Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Leads the Real Estate Industry in Researched Title Documents

In the most recent years, title defects has been the area of major concern within the housing market. A defective title means that the title has a lien on it or there is a mortgage on the title. The title can’t be transferred because a third party can place a claim on it.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company that researches property records as well as uses human verification so that a piece of property can be placed on the market without any hindrance. According to NTC, property records are vital to secure a clear title. This lowers the rate of lenders being unable to proceed with the foreclosing process and lowers the risk for a potential buyback. Nationwide Title Clearing has implemented a system that secures the property reports. On the Nationwide Title Clearing new website, users can easily access the reports.


A common occurrence with a defective title is that one person tries to claim a piece of property or item when it belongs to someone else. A title can be deemed invalid if the wording on a legal document does not meet the standards within the real estate market. Also, a missing signature that is mandatory to complete a transaction, past liens are still showing on the property or asset, or following the recording procedure for the property or asset legal documents can deem the title defective. These matters have to be resolved in order for the property or asset to be placed on the market.


CEO of Nationwide Title Clearing, John Hillman stated that correcting the defects on the title is vital before it can be transferred or sold. Nationwide Title Clearing has taken steps within the mortgage area and has made property reports easily accessible by ordering it online through their website. The company’s goal is to offer a fast, straightforward process in gaining property records nationwide.


Nationwide Title Clearing gathers data from several outlets during this process. Lenders all over the United States use the services of NTC so that any future property or asset transactions continue without legalities. They produce results that are accurate.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is located in Palm Harbor, FL. It is an independent company that provides services to the residential industry. They provide services to investors and mortgage companies. NTC is well known for distributing accurate, researched, documents concerning the property or asset in question. The company was established in 1991.

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Making It in the Financial World with Brian Bonar

In the past few years, Brian Bonar has managed to establish himself as one of the most experienced financial experts in the financial world. During this period, he has worked with various corporations and has managed to acquire experience in contract administration, site, and building design as well as procurement. He has also acquired experience in design development.

His peers know him for his ability to pay attention to details. This ability has been one of his greatest achievements. Because of his good work, he has been recognized by several awards which include The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. He has received this award twice.

Currently, Brian Bonar is working for a company called the Dalrada Financial Corporation where he occupies the position of the chief executive officer and the chairman. His main responsibilities include advising his clients on the best employee benefit programs as well as the best ways to improve business efficiency in their firms.

Other than the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar also works for the Imaging Technologies where he is the chief executive officer. Imaging Technologies is a company that specializes in offering technological services to its clients such as color management software as well as the digital imaging hardware.

The good experience coupled with an excellent educational background has been the key to his success. For his undergraduate degree, Brian Bonar attended the James Watt Technical University and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He also mastered in the same subject years later at Stafford University. Just after school, Bonar had the opportunity to work as a procurement manager at IBM. He then took the position of director of engineering at another firm called QMS where he spent several years. During his stay at the QMS, Brian Bonar had the opportunity to manage a group of about a 100 people.

He advanced to the Adaptec Company as a sales manager before deciding to start a company of his own. His first venture was the Bezier System. Since then, he has advanced to become one of the best financial managers of modern times. Bonar is just like any other person and has hobbies and interests. When not involved in office work, he can be found spending time with his family. This financial genius also loves golfing and taking boat rides with his friends and family.

Brian Bonar has other personal ventures such as Bellamy’s chains of restaurants that are based in San Diego, California. This venture boasts of the renowned Chef Ponsaty. The chef has helped change and introduce new meals into these chain of restaurants. This, on the other hand, led to an increase in the number of customers frequenting the joints.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope and His Beliefs on the Future

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona and obtained a degree in finance from Arizona State University in Tempe. He went on after that to obtain his Masters from the graduate program in business from the W.P Carey School of Business at this same university. After obtaining his degrees he went on to found his company, Jason Hope Business Consulting. The role of his company is to assist businesses in finding investors, raising capital, and developing a business strategy in order to maximize and increase profits.

As an entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been actively involved in technology. In particular he has been very involved with the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is developing ways of looking at growing older and diseases in a different way than more traditional medicine does. It innovates in order to find ways to prevent diseases from occurring at all, rather than developing treatments for the symptoms of diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, as well as Alzheimer’s. The goal is to help people live longer with better quality of life.

