The Richest African Woman and a Feminist – Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s richest woman with a net worth of over $ 2 billion two billion. She is a Russian –Angolan businesswoman and the eldest child of the former president of Angola Eduardo dos Santos born on 20th April in the year 1973. She was also named as among the hundred most influential women in the world.

Education and Career

Isabel dos Santos studied electrical engineering at Kings College in London. She returned from London in the early 1990s where she worked with her father as a project manager engineer for the company Urbana 2000. She then started a trucking business and in 1997, she opened the Miami Beach Club as her first business which led to many holdings in Angola and more so in Portugal. Dos Santos was chairwoman of Sonangol appointed by her father in June the year 2016 and was fired by the new president following the speculations by Angolan Media in March 2017.

The Bottom Line

Isabel dos Santos has managed to keep her wealth growing even after being fired from her job. She is among the few women in the male-dominated world of the business world keeping in mind that she is also African. She treasures her father for educating her just like her brothers and also her open-minded husband who married her despite being rich and having a career. She says that her husband has been very supportive and has led to her success. Isabel dos Santos advocates for girls to have self-confidence, be responsible, and to be independent. Today’s woman and especially in Africa should be strong, should take risks, should participate in enterprises, and they should fight for leadership positions in every aspect of their life even if they make it be the richest in the globe.

Advice to parents

Isabel dos Santos advise parents to teach their girls to manage their finances, their salary, and their investments. She also sees it important to allow girls and women to have a role that helps the society that they live in and in a similar way as a man.

Dr. Saad Saad: A Long and Prolific Career

In a recent article featured on, Dr. Saad Saad talks about the steps he has taken to form his illustrious career as a pediatric surgeon. Throughout much of his career, he has been charged with responsibilities that denote the sense of duty that he has always carried for the position.

He first knew he wanted to be a medical professional after seeing his brother slave away in the hot sun in Kuwait. Being an engineer seemed like a good profession at the time, but Dr. Saad Saad quickly learned that it was not for him and he wanted to look for a position that offered him time indoors.

Even though Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait he was originally born in Palestine. In order to secure an education, he would have to emigrate again to Egypt where he attended Cairo University. He obtained his medical degree at the top of his class and went on to study in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad explains that one of the most valuable lessons that he learned throughout his career was under the tutelage of his mentor in Charleston, South Carolina. He tells his interviewer that his training mentor taught him about the quality of care and putting your best foot forward.

When asked during his interview, Dr. Saad Saad talks about some of the trends that excite him in the medical community. One of the biggest things that he is most excited about is how genetics are changing the way that people understand and treat chronic diseases.

Cancer is one of those ailments that people feel a huge push to cure. Dr. Saad Saad has talked about how important research is to bringing ideas to life. As an inventor of various devices himself he knows that research is one of the ways that practitioners can further their impact on society in a positive way.

Dr. Saad Saad has had a very long career. He has worked as a director for major programs and even as the personal physician for the Saudi Arabian and royal family. In the interview, he talks about how organization has been a very big part of his ability to remain effective.

He tells the interviewer that when he feels as though he is organized, he is much more efficient and avoids procrastination. If he was able to talk to his younger self, he would help them become more determined and sat on their goals.

He would instill them with the sense of accomplishment and the feeling that nothing is beyond their reach. Dr. Saad Saad understands that his position as a pediatric surgeon has been very important. He reflects back on his life with a lot of success, but he understands that that success was hard won through his efforts.

James Dondero: A Businessman Of Many Pursuits

A man whose entrepreneurial nature is matched only by his kindhearted disposition, James Dondero is a great businessman of both noble deeds and unbridled ambition. Far more than an innovator and philanthropist, Dondero is also a CEO, co-founder, chairman, director, and an economist extraordinaire. Before making a name for himself in his industry, Dondero earned the necessary college degree from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. Following his collegiate years, Dondero immersed himself in his trade. His first job was at J.P Morgan, where Dondero served as an analyst.

In the hopes of acquiring an in-depth understanding of his field, Dondero became an active member of the company’s analyst training program. He then graduated to a higher position at American Express, and Dondero’s eminence in business began to take shape. Some years later, Dondero met a keen entrepreneur by the name of Mike Okada. The two bonded over their enthusiasm for business pursuits, subsequently embarking on an undertaking of their own. In 1993, they brought Highland Capital Management to fruition. Highland Capital Management, an investment management firm, offers a wealth of financial services including fund management, mutual funding, and investment solutions.

