A Look at Talk Fusion and its Founder, Bob Reina

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has climbed the ladder of success to become a dominant industry player in the video communication solutions. Its success is significantly driven by its devotion to change lives and grow businesses via proprietary as well as patent-pending video communication technology. By virtual of being a member of the Direct Selling Association, it observes the utmost ethical business practices.


Talk Fusion’s 30 Day Free Trials

This year, Talk Fusion released the much-anticipated 30 day Free Trials, which come in nine distinct languages and are available in more than 140 nations around the globe. Prospective customers can now access the video marketing solution for thirty days by signing up on TalkFusion.com. without filling in credit card details. Only the email address and username are required.

The 30 days free trial users will instantly gain access to a wide range of platforms such as Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Live Meetings and Video Chat, which won 2016 WebRTC product of the year award. The Free Trials are accompanied by an extensive virtual library that boasts of various resources such as step-by-step guides, video product tutorials, as well as exclusive white papers with essential pointers for promoting business growth.


Philanthropic Involvement

Charity work or giving back to the community serves as part of Talk Fusion’s corporate culture, which is significantly driven by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina. As so, the company supports many animal and charity causes around the globe.


Bob Reina

Bob Reina’s ingenuity and business acumen are some of the qualities credited for the inception of Talk Fusion, which ranks up as a premier video communication provider in the globe. As a testament to his dedication to succeed in life, he juggled several jobs during his academic years at the University of South Florida. He was also a top performer in the police academy. Further, Reina is a staunch believer in self-discipline and commitment, which are some of the qualities that have steered him into being the man he is today. Apart from his business acumen, he is well-known for his love for dogs. Hence, he supports animal non-profit or charity organizations across the global divide.

Reports Are That Fabletics Will Have Up To A Hundred New Stores In The Near Future

The Racked website recently released an article about Kate Hudson’s venture Fabletics, which is no longer only online but can be found in the form of several storefronts. Even though only seven of the storefronts are currently open, up to 75-100 of the storefronts are going to be open in the future. Fabletics is a popular activewear brand that was co-founded by the actress Kate Hudson. One of the biggest reasons why Kate Hudson took on this company is because she is well-known for her beautiful body, as well as being a very active person, so it only seemed natural to have her as a face of the company.

Kate Hudson’s popularity has helped to propel the business even further, making it a household name among those who buy activewear. There are seven stores open that can be shopped at by members as well as nonmembers of Fabletics. Those who want to become a member of Fabletics can feel free to sign up inside the store, or the customer can sign up for membership in the traditional way by going online. With the massive online popularity of the Fabletics store, there are over 800,000 different shipments of products that go out each month, which means the storefronts will only make the sales grow even bigger. Those who become members of Fabletics on twitter
can save a pretty penny on their purchases as well.

Anyone who has never shopped at Fabletics online or in one of their stores may be curious about how everything works. Fabletics is similar to JustFab, which is a membership-based company that allows its members to save up to 50% or more on the regular price of their purchase. The way that customers can save money on their purchases on the Fabletics website is by becoming a member, especially if they are not making their very first purchase. Anyone who is a first-time shopper on the Fabletics website will get great savings, but to continue getting these savings, the shopper will want to get a membership.

Getting a membership at Fabletics will only take about a minute, and the membership fee is $49.95. Although most membership companies will take the fees that they charge, Fabletics is a company that gives the membership fee to the member to spend, which is why many absolutely love Fabletics. Those who go online to shop for athletic wear on the Fabletics website can use their membership fee, which means they’ll be able to purchase new clothing every month with the fee that they pay to Fabletics. The membership fees are also spendable within the storefronts as well, so those who shop online in the Fabletics stores can get the same great benefits if they shop within the storefronts too. See: http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm

The Importance and Purpose of the Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology, is a research and educational institute that offers higher degrees. The institute is located at the Ashurst Lodge within the New Forest National Park, that is in the South of England. The aim for the Wessex Institute is developing a series of mechanisms for knowledge transfer, more specifically directed toward the exchange in information between professional and academic users within industry. This aim is achieved through a range of various activities. The Wessex Institute was established by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986, after succeeding
the Computational Mechanics Institute formed during 1981. The activities that are focused on by the Wessex Institute are divided through 3 core areas, these areas are Research, Conferences and Publishing. Research at the institute has continued to be funded by Research and Industry Organizations, some of these organizations include Universita di Milano in Italy, Universidad de Granada in Spain, and UNICAMP in Brazil. Some of the awards that the Wessex Institute has received are the 2004 Sven Jorgensen, University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the 2006 Bernard Patten for the University of Georgia and the 2009 Emilio del Giudice from the University of Milan in Italy. The Wessex Institute has organized a programme of at least 25 conferences throughout the year, and has been held in a variety of different locations in association with other
universities and organizations. The publishing service within the Wessex Institute of Technology is known as the WIT Press. All of the proceedings following a conference are published in one of the transaction series and are then archived online within the WIT Press eLibrary. Transaction Series include the WIT Transactions on the Built Environment, WIT Transactions of Ecology and the Environment and the WIT Transactions on Engineering. The WIT Press has also produced 8 International Journal, some of which include the International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements and the International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics. Along with the International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, The Wessex Institute of Technology organizses a conference focusing on Design and Nature, both of these have attracted the attention for the subject matter within some of the papers that have been published and presented.


Do Not Take Your Online Reputation For Granted

In business, your reputation is everything. Now that a lot of business is done online, the world wide web can quickly damage the good reputation you have worked so hard to achieve. As an entrepreneur, there are steps that you can do to make sure that your online reputation is everything that you want it to be. There are professionals to help such as Search Cleanup who can remove bad search results. They can be found at Searchcleanup.com.

Social Media

Whether you are a big fan of social media or not, in the business world, it is mandatory to have accounts with the major social media sites such as Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is important to be active. The more you post, the higher you will rank on Google.

Google Search Engine

It is important to occupy as many slots on the first two pages of a search engine search. There is a two-fold reason for this. The first reason being that the more you space you take up on a search engine , the more business you will most likely get. The second reason is that it is hard for a negative remark to land on the top in a search engine search when all the space is occupied by your own material.


Reviews are part of the game when doing business online. It is too easy for customers to write reviews on your social media accounts, website, or on other websites pertaining to your business. It is important to handle these reviews in a timely manner, especially if they are negative in nature. Manners are important. Good reviews need a thank you. Bad reviews need to be handled with grace.


Other things that you can do is to make sure your website and blogs are search engine optimized. Post your company’s profiles in every place that is possible. The more positive exposure the better. Write reviews as a guest blogger, publish press leases, or even write white pages. The more information that you control regarding your business, the better off you will be.

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FreedomPop Is An Excellent Wireless Carrier With Many Choice Services

Too many wireless carriers have strayed away from their original mission, which was to bring wireless services to the masses. Even though these companies are still doing what they set out to do, many of them have been so caught up in making money that they have less customer service than before as well as higher prices. A wireless carrier isn’t simply meant to make money but also to help those who need wireless services in their everyday lives. FreedomPop understands the fact that everyone needs wireless services, and the price they pay for the services should be low as well.

Instead of simply having wireless services that are high in cost with bad customer service, FreedomPop has low cost wireless services and customer service that is available when a customer needs it. FreedomPop is offering more than just cell phone services but Wi-Fi, hotspots, home Internet, cell phones, and tablets. The wide array of products and services that FreedomPop offers separates them from many of their competitors, making them one of the first choices for a cell phone service provider. With the other services that FreedomPop offers, many are choosing this company for Wi-Fi services as well as other wireless services.

Those that want a cell phone or tablet will find a great variety of them from the FreedomPop company, and these are low-cost phones that start at around $50 and go up from there. These brand-new phones are some of the latest technology that’s on the market, which includes iPhones as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones. Those who want to make a switch to FreedomPop won’t need to worry about the type of phone they’ll be able to use, especially since some other companies only allow the use of standard straight phones or flip phones.

The fact that a user that comes to FreedomPop can use the newest phones is a great bonus, especially since the phones can be used with the unlimited $20 a month cell phone plan. Along with the unlimited cell phone plan, FreedomPop also offers the unlimited five dollar monthly Wi-Fi service. Those that need home Internet service can obtain it through FreedomPop once they purchase a FreedomPop modem, and they have the choice to get a modem with Wi-Fi. Hotspots are also available through FreedomPop for around $99 and come with 500 MB of free data with additional plans that gives more data to the hotspot.