Jason Hope has also been heavily active in the “internet of things” concept. The idea is that you will have devices throughout, for example, your home or business that will be connected to the internet and will all communicate together without the need for human interaction. Through his consulting business he has provided companies with deep insights into automation with the goal that they will use the best ways to capitalize and profit on new technology. While “the internet of things” has been around for awhile Jason believes that within the next five years we will see explosive growth of it. He firmly believes that this will also solve many traffic problems, and make driving far safer for everyone when smart technology is controlling cars rather than fallible human beings.

Jason Hope has also been giving back to the community through philanthropic work. He has focused on charities in local communities around Arizona. He has worked to provide equal access to quality education in Arizona and recently made a large contribution to Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter with a goal of helping to recruit and support teachers in the city. This is in addition to his philanthropic work with the SENS Foundation.

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Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Talk to Their Families During Holidays

During the holiday season there are a number of inmates that are looking to talk to their family members. Fortunately for a number of these inmates, they can reunite with their families without having to deal with the hassle of visits. Securus Technologies has put together a solution that allows family members of inmates to contact them and talk to them live via video camera. This option has proven to be among the most efficient ways for the family members of inmates to communicate. It provides them with a low cost communication method that saves them a lot of time.


The way this works is an inmate makes a call and the family member goes on the computer to receive the call. An inmate will then be able to talk to the family member live through a video webcam. As a result, this will allow the two parties to see each other onscreen and communicate in a more personalized manner. Inmates will have the opportunity to see their family members living their daily lives at home. At the same time, the family members will be able to see the inmate talk to them from their correctional facility. Taking advantage of this option has helped both inmates and their families stay in touch and see each other during the holiday season.


Securus Technologies is a major telecommunications company based in Texas. The company specializes in providing correctional facilities with equipment and services to allow inmates to communicate. With Securus Technologies, a number of correctional facilities have been able to use the latest technology in the telecommunications industry. As a result, both inmates and correctional staff will have the means to more efficiently meet their communication needs. Securus Technologies offers phone services, voicemail and email services to its customers. Therefore, inmates and staff will have plenty of options to use when looking to make and receive contacts on a regular basis.


With Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to provide a number of communication solutions to inmates. One of the most common options is telephone services. Inmates will be able to contact their family and friends by making calls and receiving them in a more timely manner. As well as offering phone service, Securus Technologies also offers voicemail which will allow people to leave messages via telephone. With instant mail, inmates and staff can get messages from a computer which eliminates the hassle of receiving letters. There is also video visitation which is a new service that allows inmates to see their contacts while talking on the phone.


Adding to Your Spiritual Life with Kabbalah Practices

If you need to be sure that you are able to learnable that you can about some things that will benefit your life, you will be in a good position to do so when you embrace the teachings of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a set of ancient teachings that are rooted in interpretations of the Old Testament. When you need to be sure that you are in a good position to take your life to the next level and to gain some understandings that can carry over into all facets of your life, read on and learn all that you can about these benefits.

#1: Meditation is a key focus

There are a lot of things that you need to do to live a sound spiritual and mental life. Meditation is a key concept in the Kabbalah due to the fact that it allows you to center yourself and become one with the present moment. This is a main reason why meditation is so centric to all of the teachings found in this realm of spirituality.

#2: Life is a journey and an adventure

It is very important to embrace the teachings of life as they come across your path. In the Kabbalah, you learn all about the beauty and benefits of living in the moment and making the most out of every thing that happens to you. It is through this level of journey and adventure that you learn all about God and about your life as a whole.

#3: We all have gifts from God

It is important to remember that we all are endowed with gifts from our Creator which help people to not only benefit themselves, but to also be a gift to others. It is in this way that people honor their God and the life that they were given. This spiritual teaching will show you how to unlock your own gifts which were given to you by God.

By taking advantage of these points of view, you will be able to enhance your life both mentally and spiritually. A lot of people embrace the teachings of the Kabbalah for this reason. You will be in a great position to upgrade your life and also learn more about your creator at the same time. To learn more about this, visit the Kabbalah Centre in your area.

