one can sell it.

There is more to investing than that depending on the method involved in making the investments. Igor Cornelsen himself has gained experience in the different types of investing that he is involved with. He has a lot of knowledge about the different markets that one can be involved in with investing and making money.

Igor is involved in the Brazilian stock market as well as other forms of investing in Brazil. He has given a lot of advice on the different rules to think about when it comes to investing. It gives people a better idea on what to expect from investing in Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

Among the pieces of advice that Igor has given investors is to connect with the locals. People that are trying to start a business are very social because they have to be. Networking is one of the most important methods for actually finding something that is profitable.

Igor Cornelsen has a lot of advice to give people on the different areas of finances. He definitely wants to get people into the process of setting up passive income. While working for money is a good thing to do, it is not guaranteed that people are going to be able to work for the rest of their lives.

There are plenty of circumstances that could come up and interfere with one’s ability to work. This is one of the reasons that people should find an account to put money in and allow it to gain interest over time. This will make it easier for people financially.

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Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor
Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Discouragement and How Greg Secker has Pushed Through

It is very common for successful entrepreneurs to go through a season of discouragement and get themselves to the point where they just want to give up. Greg Secker himself has found himself reaching that point when his attempts at trading were not going the way that he was expecting. Often times, when people reach that point, they throw in the towel. Another common thing to happen is that those quitters often try to tell others to quit. Greg Secker didn’t become that type of guy. For one thing, he understood that the issue could be in his approach. Therefore, he has made a few adjustments.

One thing he did was look at his approach and the steps that he has taken. He has also taken the time to pinpoint where everything has went off track. This period of time along with all of the other assessments have led to activities such as Learn to Trade webinars and workshops. He did this in hopes in sharing with people the trial and error phase he went through so that they don’t have to go through it to the same extent that he has. While success does pay out in the end, he does not want people to experience unnecessary setbacks.

One of Greg Secker’s admirable traits is that he is willing to share. He is not one of those people who wants to hoard an important secret. As a philanthropist, this makes him even more effective because he gives people the encouragement and inspiration to pursue their own goals of success in Forex trading as well as other markets and methods of generating income. Greg Secker also prides himself on being a good father to his children. He attributes a lot of his success to the support that he has gotten from his family.