Thor Halvorrsen’s Humanitarian Projects

If you were to research pictures of Seoul, North Korea, you would probably not realize how corrupt it was. It looks very much like a beautiful American city, like New York or Los Angeles. It has all of the indicators of financial prosperity. However, one of the major differences is that tyrannical governmental entities tell men such as Thor Halvorssen that they are going to slit his throat. This episode was recounted in this article. Behind all of the prosperity and architecture is a malevolent agenda. According to an article in The Atlantic, Halvorssen has spent his entire life working against governments such as this one. In fact, North Korea was not the first to threaten him, and they will likely not be the last.

People Are Suffering Everywhere

Somehow, westerners often forget about people who are suffering under governments such as North Korea. We only see our personal fame and prosperity and forget about things that are happening all over the world. There really are dictators who treat their people inhumanely. There are malevolent rulers. Men such as Thor Halvorssen have experienced them directly. Both of his parents were murdered by a tyrannical government. His brother is a prisoner. You would think that these experiences would have frightened him into some safe, domestic career in the United States. But on the contrary, they have motivated him to seek justice for people who are struggling all over the world. There are people in Cuba, North Korea, and much more, who are suffering under the hands of a selfish government.

About Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is an American who has closely followed the 2016 Presidential Election. He has been a bit worried about how so many people are so quickly taken in by smooth-talking politician. There are so many jokes about lying politicians, but nobody seems to be able to identify one standing in front of them. However, despite his opposition to socialism, Halvorssen supports Bernie Sanders as a presidential nominee. Since he has a keen eye for the potential of tyranny, he is deeply opposed to candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For Halvorssen, Sanders is the only reasonable option.

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