SEC Whistleblower Program Helps Investors

The Great Recession proved to be a very costly event that led to a severe economic downturn. As a result, the Congress acted in order to take preventative measures against this event. They passed a new law known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. With this new law, the financial industry would be more heavily regulated. Along with this added regulation, the new law also developed a new program known as the SEC Whistleblower program. This will allow anyone to report wrongdoing that takes place in the finance industry. It will also allow individuals to seek litigation for lost money and get representation from a qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer.


When looking to seek litigation through the SEC whistleblower program, it will be important to use the services of a top firm such as Labaton Sucharow. This firm has established itself as the premier law firm when it comes to litigating against predatory financial companies. The firm is run by longtime attorney Jordan Thomas who has helped build Labaton Sucharow into a highly effective law firm that gets results. He was once part of the Securities and Exchange Commission and therefore has a lot of expertise when it comes to the securities laws. When getting representation from this firm, clients will be able to have an SEC whistleblower attorney assigned to them throughout the whole case.


Labaton Sucharow offers services to clients that are highly effective in terms of getting favorable results in securities law cases. Clients will get legal representation from one of the assigned attorneys. As well as general legal representation, clients will also get assistance from forensic accountants, financial analysts and also general investigators. With all of the contributions made by these professionals, clients will be in great position to get a positive result in a given securities litigation case. Each of these professionals will work to examine documents, interview people and also put together reports for the lawyers to use when filing a case.


Once a client looks to receive assistance from Labaton Sucharow, they will be assigned an attorney. They will be offered an initial consultation to tell the lawyer exactly how they were victimized by unethical activity committed by financial companies and professionals. The lawyer will then gather the necessary information and file documents to both the defendant and the court. Depending on the response, the case will either be settled or go to court. If a client wins the case, they will receive compensation as well as have their identity protected.

Look To Ignition Financial To Refinance Your Automobile

Refinancing your automobile is probably one thing that most people never considered before, primarily because the thought never seemed to be a reality. But when you stop and think about it, it seems to make sense under the right circumstances.


Most of us purchase our cars based on the dollar amount of monthly car payments we can afford. We walk into a dealership, look at the cars on display, and pretend to like this car or that car, but we finally make our decision on the level of car payment we can afford.


We can then drive our “new” car out of the dealership and feel satisfied that we made a good deal when we have no idea if the transaction was in our favor or not. Now with Ignition Financial, we can undo that deal where the payments were probably not made in our favor after all.


The car business is not in business necessarily to be our friend, but it exists to make a profit. The more profit, the better. Most consumers have no idea what goes on in an automobile financing operation.


Lenders are financial institutions that supply the money for the deals the dealers and used car companies have available for auto financing. Lenders are always trying to set up as many finance plans as possible, and their path to the consumer is through the car dealerships.


Lenders are always putting out great incentives for the car dealerships to do business with them. One way of doing that is to set a “floor rate” or a minimum interest rate that the lender will accept. Then they allow the dealership to “mark up the floor price so that the dealer will make a nice profit. This amount usually runs from 2% to 4% extra, and this amount is rolled into the charges that are due at closing.


This additional amount of money is not usually necessary when the consumer gets his or her financing at the local bank or credit union, but many car customers do not know that.


At Ignition, it is possible for a streamlined finance program can reverse a prior financing deal that was maybe not so good, and turn it into a plan that is more in a customer’s favor.


Payments are usually lower, prompting the consumer to say, “Go right ahead and slash my payments.” Money is freed up so that cash can go into savings, bills, taxes, future needs and many other items. The program is receiving rave results and more and more people are learning about this lucrative idea.

Keith Mann: Giving Lunch Out And Smiles

I don’t know about you, but not too many things in life make me as happy as a free lunch. It is a great feeling and a great thing to have on certain days. This is especially true right now with everything that the police are going through thanks to the mainstream media. Here is the thing, though: Keith Mann is smart enough to see right through it and he does not buy it. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has an uncle that is a detective and he knows all of the good that the police do in their day-to-day operations.


It can oftentimes be a thankless job and a job that is oftentimes severely underpaid considering what they go through. It is stressful as well. They have bullets flying at them and they are right in the heat of the battle. However, they love their job and they love protecting people. As is usually the case with the mainstream media, all it takes is one or two bad apples to create a story. With TV stations needing plenty of material to fill up many hours, they oftentimes take a small story and they run with it. Even if the story has no legs, they don’t care. They want to create ratings and they want to keep people tuning in, even if that is at the expense of the police.


