WEN By Chaz: Cleanest, Purest No Lather Shampoo Ever

Cleansing conditioners first came about to replace shampoos and their matching conditioners. These unique formulas are designed to balance and refresh your hair without stripping the natural oils and nutrients present in your strands.

Cleansing conditioners do not build a lather and instead, rely on their rich moisturizing bases that wash like a shampoo but are gentler to your mane.

Sulfates, parabens and silicones are some nasty chemicals found in regular shampoos and conditioners. These produce the big, sudsy action that we’ve come to believe really helps nourish the hair. Sulfates, however, are the same chemicals added to dishwashing liquid and other household cleaning products.

Think about it; would you really enjoy pouring those kinds of chemicals onto your tresses?

We didn’t think so.

That is why stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, developed his revolutionary no lather shampoo method, WEN By Chaz. He has been the true pioneer for cleansing conditioners, and although his signature system has been copied over and over again, no other brand can match the effectiveness of WEN or even come close.

Chaz Dean’s incredible WEN By Chaz cleansing conditioners have been around for years now. In fact, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his elite celebrity clientele since 1993. Now, that says plenty about WEN, Chaz Dean and his integrity.

WEN By Chaz is all about an holistic approach to healthy, strong, shiny hair. Chaz Dean developed formulas that feature wonderful herbal, botanical and fruit extracts to deliver clean, great looking tresses for every hair type on the planet. Best of all, these luxurious cleansing conditioners come with zero sulfates, parabens or silicones.

Chaz Dean even developed a gentle line of products for children called “WEN Kids.” This popular collection works under the same no lather shampoo concept and high quality standards.

The proper way to use WEN By Chaz is to thoroughly wet hair and massage plenty of product into the hair and let it sit there for several minutes before rinsing out. WEN is fab for the scalp, roots and ends of hair and never causes snarling.

The WEN formulas not only smell divine but come in a variety of choices like Mandarin Italian Fig, Sweet Almond Mint, Tea Tree, Cucumber Aloe and more.

Whether your mane is curly, straight, coarse, fine, severely damaged or in great shape, there is a WEN cleansing conditioner designed for you.

You can buy Wen Hair Care Products at Sephora

Betting Back to Back NBA Games – Tips on How to Back Down Odds

Betting on professional basketball is challenging, especially when you must account for the point spread. You can gain an edge by focusing on back to back games. Here are some tips to use at Covers.com to enhance your odds picking from back to back NBA match ups.

Match ups and Back to Back Games

Knowing how teams fair against the spread in back to back games is step one. Some teams just do not perform well in back to back games. There is really no logical theory to validate why, but if you want to play against the basketball odds, you must know these statistics.

Home Team in a Home and Away Back to Back

Home and away situations are another way to gain an edge in back to back games that involve the same teams. The team that played at home on the first night, is not only playing on back to back nights, but they also must pack up and travel.

Understandably, both teams are subjected to travel stress, but one is going back to their home environment, while the other is going to be staying in unfamiliar accommodations. This one night “out of town” factor can produce just enough mental strain to compromise the visiting team’s performance on the back end of a two night series. In this situation you get the benefit of the home team’s likelihood to cover the spread, plus the idea that the visitors are going to suffer from a higher level of fatigue.

Star Players Ride the Pine

Another significant factor when betting back to back games is the tendency of coaches to rest star players. Wins during the regular season are important, but preserving star players for the arduous 82 game NBA season is a trend. Players recovering from injuries will frequently get the night off in back to back situations.

Many of these coaching decisions are game time calls, sometimes as late as the pregame shoot around. This makes the ability to change, or post a bet at the last minute imperative. Covers.com’s live betting option allows you to follow game updates and make last minute changes in your selections.

Study each team’s NBA odds on playing back to back games first and make a list of the teams with better records against the spread in those circumstances. Learn how to spot lopsided match ups, and keep an eye on inactive players, then be prepared to make your final picks once you have lineup information for your games.