The company continues to operate at peak efficiency, and Dondero does his part to ensure that the success he’s accumulated doesn’t inflate his ego. He does so via philanthropic efforts. Alongside his trusted colleagues, Dondero’s donated both capital and time to numerous charitable organizations. Among a few include Education is Freedom, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the Dallas Zoo, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and The Family Place. He encourages others to get involved in these noble causes for the sake of enhancing our communities. Regarding his own community, Dondero pioneered the Highland Dallas Foundation in an effort to bolster disenfranchised citizens of Texas.

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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie

Papa John’s is a pizza company located in America that has recorded nothing but positive growth since it was formed. It was founded about 34 years ago starting from scratch and grew to become the renowned pizza company it is today. This is because of the delicious pizza that the company makes that has been highly appreciated by people around the world. The company has developed and has over 1500 pizza restaurants in different parts of the world. In addition to that, the company also provides excellent and timely delivery services to its clients. Because of this, the company has grown to become famous throughout the world.

The company has recorded an increase in its net income and assets and also provided job opportunities to unemployed people. Recently, the company selected Steve Ritchie to become the new Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s. However, he rose from a humble beginning in the company and earned the CEO position based on his hard work and determination. He got interested in the pizza company when he first tastes pizza from one of the company’s outlets. He immediately fell in love with the pizza and become interested to work there. His career started at Papa John’s where he first worked on an hourly wage of $6 per hour.

Due to his hard work and determination, he was promoted to become the manager and then the supervisor of the company’s franchise. In this position, he was able to show his excellent leadership skills and was able to coordinate his team to achieve the company’s goals and objects. His ambition and determination drove him to achieve the best results in every work that was assigned to him. Later on, his hard work paid off and he was promoted to become the global operations director of the company. By this time, he had gained so much experience in handling the business and in this role; he was able to market the company and recorded nothing but positive results. Steve Ritchie was thereafter made the Chief Operating Officer and finally the CEO of the company. Steve Ritchie stated that he will do his best to drive the company to greater heights and make it the leading pizza company in the world.

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“Marc Beer is the CEO of Renovia Inc., and he successfully raised $42M that Will Be Used to Empower Women’s Health. “

Since women are usually exposed to various disorders such as the pelvic floor disorder, Renovia Inc. is trying to find a reliable form of treatment for such ailments. Marc Beer is the co-founder of the company. He works as the CEO of Renovia Inc.

Since he has been actively involved in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for over two decades, Marc Beer is well versed with knowledge about how to propel the success of a biotechnology startup company. He is also conversant with the FDA approval processes for various forms of therapy and drugs. Since Renovia Inc. was in dire need of funds to continue their research, Marc Beer had to organize a fundraiser.

About Marc Beer and the Fundraiser

Since Renovia Inc. has made some few breakthroughs while trying to find a treatment solution for ailments such as urinary continence, the company had to look for funds so that they may progress with their research accordingly. Marc Beer ensured that the fundraiser has proceeded as earlier planned. The target was $42 million. Coincidentally, people who attended the fundraiser were generous enough, and they brought forth a total of $42.3 million. The venture debts totaled $10 million whereas the Series B Funding came up with a total of $32.3 million.

Since Marc Beer is conversant with the FDA approval process, he was able to ensure that the Leva technology was well constructed. In April 2018, the FDA approved the Leva technology. Leva is an application that helps to monitor and ensure that women with pelvic floor disorders engage in training sessions that act as a form of therapy.

The Bluetooth device fitted in Leva allows it to offer coaching sessions. The invention also generates visualizations on a real-time basis. Through the Leva technology, your plate muscles will be stronger. The only condition is that you must heed to the coaching sessions.

Since the fundraiser was successful, Renovia can now come up with a more advanced form of Leva. They will also be able to create more efficient types of technology that will be used during the diagnosis process and clinical trials. Women suffering from the pelvic floor disorder usually experience a lot of pain and pressure. Learn more:

Additionally, their bladder is not emptied fully thus resulting in urinary continence. Since Renovia Inc. is one of the innovative biotechnology companies, the corporation will eventually come up with an advanced digital health platform. This platform will ensure that the company’s clients have access to valuable pieces of data. The data will then guide them on the new treatment options that are available. Furthermore, the clients will also get to know more about the pelvic floor disorder. Marc Beer will also ensure that the treatment options offered by Renovia Inc. will be affordable.

DAMAC Owner HUssain Sajwani Keeps His Sights On London

The luxury real estate developer Hussain Sajwani believes there is nothing for his company to fear over the move into the U.K. capital of London. As the DAMAC owner moves forward with the expansion of his luxury real estate development company into the English city he is facing the problems of a slumping market and the new political realities of Brexit. The electronic engineering graduate from the University of Washington is keen to reassure his followers and investors that every possible Brexit outcome has been explored for his brand.