That is why Keith Mann finally said that enough was enough and decided to do something about this unwanted negative press that the police have been receiving. He wanted to do a gesture and an act of kindness that would let them know he knows who they really are and he knows what they are really about and nothing is going to change his views on the police. He treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two separate occasions. When Keith Mann does something, he does not do it for the glory and he does not do it to get extra attention. That is not his game and that is not how he operates. He believes in doing the right thing.

Eric Pulier Changing the Face of the Technological Industry with Philanthropic Gestures

Eric Pulier is known for turning the innovative ideas of many young people into a reality. Through XPRIZE, Pulier has been able to turn around the lives of many innovative youths and directly influences the quality of lives for many communities, through technology.

Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier is an American Businessman, journalist, author, entrepreneur and computer guru. He is currently based in Los Angeles. Pulier was raised in Teaneck, where he also attended grade school and high school. He is a graduate of Teaneck High School. Upon completing his high school studies, he was admitted to Harvard University where he majored as an English and American Literature student.

His passion for computer technology began at a very tender age. Before he was out of grade school, he was already programming computers. This passion led him to founding his very first computer database company while still in high school. And when he went to Harvard, he knew exactly what he had to do to thrive in this field.

Therefore, even as a student at Harvard, he attended the nearing Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here, he took part-time classes, taking Computer Science. He was also an active contributor to the Harvard Crimson, as a weekly columnist and editor. Being a very bright and talented chap, he graduated Magna Claude, in the year 1988.

Pulier found his first successful company in the year 1991. Through the company, he sought to address issues, such as health care and education, which affected the life quality of communities. People Doing Things would provide technological solutions for such problems. Since PDT, Pulier has founded and co-founded more than a dozen companies that have been very successful.

With his the amassed wealth from the sale and running of his companies, Pulier is keen on giving back to the less fortunate in the Society. He started Starbright World, an app that would help children suffering from chronic illnesses interact. He also serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, a summer camp that helps children with chronic illnesses and those suffering from life-threatening diseases.

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Norka Martinez Luque and Her Musical Journey

Norka Martinez Luque can be described as an international musical star. She was born in Caracas, a city in Venezuela. She discovered her artistic abilities while she was still a minor. Luque believes that she was gifted with her talent to help others in the society. Today, the Venezuelan songbird uses music to bring a positive message to the world.


Her parents have supported her from the beginning; they availed many opportunities for her to interact with different musical instruments such as piano. Additionally, she was enrolled in voice practice, ballet and flamenco classes. Judging by the numerous accolades this pop star has received, we can say that all these programs paid off.


Despite her strong ambition to become a professional singer, she did not ignore her academic studies. She moved to France to pursue higher education soon after she graduated from high school. Luque specialized in business administration but also took extension courses in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts.


While in France, Luque did not sideline music, she joined a rock band which performed in French nightclubs during the weekends. This band offered Luque a chance to prove herself to the audience. Additionally, she got the chance to meet different professionals in the European music industry.


It was through this band that Ms. Martinez got the chance to meet Emilio Estefan Jr. Word has it that any musical project that Mr. Estefan touches becomes a success, and any upcoming musician who associates themselves with him become outstanding musicians. He is responsible for the career of internationally known stars such as Shakira, Jenifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and a host of other artists.


Mr. Estefan signed Luque to his record label named Crescent Moon Records. When asked how she felt about her signing with Emilio’s record label, she replied, “This is an opportunity that many talented artists dream of having….I feel so blessed that Mr. Estefan liked my musical project, working with him is a miracle….”


With the help of Mr. Estefan, Luque released her first professional album in 2011. This album had different songs, but three among them stood out. “As you do it,”Tomorrowland” and “Milagro” became international hits. In the same year, she was nominated for the Best Female Artist of Year in the “Lo Nuestro Awards.” In 2012, she was featured on the cover of Latino Show Magazine.


As per now, we can say that Norka Luque is destined for great things. She has a unique voice that her fans love so much. Moreover, her fans find her songs inspirational and motivational.