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Natural Haircare vs Unnatural Haircare

Let’s be honest for minute, hair care is serious business worldwide. This industry is huge and has a even larger following. There are literally thousands of products out there that come from the hundreds of brands. Finding that perfect product can be frustrating and elusive at times, but this article may help guide you in the right direction. The thing about haircare is that it comes to forms different forms, natural and unnatural. Many of today’s brands aren’t natural at all though they may provide you with temporary health, long term health is sure to be non-existent. Many shampoo and conditioner products are chemically based and that sweet smelling lather is actually a chemical reaction from it’s dire ingredients. Parabens and Sulfates are the culprits and they can be harsh to your scalp with consistent use.

Natural products are a much better option as they lack the harsh contaminants, but are full of organic ingredients instead. These ingredients nourish your hair and scalp deep down which helps it grow at a much faster rate. One of the best all natural product lines on the market today is by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. WEN by Chaz has taken the scene by storm with it’s extraordinary positive effects. Wen hair products won’t strip the hair of moisture and oil, contains no dangerous chemicals, and are easy to apply. Let’s take a closure look at some of it’s wonderful products:

  • 5-in-1 Cleaning Conditioner
  • Lavender Re-Moist Treatment
  • Pomegranate Straightening Smoothing Spray
  • Cucumber Aloe Replenishing Treatment
  • Daily Cleansing Treatment
  • And many more

What it all comes down to is that synthetic unnatural products just doesn’t have the capabilities to outperform natural products. If you want better hair care then try WEN by Chaz Hair care Products. The products are available on select retailers and online at QVC.com.

More hair care tips on https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Leads the Real Estate Industry in Researched Title Documents

In the most recent years, title defects has been the area of major concern within the housing market. A defective title means that the title has a lien on it or there is a mortgage on the title. The title can’t be transferred because a third party can place a claim on it.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that researches property records as well as uses human verification so that a piece of property can be placed on the market without any hindrance. According to NTC, property records are vital to secure a clear title. This lowers the rate of lenders being unable to proceed with the foreclosing process and lowers the risk for a potential buyback. Nationwide Title Clearing has implemented a system that secures the property reports. On the Nationwide Title Clearing new website, users can easily access the reports.


A common occurrence with a defective title is that one person tries to claim a piece of property or item when it belongs to someone else. A title can be deemed invalid if the wording on a legal document does not meet the standards within the real estate market. Also, a missing signature that is mandatory to complete a transaction, past liens are still showing on the property or asset, or following the recording procedure for the property or asset legal documents can deem the title defective. These matters have to be resolved in order for the property or asset to be placed on the market.


CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, John Hillman stated that correcting the defects on the title is vital before it can be transferred or sold. Nationwide Title Clearing has taken steps within the mortgage area and has made property reports easily accessible by ordering it online through their website. The company’s goal is to offer a fast, straightforward process in gaining property records nationwide.


Nationwide Title Clearing gathers data from several outlets during this process. Lenders all over the United States use the services of NTC so that any future property or asset transactions continue without legalities. They produce results that are accurate.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is located in Palm Harbor, FL. It is an independent company that provides services to the residential industry. They provide services to investors and mortgage companies. NTC is well known for distributing accurate, researched, documents concerning the property or asset in question. The company was established in 1991.

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Making It in the Financial World with Brian Bonar

In the past few years, Brian Bonar has managed to establish himself as one of the most experienced financial experts in the financial world. During this period, he has worked with various corporations and has managed to acquire experience in contract administration, site, and building design as well as procurement. He has also acquired experience in design development.

His peers know him for his ability to pay attention to details. This ability has been one of his greatest achievements. Because of his good work, he has been recognized by several awards which include The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. He has received this award twice.

Currently, Brian Bonar is working for a company called the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he occupies the position of the chief executive officer and the chairman. His main responsibilities include advising his clients on the best employee benefit programs as well as the best ways to improve business efficiency in their firms.

Other than the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar also works for the Imaging Technologies where he is the chief executive officer. Imaging Technologies is a company that specializes in offering technological services to its clients such as color management software as well as the digital imaging hardware.