Taking a gamble on an uncertain market is not something Hussain Sajwani is new to as he has spent much of his life taking risks on how and where to invest his money. In fact, the DAMAC owner has been through a series of ups and downs in the financial markets as he has guided DAMAC Properties and his Global Logistics Services through some of the most difficult financial periods in living memory.

The 2008 economic slump pushed the former contracts executive for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to support calls from the U.S. President Donald Trump for closer trade links with China without the burden of high tariffs. Partnering with the Trump Organization on two golf course developments has allowed the DAMAC owner to become a close associate of the U.S. President who he shares a view on free trade with. In the view of Hussain Sajwani, Chinese economic restrictions for imports are causing undue problems for the global economy.

London is facing up to the realities of Brexit as political and economic problems mount for the U.K. Government. Hussain Sajwani has been planning an assault on the London real estate markets for a number of years and continues to plan this despite the looming shadow of Brexit. There is nothing to fear for a luxury real estate developer who believes he has researched every eventuality regarding the economic and political realities of the U.K.’s possible withdrawal from the European Union.

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Lincolnshire Management: A Specialist in Growing Middle-market Companies

In a move that underscores the company’s commitment to investment and growing its financial base, Lincolnshire Management announced that it was exiting Holley. In a private transaction, whose value was not disclosed, the senior management of Lincolnshire Management revealed that it had sold Holley, a specialist in the marketing and manufacturing of branded automotive products to Sentinel Capital Partners’ affiliate. The deal, which was overseen by Kirkland & Ellis LLP with advisory from two different financial service advisory firms, marked the end of a five-year association between Lincolnshire and Holley.

Since purchasing the iconic brand in 2013, Lincolnshire Management has seen its investment in Holley quadruple. The increase in the company’s investment value in the firm founded in 1903underlined Lincolnshire Management’s reputation as one of the leading specialists in growing middle-market companies and markets. While commenting on the deal, Holley Performance Products’ president and CEO Tom Tomlinson praised Lincolnshire’s excellent knowledge of Holley’s markets, products, and consumers from the onset of the deal. He noted that such knowledge played a vital role in Lincolnshire’s ability to guide Holley’s towards a five-year brand evolution and an upward growth trajectory.

Lincolnshire Management’s chairman and CEO T.M.Maloney praised Holley’s executive management team for their steadfast commitment to helping the company adopt new technologies, adopting aggressive expansion strategies, and promoting the firm’s organic growth. During the partnership, Holley has launched new product lines while also acquiring new firms. These initiatives have transformed Holley into a market leader. The successes of the five-year deal between the two companies were also highlighted by Lincolnshire’s principal Ben Bartlett.

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has transformed into a market leader by specializing in niche marketing. Thecompany primarily focuses on investment in the middle-market through acquisitions and investments in various companies operating in different industries. For example, the company acquired a controlling stake in Gruppo Fabbri Vignola in 2014 and sold its stake in 2017 to Argos Soditic. Lincolnshire also focuses on recapitalization, buyouts, equities, and corporate divestitures. With its headquarters in New York, the company boasts of $1.7billion in private equities and a strong market presence.

Jeremy Goldstein: Expert Attorney and Online Lawyers Technology

Newyork State Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service started a new online entry for clients looking for experienced lawyers to handle an offensive case or other legal issues. The service is always available in Madison County. The service has fitted lawyers who have qualified credentials proved by Madison County Bar Association.

The Association started the new online technology in association with a global provider of marketplace and. Guide operating technology which is one of the most significant associations of lawyers in the world. Lawyers provide services at low cost to ensure the program develops and grows and also has more clients.

An individual seeking for a lawyer in Madison county goes to a website and answer some private questionnaires portraying their residents. The county checks the questions and matches them with a lawyer in the nearby residential. If the client lives in Madison County, the state bar forward the request to Madison county bar association.

In consultation with the lawyer in the first 30 minutes, the customer pays $35. However, different issues make exclusions. After the first dialogue, the client is under no agreement to hold the lawyer. The lawyer and client agree on the additional payment. The protected client referrals set with a new online technology will help lawyers serve more clients.