Learn more from this FreedomPop review

Reference Link: http://www.cnet.com/news/free-phone-service-freedompop-unveils-20-dollar-unlimited-plan/

Relmada Files Action Against Laidlaw & Company

PR Newswire recently reported on a legal action by Relmada Therapeutics against Laidlaw & Company and its two principal officers, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The complaint by Relmada alleges that Laidlaw divulged information about Relmada and its products designed to eliminate or reduce pain when used by p[atients. Laidlaw countered by claiming that they were brought in to help raise capital for Relmada and now Laidlaw should have a governing control of Relmada. Read the full story:

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Relmada is a young company when compared to Laidlaw and Company. Laidlaw traces their origins back 100 years. A glimpse of the 5-year chart of Relmada is frightening. Most skiers would lose control on the slippery slope of Relmada’s recent decline.
Relmada’s claim may be unworthy, but there is a great deal of contention between clients and brokerage firms. Laidlaw like all firms has had complaints but sometimes such complaints are not justified. The world of the novice stock broker is eerily similar to a used car salesman. Management for both professions realizes that the novice brings family and friends as possible customers, and it is usual that sales can be made benefitting the novice salesperson. But this novice sales person does not know whether the car is a lemon or that the stock is a dud. In cases of customer disputes, it is usually the novice salesman who is criticized and pays the price for his well-meaning actions.
Unfortunately, investors expect too much from their brokers. Investors need to do a fair share of work on both selecting the brokerage firm and their possible choices for investment. The broker and the client, have a mandatory sit down meeting where the goals and the background of the client are discussed so that the broker may know of the client’s past trading experience and his financial status.

The End of Cancer May be Near- Thanks to This Man and His Company

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder, and President of Seattle Genetics. Dr. Siegall used innovative ideas, thorough research and drug development in order to find ways to cure patients with cancer. With the help of Dr. Siegall, Seattle Genetics (publically traded on the NASDAQ Market), has capital-raising activities set over $675 million- this includes private and public financings. This company is the leader in what is known as “antibody drug conjugates” (ADC) to fight cancer. ACETRIS was the first product created by the ADC method. It was approved by the FDA in 2011. ACETRIS is available in over 50 countries around the world. Thanks to ADCETRIS, more than 15,000 lymphoma patients have found treatment. This treatment is even being used to help patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma that may relapse. Along with ADCETRIS, Seattle Genetics is working on other clinical-stage programs. This includes SGN-CD33A for acute myeloid leukemia. Also, SGN-CD19a, is likely to be used for non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Other cancer-related programs include ALCANZA, ECHELON-1 and ECHELON-2. Seattle Genetics is also making innovating strides toward cytotoxic therapy, or “cell-killing therapy”.

Clay Siegall’s goal is to kill only malignant cells, since chemotherapy can kill healthy cells in the process. Also, malignant cells can build a resistance, making it harder for the cancer to be terminated in the body. The goal is to keep the patient cancer-free, only sacrificing cancerous cells in the process.
Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 in a suburb known as Bothell, Washington, North of Seattle. Along with serving as President of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is on the Board of Directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical (since January 2014), Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc (Since 2006), and Mirna Therapeutics Inc. (Since 2013). Dr. Siegall has received his Bachelor of Science (Zoology) from the University of Maryland. He received his Ph.D (Genetics) from the George Washington University. Seattle Genetics, the company’s goal is to “make a difference in the life of cancer patients”. The company has over 650 employees.



Richard Price Offers Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair and his company Wealth Solutions offers his advisory services to high net worth individuals who are helped to achieve their investment goals. Blair specializes in estate tax and estate planning as well as financial planning, and asset protection. His clients are able to discover the best options and opportunities in securities and insurance. He currently manages assets valued at more than $55 million.

Blair recently compiled a list of items to consider whenever considering renting your house using the popular Airbnb rental services. He is an expert on insurance, and his advice is worth considering. Chief among his recommendations is the potential damage which may be caused by reckless house guests. These kinds of renters can cause damage to the home and to other properties and even to other persons. He goes on to stress that the insurance coverage offered by Airbnb is a secondary type of insurance and often does not cover the homeowner’s insurance claims. When the homeowner realizes the liability risks involved along with the insurance issues, a less rosy picture of renting by Airbnb is painted.

Blair’s wisdom extends beyond issues of insurance and rental properties. He is certified and registered as an investment advisor, annuity and funds specialist, and a professional dealing with retirement income.

Blair created his company, Wealth Solutions, in 1994. He has a profound commitment to educating his clients in the realm of financial investing. Blair considers each client as part of a team effort and together they will explore the multitude of choices available to achieve financial success expertly tailored to fit each individual client. Just as he has pointed out the dangers involved in renting your private home, he will expertly advise you as you seek financial success in a complex business filled with its own language, and in some people’s minds an undecipherable language, created to keep investors, even sophisticated investors, in the dark. With his commitment to educating his clients, you can be assured you will not be one of the many uninformed who are stumbling around the dimly light and mysterious world of investing. Richard Blair will make everything clear to you and replace the darkness with the light of reason.