The good experience coupled with an excellent educational background has been the key to his success. For his undergraduate degree, Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical University and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He also mastered in the same subject years later at Stafford University. Just after school, Bonar had the opportunity to work as a procurement manager at IBM. He then took the position of director of engineering at another firm called QMS where he spent several years. During his stay at the QMS, Brian Bonar had the opportunity to manage a group of about a 100 people.

He advanced to the Adaptec Company as a sales manager before deciding to start a company of his own. His first venture was the Bezier System. Since then, he has advanced to become one of the best financial managers of modern times. Bonar is just like any other person and has hobbies and interests. When not involved in office work, he can be found spending time with his family. This financial genius also loves golfing and taking boat rides with his friends and family.

Brian Bonar has other personal ventures such as Bellamy’s chains of restaurants that are based in San Diego, California. This venture boasts of the renowned Chef Ponsaty. The chef has helped change and introduce new meals into these chain of restaurants. This, on the other hand, led to an increase in the number of customers frequenting the joints.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope and His Beliefs on the Future

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona and obtained a degree in finance from Arizona State University in Tempe. He went on after that to obtain his Masters from the graduate program in business from the W.P Carey School of Business at this same university. After obtaining his degrees he went on to found his company, Jason Hope Business Consulting. The role of his company is to assist businesses in finding investors, raising capital, and developing a business strategy in order to maximize and increase profits.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been actively involved in technology. In particular he has been very involved with the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is developing ways of looking at growing older and diseases in a different way than more traditional medicine does. It innovates in order to find ways to prevent diseases from occurring at all, rather than developing treatments for the symptoms of diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, as well as Alzheimer’s. The goal is to help people live longer with better quality of life.

Jason Hope has also been heavily active in the “internet of things” concept. The idea is that you will have devices throughout, for example, your home or business that will be connected to the internet and will all communicate together without the need for human interaction. Through his consulting business he has provided companies with deep insights into automation with the goal that they will use the best ways to capitalize and profit on new technology. While “the internet of things” has been around for awhile Jason believes that within the next five years we will see explosive growth of it. He firmly believes that this will also solve many traffic problems, and make driving far safer for everyone when smart technology is controlling cars rather than fallible human beings.

Jason Hope has also been giving back to the community through philanthropic work. He has focused on charities in local communities around Arizona. He has worked to provide equal access to quality education in Arizona and recently made a large contribution to Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter with a goal of helping to recruit and support teachers in the city. This is in addition to his philanthropic work with the SENS Foundation.

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Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Talk to Their Families During Holidays

During the holiday season there are a number of inmates that are looking to talk to their family members. Fortunately for a number of these inmates, they can reunite with their families without having to deal with the hassle of visits. Securus Technologies has put together a solution that allows family members of inmates to contact them and talk to them live via video camera. This option has proven to be among the most efficient ways for the family members of inmates to communicate. It provides them with a low cost communication method that saves them a lot of time.


The way this works is an inmate makes a call and the family member goes on the computer to receive the call. An inmate will then be able to talk to the family member live through a video webcam. As a result, this will allow the two parties to see each other onscreen and communicate in a more personalized manner. Inmates will have the opportunity to see their family members living their daily lives at home. At the same time, the family members will be able to see the inmate talk to them from their correctional facility. Taking advantage of this option has helped both inmates and their families stay in touch and see each other during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies is a major telecommunications company based in Texas. The company specializes in providing correctional facilities with equipment and services to allow inmates to communicate. With Securus Technologies, a number of correctional facilities have been able to use the latest technology in the telecommunications industry. As a result, both inmates and correctional staff will have the means to more efficiently meet their communication needs. Securus Technologies offers phone services, voicemail and email services to its customers. Therefore, inmates and staff will have plenty of options to use when looking to make and receive contacts on a regular basis.


With Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to provide a number of communication solutions to inmates. One of the most common options is telephone services. Inmates will be able to contact their family and friends by making calls and receiving them in a more timely manner. As well as offering phone service, Securus Technologies also offers voicemail which will allow people to leave messages via telephone. With instant mail, inmates and staff can get messages from a computer which eliminates the hassle of receiving letters. There is also video visitation which is a new service that allows inmates to see their contacts while talking on the phone.