Jeremy is the President of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Company; the company aim is to instruct the officers, biding guidance help to beneficial committees, offering approval on issues around joint administration and offering guidance to corporations. Jeremy Goldstein is also the manager of American Bar Association business. The US has recognized him as the best acting executive lawyer

Due to his skills, he has received praise as top executive payoff attorney in the legal 500. He has earlier worked as a partner in New York-Mergers firm. Jeremy Goldstein has also worked in joint contracts such as the merger of J, P, South Africa Breweries. Jeremy Goldstein started his own company after talks on the clash of interest encountered when dealing with more significant compensation issues. He saw room for success after seeing many companies seeking advice firms separate from larger companies. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein believes that owning new technology is relevance for the development of the business. He uses his time well by narrowing the amount of work he does. Jeremy is highly knowledgeable in matters regarding different transactions. He believes that a client has a significant influence on the guidance the lawyer gives hence he uses more time speaking on the client to provide them with the best advice.

How Is OSI Group Guaranteeing Sustainability And Market Lead?

Within the past two decades, OSI Group has doubled its original size and achieved unimaginable heights in its quest for market domination. The Sheldon Lavin-led company has not featured on the Forbes list of top 100 private companies in the United States but has also been named one of the most influential companies of all time.The OSI management is, however, not relenting and is still after the number one spot in the food processing industry and distribution industry. But how do they hope to get here while maintaining the ensuing the sustainability of the success already achieved?

An expanded product list

When OSI Group was starting out, it positioned itself as a beef processor and distributor. However, as the brand expanded and captured more international markets, there arose the need for a more diversified product list. It would start by incorporating other types of quality meat products like poultry, pork, and fish. Most recently, food processing and distributing brand introduced vegetable products to this list in different parts of the world.

Increased global production

Taking the OSI Group products onto the global stage and introducing them to the world food market would also demand that the company increases its production. The Sheldon Lavin-company started by upgrading their factory processing technologies to ensure they meet the increased demand for company  range of products.Additionally, the meat processor would commission the establishment of larger processing plants with even bigger production capacities. A case in point, the upgraded poultry plant in Spain with a production capacity of over 12,000 tons of meat annually.

Partnerships with global retailers

The success of OSI Group in its first seven decades was rooted in the partnerships its founders established with its product consumers. Key clients at the time included McDonald food chain restaurant and other meat retailers around the country. The current crop of leadership hopes to replicate this success by establishing strategic partnerships with food chain restaurants and food retailers across the globe.

More about OSI Group

Established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski, the meat company has had a successful run in the business world. The management would, however, change hands in the late 1970s when Sheldon Lavin took over as its chief executive officer and chairman of the group.

Meet Multi-Talented Rebel Wilson

The popular stage production Cats is going to become a movie. Rebel Wilson is portraying Jennyanydots. Jennyanydots is the lazy alley cat, also known as Old Grumbie Cat in the Universal movie production. Jennyanydots lounges around during the day and teaches mice how to crochet and about music at night. Jennyanydots loves to bake a mouse cake made of bacon, cheese, bread, and peas. Cats is the 19th film Wilson appears in during a period of 15 years.

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson was born on March 2, 1980 in Sydney, Australia. At 38, Wilson is an Australian actress, writer, and producer.

Wilson was named Rebel after a woman who sang at her parents’ wedding. Rebel Wilson has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. Her brother Ryot and sister Liberty are both in the acting profession. Rebel Wilson is related to the famous Disney family; her great-aunt was Lillian Bounds Disney.

Growing up in the suburbs of Kenthurst, Parramatta, and Castle Hill, Wilson went to Tara Anglican School for Girls in Northern Parramatta. Wilson received the Higher School Certificate in 1997. She came in second place in a food technology state competion. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Wilson graduated from University of North Wales in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Performance and Studies. Rebel Wilson graduated from University of North Wales with a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Although she’s in the entertainment industry, Rebel Wilson once considered being a mathematician. Rebel Wilson has been a performer since 2002. She’s been in the film industry for over 15 years, has recently tried professional theatre, and lent her voice to a video game called Ice Age Continental Drift-Arctic Games.

Rebel Wilson is an award winning actress. She was nominated twice for the People’s Choice Award and twice for the Teens Choice Award. Wilson won the MTV Movie Award for her performance as Fat Amy in both Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. MTV also awarded Wilson for Best Ensemble and Best Kiss with Adam Levine. Wilson won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Comedy for Perfect Pitch.

Rebel Wilson is a plus sized actress who is developing her own clothing company to help plus sized women feel sexy and stylish, too. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Wilson embraces her large size and considers it extra special. Wilson calls her clothingline Body-con that celebrates curves instead of hiding them. Many of the hair care products she uses on her luxurious blonde hair can be found in Amazon.

Despite her plus size clothingline, Wilson went on a diet and got into shape in the gym for the sake of her health. Since July, Wilson has lost 33 pounds. Part of the weight loss was for her Cats role.