Sources: http://hackronym.com/wealth-solutions-insurance-and-other-considerations-when-renting-on-airbnb/,

George Soros Argues That The European Authorities Are Treating Ukraine Like Another Greece

When George Soros visited Ukraine, he was surprised by the contradiction between the deteriorating objective reality and the zeal of the reformist. George Soros contends that the country was under political, military and economic pressure but still pushing on with its reform agenda. In 2014, the reform agenda was still in its formative years. In 2015, a number of laws were passed towards meeting IMF requirements. In the recent past, the Minsk agreement was passed. However, George asserts that the oligarchs were smarter in defending their interests than the reformers. Oligarchs are the industrialists who have been using political influence to steal from the public coffers.

George posits that when the economy of Ukraine was on the brink of collapsing and the political tensions were escalating, they faced myriads of challenges from powerful oligarch. One of them was Igor Kolomoisky who planned to use his militia to maintain control over Naftogaz’s subsidiary. To this end, the government had to resists his use of force, In the end, the government managed to outshine him. George argues that this situation was the turning point as the central bank started imposing austere measures on the banking system. In order to recapitalize, the banks will have to take more time. Other oligarchs such as Rinat Akhmetov and Dmytro Firtash are in the government’s radar.

George argues that Ukraine has made tremendous efforts in reforming the police and introducing online services in the government. This way, transparency shall be enhanced, especially in official procurement undertakings. George Soros goes on to assert that reformers are coming across resistances at every step of their reform efforts. The populace is dissatisfied with the slow pace of the reform process and the declining living standards. George thinks that the reformers stress may increase and reach a breaking point at any given time. The billionaire believes that the Greek crisis deepened Ukraine’s problems because it diverted the European Authorities’ attention from Ukraine. The situation was made worse because the authorities continued to treat Ukraine just like another Greece.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

George posits that based on the existing perceptions, Ukraine is a victim of classical balance of payments. This crisis resulted into the banking crisis and increase in public debt. George contends that different international financial institutions are well equipped to handle such crisis. However, the problem is that such institutions do not have proper training on how to deal with the political problems such as the Ukrainian situation. George recalls that the European Union prepared an Association Agreement with Ukraine in order to enhance the country’s economy. In the agreement, the EU developed a detailed guide on the various steps that the Ukrainian government would take before receiving financial assistance.

Since then, Ukraine has registered progress with its revolutionary transformation. The detailed roadmap requires adjustments. However, the bureaucratic processes followed by the European Commission have no provision for such adjustments. George argues that the greatest threat to the European Union is Russia. According to George, Russia is not a strategic partner but a strategic rival who uses religious faith, social conservatism and ethnic grounds to replace communism.

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The Story of Kenneth Goodgame of the True Value Cooperative

Ken Goodgame is a number one leader in Operations Management. He specializes in the creation of billion and million-dollar OEM quality by combining marketing, streamlined financial oversight and creative business strategies. Kenneth Goodgame focuses on delivering balanced corporate alignment, performance indicators, employee commitment and quality systems to improve profitability and performance. Ken has a huge experience in his field of expertise. He holds a BSc in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Goodgame began his career back in 1994 with the Home Depot, Atlanta, GA. He served in dockets: Hardline D28 Product Merchant from 1995 to 1999, Director, Proprietary Brands from 1999 to 2001, he was the promoted to be the Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2002. Ken left the company for Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville, NC. He worked there until 2007. Ken, occupied the posts of President and General Manager; Rubbermaid cleaning, Bernzomatic until 2004 when he was appointed the Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales Channel. He left the company to become the president Baja Motorsports for the Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC in 2008. Ken left the Techtronic Industries for Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL in 2010. He served as the General Merchandising Manager till 2013.

In 2013, Goodgame joined the True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer. He manages all P&L of over $2.2 billion in global purchasing, hires the management with complete pricing, and much more.

The true value Company has its headquarters in Chicago. It is among the significant member-owned cooperatives. The company promotes the culture of entrepreneurship, award excellence and foster work conditions that encourage teamwork and the sharing of insight without losing individuality. Currently, the True Value Cooperative as grown to serve 58 countries worldwide with over 4000 retail locations, 2500 associates, and 13 regional distribution bases. They can support prospective entrepreneurs to open True Value stores. The members of the cooperative get to access aid from True Value Company in training, retail, and technology to enable them to reach high heights. True Value stores are excellently positioned to compete to have a captivating shopping experience, relevant product assortment, and awesome client service. You can find more about the company on their official website.